Mario begins the level by trying to pass by a giant spiked pillar that launches itself at Mario, similar to those found in forts and castles of Super Mario World. The battle with Boom Boom is very similar to that of the previous battle in the world 2 airship.
Star Medal 1: Left of the first giant spiked pillar is the first Star Medal, on a floating platform.
Star Medal 2: In the middle of the large group of spiked pillars is a small basket-like platform.
Star Medal 3: The final Star Medal is found on the very tip of the final airship, the airship with the Flagpole. Game Source: InternetAll copyrights and trademarks of this game are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law. The Fortresses here leads to a fight with Kamek, who previously in the game is only seen enhancing the Koopalings when the heroes reach them in Castles.

This course is an auto-scrolling course, featuring Tilt Lifts that can be moved by rotating the Wii Remote. The level is a secret level, and can only be unlocked by taking the secret path on World 8-2.
Super Mushroom • Mario Car • 1-Up Mushroom • Mini Mushroom • Propeller Mushroom • Fire Flower • Ice Flower • Penguin Suit • Star • Coin • Blue Coin • Red Coin • Red Ring • Star Coin • Trampoline • POW Block • Light Block • Propeller Block • Stretch Block • Roulette Block • P Switch • ?
Amp • Banzai Bill • Banzai Bill Cannon • Big Boo • Big Cheep Cheep • Big Deep Cheep • Big Dry Bones • Big Fuzzy • Big Goomba • Big Piranha Plant • Big Venus Fire Trap • Big Wiggler • Big Urchin • Bill Blaster • Bill Blaster Turret • Blooper • Blooper Baby • Blooper Nanny • Bob-omb • Boo • Boomerang Bro • Bramball • Broozer • Bulber • Bull's-Eye Bill • Bullet Bill • Burner • Buzzy Beetle • Cannonball • Chain Chomp • Cheep Cheep • Cheep Chomp • Circling Boo Buddies • Clampy • Climbing Koopa • Cooligan • Crowber • Deep Cheep • Dry Bones • Eep Cheep • Fire Bar • Fire Bro • Fire Chomp • Fire Piranha Plant • Fire Snake • Fish Bone • Foo • Fuzzy • Ghost Vase • Giant Cannonball • Giant Spiked Ball • Goomba • Hammer Bro • Heavy Para-Beetle • Huckit Crab • Ice Bro • Jellybeam • King Bill • King Bill (New Super Mario Bros.
These pillars then retract to be launched again seconds later, and they appear throughout the rest of the level. This world also features the third and final fight with Bowser Jr., once again on an Airship. Mario must traverse small floating platforms, dodging these large machines in order to get to Boom Boom at the end of the level.

The final level features the two-part final battle with Bowser, who is not once seen in the game up until that point. After passing by a couple of the giant pillars, Mario finds the Checkpoint and proceeds onward past spiked balls and Bob-ombs. After the Bob-ombs is a group of ten spiked pillars that Mario must swiftly run past, and upon reaching the far side of these pillars, Mario finds and fights Boom Boom. No total somam mais de cem jogos incluindo Street fighter, Final fighter I e II, Donkey Kong I e II, Super Mario word I e II e muito mais.

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