Registration is free for both genders; however, all of the site’s features are absolutely free for women. Every member’s profile shows his or her gender, age, location, and a headline of his or her own making. A unique dimension that Mate1 offers is “favorite things” and “least favorite things,” a strange elixir of odds and ends.
If you wish to do an advanced search, you can search for a member based on body type, hair and eye color, height, ethnicity, religion, work, education, and lifestyle. You have the option of adding a recording of your voice to your profile and seeing who’s viewed your profile.
I found it suspicious that it was not upfront in clear and bold writing that the site charges $49.95 every month. Online dating is practical, productive, and you have opportunity of a lifetime to meet someone special you truly connect with on different levels. I have decided to give you a list of online dating websites along with brief review to help you choose the right service. The block list feature collects and displays member profiles violating rules and regulations.

It includes the basics: gender, hair and eye color, height, body type, ethnicity, education, occupation, income and a brief headline. This includes many short answers about yourself, what you’re looking for, lifestyle and interests, favorite things, (from artist and hero, to airline and beverage!), and least favorite things. You will see basic information like height, ethnicity, body type, hair and eye color, relationship status, religion, field of study, astrological sign, occupation, education, annual income, smoking, and drinking.
In your own words list your favorite comedian, candy, book, indulgence, turn-on, virtue, leisure activity, and even your favorite gadget and appliance. These include an advanced search, keyword search, nickname search, who’s online now, who’s in your area, new photos, and your matches.
Lifestyle includes a person’s food and drinking preferences, travel for fun, sexual preference, exercise habits, and relationship status. I also really appreciated free registration for women and the ability to add voice to my profile. For the lack of chat rooms and message boards, the site got low results in the “Communication with Other Members” category and also scored low in the number of visitors. The least favorite things is a pretty intriguing vice pile of pet peeves, music that drives you nuts, things that make you angry, biggest fears, turn-offs, and other cobwebs that help you get to know a person’s shadow.

Among your least favorite things, you will be able to tell people your worst job, bad habits, and world’s worst evil-doers. This information was listed in fine print at the bottom of the $1.95 trial page as “forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents.” Who writes prices out like that except for on a personal check? The purpose of this feature is for you to be able to avoid those people easily and protect yourself. While a guy may flirt with a member for free, he will only be able to chat, email, see extra pictures, see who’s viewed his profile, and listen to voice recordings with a paid subscription. If you hate country music and you see that it is listed under a member’s “music that drives me nuts,” do you really need to be wasting a car ride with that person? The block list feature collects and displays member profile that violates rules and regulation. It allows users to choose the best possible matches and do away with random searches and random people.

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