Maum Meditation was started in South Korea by founder Woo Myung in 1996 and claims to operate 340 centers worldwide, according to its website. But ever since Sung installed a stone monument that says "Maum" at the foot of his driveway, he said, some have called his faith a "cult" and reported him to authorities for myriad offenses, such as walking his dog without a leash.Sung, who is footing the bill for improvements to the home, must now meet permit requirements that include adding a parking lot, accessible bathrooms and a sprinkler system. Two weeks later, the county agreed that the Maum Meditation Center is a religious institution.

Maum will still attempt to recover damages it says are owed by delays in the center's opening.
A status hearing is scheduled July 1.Early on "in the material he presented to us and in discussions with us, the focus was on the physical and psychological benefits of meditation and the description of meditation sessions," Waggoner said. All you can say is religions just have a family resemblance to one another."Despite that, there are very few cases in which courts have struggled to define religion, Koppelman said.

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