It is believed spirits prefer the form of an orb because it uses less energy, with the theory that the bigger the orb or the larger more human like shape using the most energy in comparison to a small orb using the least energy. Some people believe that an orb is like the earth and although it is small in comparison to other planets it carries life within it and the same goes for orbs, that an orb doesnt carry a single spirit – it carries many and thats why when people die they say they can see their family members waiting for them.
Some may believe that obs are nothing but smudges, glitches or dust particles caught by reflections of light and or moisture on the lens. Step one: pick your camera digital cameras are recommended due to the facet you can view the image immediately after it has been taken and you can also upload it on to the computer and explore it further but 35mm cameras work just as well and are prefered by some because it dosent inccur glitches or slow shutter speeds.
Step three: When going to haunted locations be sure to take spare batteries along with you as sometimes spirits tend to drain the energy from them.
Step five: Try to encourage the spirits to interact with you by talking to them or asking them to show you a sign that they are there you may hear noises as this is what some spirits do to make contact but this may help you catch a manafesting spirit or orb in a photo. Orbs sometimes show themselves in an array of colours and many believe their are different meanings for these colours.
We have caught many orbs on our investigations and here are a few for you to make up your mind whether you think they are real spirit orbs or just specks of dust? The different colours are drawn from creation to remind those participating in a liturgy of the different blessings of God. White (or gold), since it is a festive, joyful colour, is used during the Christmas and Easter seasons, and on major feast days, such as, on the celebrations of the Lord other than of his Passion, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the Holy Angels, and of Saints who were not martyrs, and on the Solemnities of All Saints. Rose pink is an optional colour that may be used on the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent. Research and write about one of the liturgical seasons; include information on its symbols, colour, celebrations and ceremonies, significant events etc. Mood rings were invented by Marvin Wernick in 1960s, and made popular by Joshua Reynolds in 1970s. Gray color doesn't appear as often as black, but when it appears it means the person is afraid, anxious, sad, or feeling exhausted. The appearance of color white on a person's mood ring means the person is bored, frustrated or confused.
This color when appears on the ring means, the person is in an ideal mood, which means the person is feeling calm and peaceful.
This is the shade of green with a hint of blue, this color signifies deep thinking and motivation.
This color can be seen displayed on a person's mood ring when the person is feeling passionate or romantic.
This color shows that the person wearing the mood ring is in an upbeat or a flirtatious mood.
This shade of blue signifies that the wearer is in a pleasant and open towards other people. A shade of dark orange on the mood ring signifies that the person is feeling nervous, aggressive, worried, or exasperated.
A shade of bright yellow indicates that the person is studying a subject hard or expressing his feeling using a poem. Dark brown when seen on a wearer's ring is associated with restlessness, tensions, and fear.
This color points at different feelings, a bright pink means the person is feeling peaceful and rested. This shade on the mood ring color chart shows the person is angry, in despair, or being very moody.

If you have a mood ring, you can wear it and use the above mood ring meanings chart, and match the present color of the mood ring to figure out what it means. Meaning of Colors of Mexican FlagDear, Mexican crewSince you know everything about Mexico, traditional Mexican culture, Mexican history and everything else there is to know about Mexico and Mexican way of life I come to you for help about something that has been bothering me for quite some time.You see, my beloved wife is Mexican American which is the reason why I know a lot about Mexico and especially Mexican women and their hot temper. Dear John,We are flattered that you think we know everything about Mexico and Mexican couture but we strongly believe that there is a lot more to find out about Mexico, its history and its rich and diverse culture. Some people believe, as do I, that they are spiritual energy, and are the first stage of a full blown spiritual manifestation. Some people believe, me being one of them, that life energy does not die or cease to exist when the body dies; it simply takes on a different form.
This does not mean that they cannot be seen without a camera, for many believe thay have seen full manifestations or obs that have appeared to them, it is just a very unique occurance. For these people the spirit world does not exist and that the physical matter of our realm is the one and only realm, wheather alive or no longer with us . Experts take hundreds of pictures during an investigation and may only catch one or two actaul spirit orbs . An early Christian, Lydia from Thyatira, made her living from the purple dye trade and was able to support St Paul in his missionary work (Acts 16: 14-15). It is the colour that is used on Passion (Palm) Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, and for celebrations of the Sacrament of Confirmation. On both of these days, the Entrance Antiphon calls us to rejoice, so the pink vestments mark a softening of the penitential tone of the season. However, the metal work of the mood ring is just for the ornamental purpose that enhances the look of the jewelry. What really matters in the ring is the thermotropic liquid crystals present inside, which are contained either in a glass or quartz gemstone. However, if black color appears while a person is wearing it then it means the person is nervous, stressed, overworked, or not well.
A shade of orange and yellow indicates that the person is feeling upset, confused, or a bit nervous.
If you don't have a mood ring then you can get a decent design of a mood ring for USD 4, and can give it a try, to see the various color changes in the ring according to your moods. They are sometimes described as lifeforms that sometimes travel in groups and are believed to be the soul or lifeforce that once inhabited a physical body. That when the body dies, the spirit with all its intellegence, memories and personality lives on in another world known as the “spirit world”. Orbs can be any colour, though usually they are off white or milky and can be any shape or size but typically circular. So be careful when moving around so as not to disturb any dust that may be present and when taking pictures outside be sure it is on a dry night so to avoid an moisture particles in the air. Write an account of their lives, why they were canonised, why they interest you, and how you are inspired by them.
So, even though you might find many designs of mood rings or other similar jewelry like mood necklaces their functioning remains the same. This liquid is so sensitive, that it changes its structure according to the temperature changes of the person wearing it.
Okay, we cana€™t agree on many things, but the thing that drives us crazy is the ultimate meaning of the colors of the Mexican flag. It is also said that these are spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they feel bound to their previous lives and or locations.

Some believe the spirit world is all around us occupying space at a different vibrational speed than our own. Others believe that when you die that is the end, that our biological presence on earth is the be all and end all of our natural existance completely, like switching off a light. They seem to move very fast and suprisingly not speradically, they seem to be on a pedetermined path unless that path becomes interrupted by another energy. This is the time of year when the Church waits in joyful hope to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the light of the world. Hence, mood rings color meanings can be used to see what the person wearing is feeling at the present moment.
Spirit orbs are believed to have faces or snake like patterns within them and tend to have a nucleus of somekind.
This helps us identify and determine whether it is an actual spiritual orb or just a dust particle or some moisture on the camera lens. Particularly in painting, artists made great strides in representing perspective, lighting and, with the advent of new types of paint, color.
Just because you dont catch an orb or spirit on camera it does not mean they are’nt present, it may just mean they dont have enough energy to manafest. While color was often chosen simply for aesthetic or technical purposes, it also served as a symbol in select cases.
In this instance you may find that they create cold spots instead of visual aids to show their presence, the cold being caused by the spirit absorbing the thermal energy out of the atmosphere around that particular area in order to manafest. Although the significance of color ultimately boils down to the intent of the artist, there were some undeniable commonalities about color symbolism during the Renaissance era. For instance, in one work of art -- whether it's a painting or a stained glass piece -- red may represent passion while in another it symbolizes blood.
Oftentimes, the use of white, green and red together represented the three cardinal virtues of faith, hope and charity.
Likewise, the use of yellow sometimes indicated choleric emotions while black symbolized melancholy and white represented peace or calmness. While today's artists tend to use red to evoke feelings of passion or aggression, it was often regarded as a cheerful, sanguine color during the Renaissance. For instance, blue paint made from the powder of the gemstone lapis lazuli was extremely expensive to obtain and produce. This made the color a rarity in Renaissance painting, lending it a special significance when used.
Expensive colors lent a sense of importance or respect to certain elements or figures in Renaissance art, and they became shorthand for figures such as Mary or Saint Peter. This use of color in clothing -- a sign of allegiance -- was usually exempt from sumptuary laws passed by several English monarchs, laws that restricted the colors and materials of clothes by social class.
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