What does self-confidence mean for the Muslim, and is that contrary to his need for his Lord, may He be exalted?
Self-confidence is an acquired characteristic that the Muslim needs to know how to acquire so that he will be one of those who have self-confidence.
It is worth pointing out something important here, which is that for the Muslim, having self-confidence does not mean that he does not need the help of his Lord, and it does not mean that he does not need his brothers and people in general to advise him and help him. There is nothing wrong with that, because what is meant by saying that somebody is self-confident is that he is certain about something and is sure of it. 1. Putting his trust in his Lord, depending upon Him and seeking support and help from Him. When Moosa and his people fled from Pharaoh and his troops, and the two sides saw one another, we see the trust that Moosa had in his Lord.
In order to develop self-confidence it is essential to look with gratitude at what Allah has given you of skills and characteristics, so that this will motivate you to strengthen your self-confidence. 3. It is very important for the Muslim who is seeking ways of increasing his self-confidence not to repeat negative words, such as saying that he has no self-confidence or that he will never succeed at work. 4. The Muslim has to set specific goals for his life and check on the outcome time after time, because the person who is self-confident will make sure that his goal is achieved on the basis of good planning and with the help of his Lord.
5. The Muslim should seek righteous companions, because that will give him a motive to succeed and encourage him to make greater efforts. 6. He should not be distracted by previous difficult experiences and past failures, because that will spoil his efforts and make him look down on what he has achieved of success. Controlling one’s behaviour and actions is something that the Muslim can do and it is within his capabilities. Shaykh Abdul Azeez bin Abdullaah Bin Baz ???? ???? :"‘Indeed the Salaf are those of the best generations. Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen ???? ???? :"as-Salafeeyah is following the methodology of the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- and his Companions, because he -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- is from our Salaf.
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Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will add value to my readers - if I can't see the value it doesn't matter what commission is offered it simply won't be listed. Handmade rune stone amulet necklace with meaning.These rune amulets are created and made for your personal protection, inspiration and concentration. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. He has tried so many things but has yet to overcome his nervousness when talking to people. This is what the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) asked his Lord for, which was: not to be left to himself (or to his own devices), not even for the blink of an eye! Set all my affairs straight, there is no god but You” [Narrated by Abu Dawud; classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawud].
Is this contrary to the du‘aa’ narrated in the hadeeth, “Do not abandon me to myself even for the blink of an eye”? There is no doubt that things may sometimes be attributed to a person on the basis of certainty, and sometimes on the basis of probability, and sometimes on the basis of doubt, and sometimes on the basis of what is most likely to be the case. As we mentioned above, self-confidence is an acquired characteristic, and the Muslim needs help and support from his Lord. With regard to your weak points, you have to try to deal with them and develop them so that they reach the same level as your other, good skills and characteristics.

The righteous companions will not overlook their friend’s weak points; rather they will guide him to follow the better path. Part of that is anger; the Muslim should be confident that he is able, with the help of his Lord, to rid himself of the evils and bad effects of anger and strive to mend his ways and discipline himself to adhere to the laws of Allah. Each rune is individual with different meaning, choose yours (leave a note with your order which rune you would like to own). Thanks for viewing "Self confidence quotes, best, wise, sayings, meaning ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. Self-confidence means being aware of what Allah has given you of good characteristics and striving accordingly to attain that which will benefit you. If he says, for example, “I certain about that” or “I am certain of myself” or “So and so is certain of himself” or “he is certain about what he is saying”, what is meant is that he is confident about it. The more he puts his trust in his Lord, the greater his self-confidence will grow and reach the highest level. This is something that is very easy indeed for the one who wants to achieve it, so long as he has a great deal of resolve to complete what he wants to achieve of disciplining himself and purifying his soul. If you misuse it you will be filled with arrogance and self-admiration, which are two destructive problems.
There is nothing wrong with that and it is not contrary to the well-known du‘aa’, “do not abandon me to myself even for the blink of an eye,” because the person may be certain of himself by the help of Allah, based on what Allah has given him of knowledge, ability and so on.
So let the Muslim who wants to purify his soul train himself to take action, do what his Lord has commanded him and refrain from what his Lord has forbidden him to do. If you deny those blessings that have been given to you and the good characteristics that Allah has blessed you with, you will become lazy and apathetic; you will let yourself down and lose the blessings that Allah has given you.

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