18 February, 2013 by MT Team 1 Comment This is a 5 day interactive workshop and training that is designed to meet the educational criteria set by the NMAS.
The course will provide attendees with quality course materials, individual and group exercises, individual and group coaching and debriefing and interactive discussions with written feedback for specific exercises. You will discover exactly how professional mediators resolve disputes between people who can never seem to agree.
After 15 years spent working as a wordsmith or a spin doctor (depending on who you ask), I found myself wanting to change tracks. Lobbying: PeaceWorks promotes citizen lobbying by phone, letter and personal visits to our legislators and their staffers, as well as letters and calls to the White House. Letterwriting: Letters and emails to legislators and the media are critical to keeping our legislators and the public aware of our opinions on current issues. Newsletter: Our newsetter, published 6-8 times per year, keeps members aware of legislative action which invites response. Networking: We seek to cooperate with other peace groups in Kansas City and around the nation to build critical mass on our issues. Legislative efforts are accompanied by educational work promoting our goals and objectives. Community Organization Directory: A comprehensive directory of local peace, justice, human rights, and environmental organizations is published online by PeaceWorks and updated regularly. Tabling: PeaceWorks often tables at local events with information on current issues and petitions on pending legislation. Rallies and Town Hall Sessions: PeaceWorks members and others attend rallies to seek green jobs, not nuke jobs at the new KC Plant.
The corporation began operations in June 2005 launching the "Urban Ranger" program, a nine-weeks summer work experience and community service program for at-risk youths (14-18). The Urban Ranger Corps (URC) is an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) and classified as a "public charity" under section 509(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Lu Mountenay shows off her hand-painted scarf, saying, a€?Ask me where I got it!a€? She advises us to recruit new artists for the UNplaza Art Fair. The March 6 PeaceWorks Annual Meeting gathered about 60 members for reports, hopes, and awards. Jackie Utter announced she is now maintaining social media for the organization, including the Facebook page at PeaceWorksKC.
Lu Mountenay, vice chair of the PW board, while putting on a scarf of many colors, said, "Does anyone like my beautiful, hand-painted scarf?
Georgia Walker, a 2014-2015 member of the PeaceWorks board, received the organizationa€™s highest award, the Charles E. Mountenay commented, "Heading up Journey to New Life: the perfect job for a jailbird!" Laughing, Walker said, "Ia€™m finally off probation now, and ready for more resistance!" Mountenay continued, "Ita€™s not enough to set captives free. This yeara€™s winner of the Kris and Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award is the Kansas City Chapter of Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.
Staci Pratt displays the Cheatum Award, accepting it for Missourians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Presenting the award, Mountenay said, "Following closely on the heels of MADP's Lobby Day in Jefferson City last year, and outreach by citizens and MADP members, the Missouri Supreme Court intervened and halted the execution of Mark Christeson and Marcellus Williams. Notes: Continuing members of the Board, completing their two-year terms, are Ron Faust, Sunny Hamrick, and Ann Suellentrop.
We realize that the current system is not working for the benefit of all of the people of this country and the peoples of the world. Robert Days, a graduate of the Urban Ranger Corps, addressed the PeaceWorks Annual Meeting March 6. Introducing Days, PeaceWorks Treasurer Dave Pack said PeaceWorks funds two conflict resolution sessions for the young men each summer. Days, by now a graduate of the University of Missouri, said, a€?Ia€™m still involved with the Urban Ranger Corps. Vote for new and continuing board members (no photo ID needed), and find out who is awarded the Charles E.
Earlier, Dave had phoned Ben to let him know that several persons were nominated for the award, including both Ben and Dee. Kris and Lynn Cheatum, who died within the last five years, were active supporters of KKFI, co-chairs of PeaceWorks, members of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, and supporters of the LGBT community and of human rights for all.
Come join kindred spirits for fun and peace planning on a Sunday afternoon from 2-4 PM at Simpson House, 4509 Walnut, KCMO. Officer candidates, running for one-year terms, are Henry Stoever as the Board’s chairperson, Lu Mountenay as vice chair, Dave Pack as treasurer, and Jim Hannah as secretary. The annual meeting gave PWKC Treasurer Dave Pack the opportunity to explain the strong financial condition of PWKC, partly due to the 2013 UNplaza Art Fair. Henry Stoever, PeaceWorks-KC Board chair, reflected at the PeaceWorks-KC Annual Meeting on the organization’s journey in search of a peaceable world. What does the term restorative justice mean to 60 young men in the Kansas City, Mo., urban core, young men whose lives have been affected by crime, violence, arrests and prison?
For the second half of the session, the young men broke into small groups to explore personal values. This is the fourth year that CMC has been a part of the Urban Rangers’ summer program.
For all her work on gathering petitions and initiating ballot measures, Rachel MacNair received the Charles E. LD Harson emceed the 2013 annual meeting to a full house, including members of Vets for Peace, Community Mediation Center of KC, American Friends Service Committee, Occupy KC, and KC Peace Planters.

Dave Pack, treasurer, presented the financial report which puts us in the black, largely because of income from the UNplaza Art Fair.
Henry said "Hats off to Ron Faust" whose probation for drones resistance was reduced from five years to one! Board chairperson Henry Stoever discussed PeaceWorksa€™ achievements in the last 12 months and presented his humorous, yet poignant, "10 best" list. On behalf of the Board, Ann Suellentrop recognized retiring Board members Patti Nelson and Scarlett Swall.
For a second year, Annual Meeting participants received a visit from the Questionator and the Caped Qsader (Jim and Sharon Hannah). PeaceWorks honored the Community Mediation Center (CMC) of KC with the Kris and Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award; Lu Mountenay presented the award to Diane Kyser, former director of CMC and now a volunteer there. You dona€™t journey far on the path of nuclear weapons resistance before you reach the Valley of the Absurd. All around loom the jagged peaks of The Nuclear Industry: ponderous escarpments heaved up by $7 trillion dollars of seismic spending since the Manhattan Project.
And here are you, one small person or small group, pitted against the impenetrablea€”-not particularly knowledgeable, resourced, or capable when matched with the challenge. As the madness of nuclear weapons proliferates, even Cold War warriors like George Shultz and Henry Kissinger are calling for zero nukes. But at the same time, therea€™s a growing sense that resistance to nuclear weapons is equally absurd. We unveiled our superhero personas in April at the annual PeaceWorks meeting, enlisting those present to help us compose good questions for the Nuclear Establishment. Have you respected the wisdom of the 100 retired generals and admirals who are calling for the end of nuclear weapons?
In time, we want to arrive at 95 Queries we can hand out and symbolically post on the door of The Nuclear Establishment, requesting reformation.
Speakers, costumes, table talk, awardsa€”these sparked the PeaceWorks, KC, Annual Meeting March 25.
Mary Jean Eisenhower of People to People International (PPI), headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., talked about the wish of her grandfather, Dwight, that people from various countries would build peace through understanding each other. She read a letter shea€™s written to Ike: "Do you know the Iron Curtain fell more than 22 years ago? The Annual Meeting also featured the Caped Qsader and The Questionator, who prompted table discussions on questions to pose to The Nuclear Establishment. LD Harsin, a PeaceWorks Board member, introduced Avila student Luz Ortiz, the new PeaceWorks scholarship winner. PeaceWorks' election, held during the PeaceWorks Annual Meeting on March 25, 2012, determined that all the candidates were winners--congratulations! Scarlett Swall, left, gives a certificate to Sahj Kaya, one of 12 local residents who received special thanks for their 2010 civil resistance to nuke-parts production in KC. Rachel MacNair, who wrote the petition to convert from nuke-parts jobs in KC to environmentally sustainable jobs, asks PeaceWorks members to get signatures on the petitions, including signatures of voters at polling places.
Dave Pack describes the campaign "Move the Money!"a€”move it from wars and weapons back to our communities.
Henry Stoever presents the Kris and Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award, a new award in the name of two former PeaceWorks leaders, to All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church; Diann Spencer, president of the All Souls Board of Directors, accepts the award for All Souls. Patti Nelson seeks help on outreach through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Andrea Butts and Jeremy Brimer, both of Park University in Parkville, Mo., attended the annual meeting as PeaceWorks scholarship award winners. Priest, of The Recipe, gives his pitch: "Stop nukes where they starta€”dismantle all their parts.
Beth Seberger, left, talks with Tamara Severns during the snack-and-chat part of the meeting. Through this program, a consortium of 80 mediators (most of whom are federal employees themselves) conduct hundreds of mediations and facilitations every year for a wide range of government agencies. I think it would be great if there were more mediators for company employees because it would solve a lot of problems. Members also help sponsor town hall sessions about contaminants at the current KC Plant and ways injured workers can obtain compensation.
Ask me where I got it!" We asked, only to learn, of course, it came from our annual fundraiser, the UNplaza Art Fair. MADP State Coordinator Staci Pratt accepted the award, saying, "I believe in the power of the people. Try to attend MADPa€™s 5-6 pm rally against the death penalty that day at 39th Street and Troost Avenue. Days described the summer experience for selected 14- to 18-year-old young men in KCMO, a time of values development and community assistance, with pay for their work. Pack explained, a€?As Martin Luther King said, a€?Returning violence for violence multiplies violence. I started in 2007 as a Ranger, working on housing (doing clean-up and rehab to help people stay in their homes). Bebb Peace Merit Award to two long-time champions of the Green Party—Dee Berry and Ben Kjelshus. Bebb, an ardent proponent of a nuclear weapon-free world and co-founder of PeaceWorks in 1982.
Henry Stoever, chair of the PeaceWorks Board, announced the award, saying, “KKFI gives voice to so many issues and advocates in Kansas City!

Bebb Peace Merit Award (for an individual) and the Kris & Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award (for an organization). Board members completing their two-year terms this year are Bill O’Neill, Tamara Severns, and Georgia Walker.
13 trial and sentencing of nine nuclear-weapon civil resisters, including several PeaceWorks members, prompted laughter and song from the 60 attendees at the March 9 PeaceWorks-KC Annual Meeting.
Bill O’Neill wrote the play, using lines from a National Catholic Reporter article by Megan Fincher and a report by Lu Mountenay.
The annual PWKC awards were given, with Christian Brother Louis Rodemann, in absentia, receiving the Charles E. Restorative justice focuses on relationships and needs, unlike a criminal justice process that focuses on punishment. Introducing a circle process, using a talking piece and a guideline that one person talk at a time, adult facilitators helped create an atmosphere of open and honest sharing.
The conflict resolution component, paid for by PeaceWorks-KC, is an important element that we at CMC are privileged to provide. Bebb Peace Merit Award, addressed the PeaceWorks Annual Meeting March 10 before learning she had won the groupa€™s highest honor. Noting that Patti had served on the Board for almost 20 years, Ann expressed gratitude for all Patti and Scarlett have done and regrets about how we will possibly carry on without them.
As a follow-up to last yeara€™s Questions for the Nuclear Establishment, this year the dynamic duo focused on ways to more effectively frame the nuclear weapons debate. The trillion dollars a year being spent for militarism globally employs millions of people, directly or indirectly.
He and his wife, Sharon, have been arrested, detained, and sentenced to community service for nonviolent peace witnesses at the new Kansas City Plant.
Then two awards were given: Jane Stoever, also a PeaceWorks Board member, received the Charles E. Abiding by our goals and principlesa€”-a substitute for red blooda€”-we ooze values and principles! The campaign has been launched by Peace Action, the national group to which PeaceWorks belongs; Pack co-chairs Peace Action. The award was given "in recognition of exemplary efforts toward peace as an organization," and Stoever highlighted All Soulsa€™ efforts to fulfill "Creating Peace," the national Unitarian Universalist statement of conscience, adopted in 2010.
The program, which typically achieves annual settlement rates that exceed 85% and is credited with saving federal agencies millions of dollars each year, has now been emulated in cities nationwide. Walker has been arrested for civil resistance against the making of nuclear weapon parts in KC, and against drone warfare, and directs Journey to New Life, helping former prisoners find housing, jobs, rehabilitation, and health care. Celebrate with the group who wins the Cheatum Community Peace Award, and hear from our partners-in-peace, the Urban Ranger Corps. As PeaceWorks treasurer Dave Pack gave them the award, he noted that in the 1980s, Dee, assisted by Ben, was clearinghouse coordinator of the Green Party’s forerunner that organized local Green groups. Bebb Peace Merit Award, and with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Kansas City receiving the Kris and Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award. Anne Kwon is a Board member by virtue of receiving a PWKC award as an Avila University peace scholar.
The young men were engaged and often insightful as they talked about their lives, expectations and goals.
One CMC staff member wrote, “Being with the group for the morning was the highlight of my week.
Offering an overview and pep talk, she explained that after three efforts to get the measure on the ballota€”success! And as anyone who resists the new KC nuclear weapons parts plant knows, "Ita€™s all about jobs." Since the tip of the militaristic spear is armed with nuclear weapons, for a growing number of nations ita€™s a matter of national security and national pride to join the Nuclear Club.
My wife, Sharon, and I are developing street theater as a pair of superheroesa€”The Queries, whose mission is Questioning the Nuclear Establishment. Bebb Peace Merit Award, and the Urban Ranger Corps won the 2012 Kris & Lynn Cheatum Community Peace Award. In my conversation with Tom, we discussed both issues: the incredible appeal of mediation on the one hand, and the difficulty of making a career out of it on the other. Only love can do that.a€™ I think PeaceWorksa€™ involvement with the Urban Ranger Corps is in hopes of reducing violencea€? and helping the young men find a future. Ben led the KC Greens in developing the Organic Connection, later called the KC Food Circle, connecting customers to local food sources.
We’re saying yes, KKFI spreads the message of many human rights groups in the city, many justice groups, but we’re saying we thank you, KKFI Public Affairs, for sharing the message of PeaceWorks! The Corps assists local young men in summer sessions and stays in touch with many Rangers year-round. In the Urban Ranger Corps, I could see myself giving backa€? to the community at a young age. She is The Caped Qsader, featuring rainbow peace signs and sunflowers; I am The Questionator, with bulging muscles, rippled abs, and a shield to ward off nuclear dangers. Father John Wandless, founder and president of the Corps, thanked PeaceWorks for funding conflict resolution workshops for the Rangers.

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