Calming anxiety can seem impossible, and while mediation for anxiety can be effective, sometimes an alternative to meditation is necessary. The good news is that even those of us with anxiety can achieve this state of quiet nothingness because there is an alternative to mediation for calming anxiety.
When we can’t relax because of anxiety, we can turn to a simple, repetitive activity that occupies the mind and distracts it from anxious thoughts. I discuss this alternative to meditation in the below video, and I invite you to watch and consider this technique for calming anxiety.
This entry was posted in Anxiety Management – Anxiety Schmanxiety, Anxiety Videos – Anxiety Schmanxiety and tagged alternative to meditation, anxious brain, anxious thoughts, calming anxiety, Meditation. For getting rid of the anxiety symptoms and panic disorders, all you need is right medication.
Medication is absolutely an option for treating anxiety and panic disorders, and it can be very effective for some people. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. A blog catered for those desiring to reduce stress and anxiety, to find greater wellness and inner peace and to find more happiness in their lives.
This entry was posted in Happiness, Meditation, Positivity, Resilience, Self Development, Stress and Anxiety Management, Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and tagged focus, improve focus, improve productivity, meditation, meditation improves productivity on June 27, 2015 by mulkurnia. When people hear the term meditation, they instantly connect it with archaic spiritual and pseudoscientific practices,but the truth remains that not only meditation has immense scientifically proved benefits but it also based on the principles of science.
This entry was posted in Meditation and tagged effect of meditation, health benefits of meditation, meditation on July 15, 2014 by mulkurnia. You have probably heard people raving about the benefits of meditation, from better health to better concentration.
This entry was posted in Happiness, Meditation, Self Development, Stress and Anxiety Management, Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and tagged anger, anger issues, meditation on April 12, 2014 by mulkurnia. All those who are looking to seek inner peace and be happy in their life have to bid goodbye to stress and worry.

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There is a famous saying that goes like, “To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily still”. This entry was posted in Meditation and tagged inner strength, meditation, Meditation benefits, meditation practice, mind on June 15, 2013 by mulkurnia. This entry was posted in Meditation and tagged anxiety, meditation, Meditation benefits, meditation techniques, relaxation technique, spiritual magnetism, stress relief on April 20, 2013 by mulkurnia.
This entry was posted in Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and tagged affirmation, healthy living, meditation, positive affirmation, stress, stress releasing, yoga on March 15, 2013 by mulkurnia. We are looking for original works (normally in the range of 700-1,000 words) with no duplicate contents. After all, when our anxious brains race with worries and fears and what-ifs, it can be incredibly difficult to sit still with our eyes closed and clear the mind. Anxiety can make us so keyed up physically, mentally, and emotionally that it wears us out.
However, sometimes anxiety is simply too strong to allow us to sit still and concentrate on breathing. It’s important to achieve relaxation, not through sitting still, but through doing something mundane yet out of our routine.
People are too busy working towards their dream lives and in the process neglect the powerhouse of productivity- the brain. Contrary to the common belief that meditation is all about sitting still, there are actually numerous ways to meditate even on the go.
But there is another excellent benefit that most of us are in dire need of- the effect meditation has on anger, both in terms of it being a solution and also to prevent triggering anger bursts. There are a lot of records that depict how inner peace of mind can help you conquer the greatest heights. If you take a look at the Asian history, you will find that this excellent body and mind rejuvenating technique was in use even thousands of years ago.

Specific worries can affect the quality of one’s life as can the very process of worrying itself. After all, who has time to concentrate on such a basic function like breathing when there is so much to worry about?
But because the anxious brain won’t easily empty its anxiety, the anxious thoughts need to be replaced by an activity. Doing something that doesn’t require much though, for example, coloring a mandala or other coloring page, distracts the anxious brain enough to soothe and calm it while allowing for an activity to occupy thoughts, steering them to the activity rather than to worries and fears. It prevents from going into a panic attack, makes me extremely calm, and relaxes my body of all physical anxious tension. Once you have achieved inner peace, you would be able to enjoy the journey of life to the hilt. If you are looking to enjoy the true fruits of success, you have to delve deep into your inner conscience and meditation can help you achieve the zenith of excellence.
Ancient people from Asia, who were habitual of regular meditation practice, were far healthier than the modern people, who are habitual of living an unhealthy and stressful life. Like any medication, anxiety medication can also be harmful for some people depending on multiple factors. It provides a great relief and mind in a state of great peace, in for a very high anxious time.
The best starting point for people is to have a conversation with a doctor about medications. 4 Ways to Handle ItJudy on The Myths and Facts on Self-Medicating for Anxietygurll on Anxiety and Overthinking EverythingLinda on Stressed, Anxious When Things Are Good? The nothingness that is meditation allows all sorts of anxious thoughts plenty of space to bounce around.

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