Washington, Feb 25: A new study suggests that professional ballet and modern dancers are not as emotionally in sync with their bodies as are people who regularly practice meditation. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, tracked how closely the emotions of seasoned meditators and professional dancers followed bodily changes such as breathing and heart rates. They found that dancers who devote enormous time and effort to developing awareness of and precise control over their muscles do not have a stronger mind-body connection than do most other people. By contrast, veteran practitioners of Vipassana or mindfulness meditation - a technique focused on observing breathing, heartbeat, thoughts and feelings without judgment - showed the closest mind-body bond, according to the study.
For the experiment, the researchers recruited volunteers from meditation and dance centers around the San Francisco Bay Area and via Craigslist. Participants, who ranged in age from 18 to 40, were wired with electrodes to measure their bodily responses while they watched emotionally charged scenes from movies and used a rating dial to indicate how they were feeling. Although all participants reported similar emotional reactions to the film clips, meditators showed stronger correlations between the emotions they reported feeling and the speed of their heartbeats.
Researchers theorize that dancers learn to shift focus between time, music, space, and muscles and achieve heightened awareness of their muscle tone, body alignment and posture.

For example some of the chakras are fairly obvious in that the heart chakra reflects out ability to give and receive.
This book enables you to work with the body to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit, and also teaches you about chakras, how to work with meditation, massage and different yoga postures to bring yourself back into balance. This year I am 37 and I was given the impression that to have a gap between my thighs was normal, a desired thing by most women. Enter your email address to get Free Music Friday, join our Global Sadhanas and get our newsletter!
The study sample consisted of 21 dancers with at least two years of training in modern dance or ballet and 21 seasoned meditators with at least two years of Vipassana practice.
Different energy centres (chakras) support our development and reflect what is going on for us in our mind, body and spirit. It explains the chakras clearly and goes through the names of chakras and their meaning in English and what they do.
Is it about time we move on from the proliferation of gossip columns and talk shows to something more sacred?

A third "control group" was made up of 21 moderately active adults with no training in dance, meditation, Pilates or professional sports.
The winner will be randomly selected via the app and all entries will be verified by blog owner. Kundalini Yoga strengthens a person’s intuition by developing the Third Eye allowing a person to command his or her own life and go in the direction that he or she wants to go.
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