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Now, in this complete course created especially for beginners, renowned teacher Jack Kornfield offers a straightforward, step-by-step method for bringing meditation into your life. Each one operates as a hub for the vital energy that flows through the human body, and is important to certain aspects of personal well-being, such as remaining clam, sexual energy, and an open mind. This comprehensive guide explains the seven major chakras in-depth, as well as the often overlooked minor chakras associated with them. The purpose of this book is to activate the practice of meditation in people who are committed to improving their lives. These simple, elegant practices are so easy to learn that you will begin enjoying the benefits of meditation immediately—while laying the foundation for a lifetime of inner discovery and awakening.
The life force (consciousness) that flows through us gives this energy form as thought, body and action.

This fundamental life force is naturally aware, joyful, spontaneous, practical, communicative, active and confident. Meditation provides a means of attuning yourself with the life force that spontaneously generates all of these qualities.

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