Andy says, “No,” but he does recommend that as you’re starting, you should block out as many distractions as possible – and closing your eyes helps.
People who practice and endorse meditation say that it helps them re-focus their mind and also provides them with a sense of calm. There is no “right’ time, but you might have to make meditating a priority in your schedule. Want more great tips and resources on improving balance, energy, organization, health fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, if you want to harness the power of meditation to manage stress, lower blood pressure, improve focus, get better sleep, or explore your own inner landscape, this is an exceptional opportunity to learn with some of the most accomplished leaders in the field of mindfulness and meditation. Throughout the WHOLE YEAR we will explore many different meditation styles and practices – and play around with different techniques, time periods, and provide tools that keep you inspired to commit to sit. We encourage everyone to share their own personal experiences each day on the fb page so we can keep it central, and you can see your own growth over time, you can also share tips and suggestions from your personal experience.
Please join us on our heartfelt mission to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life and into the lives of those around you. Since August of 2005, my dharma has been simple and clear – make meditation accessible to as many people as I can so they can connect more fully to the present moment and be happier in their lives. This is why I often say that whole path of mindfulness is attention, intention, and attitude. Reflecting on these three elements has become integral to my practice, and often forms the beginning or end of the sequence when I’m teaching, and frees me up when I’m giving an assist.
Most importantly, it connects my practice to the other important things in my life and extends into the rest of my day. GOOD NEWS: Yoga and Shavasana count as a meditation, so come to yoga with us at STIL STUDIO!
Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, join us to manage your stress a little easier, lower your blood pressure, improve your focus, enjoy better sleep or explore your inner landscape – this is an exceptional opportunity to learn with some of the most accomplished leaders in the field of mindfulness and meditation. Below is an incredibly sweet note from a student who recently attended a TBB Meditation Challenge. I started my yoga practice a little over 10 years ago, but it wasn’t until the past year or so that I noticed I needed something else other than asana. On TechCrunch, pharmaceutical and biotechnology professional Alex Senson recently took a detailed look at mental health and the virtual reality companies tackling it. Thank you to Lucas Garcia at 40deFiebre for spotlighting Guided Meditation VR in an article discussing four major digital trends that will change the world. Thanks to host Malia Probst for having our own Josh Farkas on the Real Virtual Show podcast to with special guest co-host, Kuldeep Dusanj, CEO of UK-based health and wellness company Fortis Health!
We're honored to have been singled out as a leading innovator in virtual reality by Venture Radar! VRFocus caught up with our own Josh Farkas at a recent event to chat about Guided Meditation VR and how it can assist in daily life. Thank you to Boston Globe correspondent Michael Andor Brodeur for featuring Guided Meditation VR in this article about finding actual tranquility while using virtual reality! My favorite programs these days are the ones that send me as far away as possible, to places without even the hint of other people.
Guided Meditation won the Most Innovative Game Award at the Meaningful Play Conference at Michigan State! Our own Josh Farkas appeared as a guest on Gunters Universe -- a live VRChat-based program -- which you can watch below. We're honored to be a part of the Season 3 premiere of the Drax Files Radio Hour, discussing emotions tied to virtual reality and the future of the metaverse.

Guided Meditation VR was spotlighted by tech expert Tom Emrich -- listed as one of the five Canadians in digital technology to watch in 2016 -- on CTV's Canada AM, as he discussed wearable technology for a safe, fun summer!
Guided Meditation VR was featured by Virtual Reality Reporter within their 2015 E3 coverage, and we thank them for their kind words, and stopping by our booth! Thanks to Kenny Tadrzynski from Slug Magazine for his report on trying Guided Meditation VR at E3 2015! We're honored to have been chosen as a Top Ten experience by Totem Learning for mental health and wellbeing! Upload VR Editor-In-Chief Will Mason covered the launch of the open VR app platform V. Guided Meditation VR was mentioned as one of the first 20 VR games and experiences available in the V marketplace.
Reporting from HIMSS 2015, Sachin Shenolikar of Real Business (Presented By Xerox) singled out Cubicle Ninjas and Guided Meditation VR as one of three stand-outs from the conference! ChicagoInno's Jim Dallke spotlighted Guided Meditation VR and discussed how research is showing the positive effects of VR experiences within the healthcare field.
VRFocus' Jamie Feltham covered Guided Meditation VR and our participation at HIMSS 2015 in a blog post, linked here. Josh Farkas made an appearance on the Enter VR show to discuss, "Meditation in virtual reality and turning the human body into the next input device." Thanks Enter VR! Emerson Dameron of The Interdependence Project - a secular Buddhist center in New York City - shared his thoughts on tradition and technology coexisting, and how that discussion is relates to his place in the business world. We had a wonderful time sharing Guided Meditation with Emerson Dameron at Built In Chicago. If you’re looking to escape to paradise, Guided Meditation, an Oculus Rift DK2 demo, provides a choice of peaceful places you can virtually visit. Guided Meditation takes relaxation to high-tech levels with the immersive experience of virtual reality.
The Oculus Rift guided meditation has the ability to transport you to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. With the immersive experience of virtual reality, Guided Meditation gives a new meaning to relaxation. It is a long journey because the change is very deep and is achieved after many lives - many lives of routine habits, thinking, desiring. All of Osho's active meditations involve a beginning stage of activity -- sometimes intense and physical -- followed by a period of silence.
Martial arts can help bring our mind into focus and clear the path for productive thinking.
This three-day seminar will cover some of the roots of historical ninjutsu and how we can translate it in our modern society.
Also we will explore and study an aspect of our martial tradition called Jutaijutsu (old school grappling) being drawn from the Takagi Yoshin Ryu (the willow tree school.) We will study and learn the deeper levels of the (Chuden Level). Andy says the idea is to be comfortable and that early practitioners of meditation didn’t have comfy couches like we do. Andy says he started meditating because he was having a hard time sleeping and he was pleasantly surprised that it only took one week for his sleeping habits to improve.
Many people meditate in the morning because there is nothing else scheduled at that time – it’s quiet and there are no pressing demands on their time. Each episode of my podcast, The Chalene Show is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself.
The theme is designed to help us focus on one aspect of meditation and mindfulness that we can work on for that week.
The goal is to find a mediation practice that works for YOU, so you can sustain it throughout the whole year.

Meditating for 5 minutes can be just as an effective practice – even better for you, if you can schedule it in a few times a day.
I told her I had attended one of your workshops and that I was a complete novice, and that you are wonderful (which you are!) and that she should certainly attend. Don’t get me wrong, I love the asana part of my practice, but something inside of me told me I needed more, that I deserved more. I started practicing another style of yoga (Para Yoga), focusing on pranayama and realized that beginning a meditation practice might be what I need the most.
Anand Vora drafted an engaging blog post about how mindfulness and meditation can aid patients in recovery, noting Guided Meditation VR as a useful resource.
Drax interviewed our own Josh Farkas and it turns out we were Kaleo's favorite VR experience of the entire conference! No Escape from Virtual Reality panel at PAX East, where Guided Meditation creative lead Josh Farkas discussed his hopes for VR to impact numerous industries outside of gaming. Just like this piece on Daily Meditate by Robert Axelsen, as he details his discovery of Guided Meditation VR through UKRifter's review on YouTube! You can breathe deeply on sunny sands while getting in tune with your inner thoughts anywhere, any time. All are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditator through the different stages. This whole weekend is designed to help enhance your personal life through spiritual training and exploring the roots of the martial tradition of Ninpo Taijutsu. However, it seems like everywhere I turn, another super successful person is mentioning how important meditation is to them  on a daily basis. You can have access to our special Move & Meditate Facebook Group where we can support and encourage each other the whole year, share our experience, the breakthroughs and roadblocks, ask questions, and offer ideas and theme suggestions for future classes. With Unity's powerful game development ecosystem, we were able to create the application of our dreams. This can be found in the 900-year-old tradition of the mountain warriors called the Yamabushi (Mountain Spirit Warrior Training.) We will explore the principles and practice of this ancient tradition and how it can help us live a more powerful life today. I already have a process that I go through every morning: plan my day, make my bed, stop and take a moment of gratitude, pray, exercise –  is there even room for meditation? So from the beginning never start expecting too much and then you will never be frustrated. One weekend, I went to my teachers’ Stephen and Rumiko Hayes Barn Dojo Grand Opening in southern Ohio.
He started our training with some basic movement drills and skill drills that required our minds to stay on track. I remember it was very hard to stay on track, because my mind was going back to my sale numbers from that past week. Our teacher stopped the class and had us work on basic meditation and self awareness tools.
Martial arts and meditation can help us become more productive and aware in our every day life.

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