Our good friends, Love Jules Leather, hand craft custom shoes out of their studio on Vancouver's eastside. What began as an idea to feature their kicks in some photography quickly evolved into 2 colors of custom KOOSHOO x Love Jules Leather kicks that will be exclusively available for the Kickstarter. We loaded up a UHaul van with all our worldly possessions and caught an early morning ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, in time to catch Santa at Rachel's family home in Victoria.
Victoria, for those that aren't familiar, is a jewel of a city as far to the left of Canada as you can pretty much go.
It's also a dream spot to raise a family and what with an adorable little 3 month old girl to introduce to the world, there was no time like now to make the move. I bring this up because we've spent the week gearing up for a coming out party of sorts in our new hometown. We'll be there slinging our acclaimed yoga headbands, organic cotton hair ties (the world's only!) and 12-outfit-in-1 Journey Shawls (Spring is in the air!). While in Bali earlier this year the KOOSHOO team, inspired by their surroundings, did a series of Instagram tutorials for 30 different mudras.
Inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Balinese people, we shot each mudra in front of a beautiful handcrafted Balinese door.
The Yoni Mudra helps to completely detach from the chaos of the outer world and quiet the mind. Assume a comfortable posture, like seated cross-legged, remembering to always keep your head and back straight and upright. Though it doesn't make use of the Yoni Mudra, this meditation is a wonderful extra tool for when you need to elease fear and find peace in life. If you know of someone in your life that would benefit from use of this mudra then please share your knowledge forward. Proudly designed locally in Vancouver and ethically produced in Los Angeles, each of our incredibly versatile products are must-have stocking stuffers. Today marks the grand finale of our 5 days of Stocking Stuffers so we thought we'd offer up a 2 for 1 special, featuring both the AUREA headbands and our little-publisized Gift Cards. Made with the same popular organic cotton elastic as the LILA hair ties is the AUREA Headband. Available in gorgeous single tones and super fun, hand dip-dyed Ombre tones, they're all one-size-fits-all and unisex, making the AUREA headband a perfect stocking stuffer to brighten up the holidays!
WOMEN: Find the Women's AUREA Classic headbands here and the Women's AUREA Ombre headbands here. You can also find the AUREA headband at any one of our fantastic retail partners (call to confirm stock before visiting). You'll receive a unique coupon code that you can simply add to a card and send off to the lucky someone. The versatile and sporty HU headband is a staple with headband enthusiasts. Guys love the HU for the thin, across-the-brow look (think Roger Federer headband style) while ladies often rock their HU headband with a bow on top of the head for a playful on-trend look. Best Selling Colors: We'd be remiss if we didn't first suggest the Marsala HU headband as Marsala was just named Color of the Year for 2015. Proudly designed locally in Vancouver and ethically produced in Los Angeles, each of our incredibly versatile products make for must-have stocking stuffers. The campaign, and the Journey Shawl itself, was picked up by bloggers around the world but found a particularly vocal support group in the travel blogging community.
Even if a trip isn't on the horizon, the Journey Shawl is perfect for going to and from in our busy lives. Available in 5 hand dyed color options, it is made from soft-as-silk Tencel which drapes gorgeously from the body, flattering every figure. Who it's for: Conscious women on the go - whether around the world or to and from in everyday life. KOOSHOO has the perfect stocking stuffers so we thought we'd give you a hand in sifting through the collection so that you find that special someone on your list the perfect gift. Everyone loves this headband style (it's unisex too!) though it's especially popular among yogis, dancers, hikers and yes, hipsters.
As with all our products, these headbands are made from the finest natural materials, ethically hand made in Los Angeles and dyed using low impact, earth friendly dyes. Who it's for: If there is someone on your list that loves headbands then the ENSO is a can't-miss gift.
Best Selling Colors: For the classics we'd recommend the ENSO Marsala Headband as Marsala was just named Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year.
For the Batiks our most talked-about headband is the starry-night Black ENSO Batik (picture below, right).
WOMEN: Find the Women's ENSO Classic headbands here and the Women's ENSO Batik headbands here.
You can also find the ENSO headband at any one of our fantastic retail partners (call to confirm stock before visiting).
LILA Hair Ties have become quite the trending eco-fashion hair ties, being touted by celebrities and bloggers alike for their performance, comfort and sustainability.
They are the world's only Organic Cotton Hair Ties, and they NEVER slip and NEVER pull (women across the globe, we heard you!).
Where to Buy: Find them here on our website, here on Amazon, and at any one of our fantastic retail partners (call to confirm stock before visiting).

We may be a bit biased but we'd have to agree with Pantone's decision on their Color of the Year for 2015.
Bring it all together and we get what our male model called "my favorite headband(s) you've ever made" in the Marsala ENSO and HU headbands. We'd have to agree with his conclusion. Though the model shots aren't up yet (they're in the editing room, slightly delayed due to the arrival of our little girl) the headbands themselves are in our warehouse and ready to find happy, loving homes for the Holiday Season.
Not necessarily the hot fashion color of the moment, but a color crossing all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the consumers.
Influences can include the entertainment industry, upcoming films, art, emerging artists, travel destinations and socio-economic conditions. The Shuni Mudra is also known as the “seal of patience.” The middle finger represents courage to hold duty and responsibility.
It helps me stay in the here and now, even when I want to be escaping to the future or the past. 25% OFF Store Wide for One Day OnlyOur biggest sale ever is here and it's for one day only.
It also helps balance the water element in the body, activating the salivary glands and moistening dry eyes and skin.
The little (pinky) finger and thumb tips are lightly touching, and the remaining three fingers are held out gently, but not ridged. There is no time limit on this mudra, you can do it any time and anywhere, however, sitting cross-legged is usually preferable. I love using this mudra, often very subtly, when in communication whenever there exists the potential for conflict, or similarly, the potential for growth.
The Buddha Mudra promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy. Tradition leads us to believe that this mudra was the one that Buddha practiced in his meditation under the Bodhi tree before his Enlightenment. This gesture has been used throughout time by yogis during their meditation and concentration exercises. Place the right hand palm-up on the lap, then, rest the fingers and back of the left hand on top of the right hand. With your hands near your centre of gravity, your body will concentrate on very gentle and subtle levels.
Regular and consistent practice, along with slowly increasing the duration of practice, releases the tension, stress and confusion that so often keeps the mind in turmoil.
We're not quite "on it" these days like we used to be because 2 weeks ago we welcomed to the world the greatest thing to ever happen to us: a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Way back on November 9th, 2012 Rachel, myself and some dear friends and family set up a KOOSHOO booth at the Vancouver Yoga Show. We kicked off this year by cutting a cheque to the charity Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Mediation, a safe studio space in Canada's poorest neighbourhood where residents are offered free yoga and meditation.
Helping uplift those who need it most through Karma Teachers is one of our proudest accomplishments thus far with KOOSHOO. This year we launched our Journey Shawls via Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform in which we offered the product at a discounted rate in exchange for pre-sales. The 12-outfit-in-1 Scarf (watch the how to wear videos here) was picked up by media outlets worldwide too, ensuring that it's continued selling and finding passionate fans worldwide once we transitioned the Journey Shawls from Kickstarter to our website. We've said it many times but one more time can't hurt: THANK YOU to all those that supported our campaign whether through package purchases, word of mouth or good vibes. OK, so we're a little biased, but something that we did quietly this year was launch our online Amazon store and we think the KOOSHOO store is looking pretty darn fine.
If you're an avid Amazon shopper then be sure to add us to your Wish Lists to receive info on special promotions and other goodies. Second, with the Holiday Season now upon us, be sure to pick up some of our one-size-fits-all headwraps (available for MEN too!), organic cotton hair ties and the aforementioned much-acclaimed Journey Shawls for your stocking stuffing this year.
While in Bali earlier this year the KOOSHOO team, inspired by their surroundings, did a series of Instagram tutorials for 30 different Mudras.
The Prayer (Anjali) Mudra is a simple yet powerful hand position and can be used in your practice and in daily life.
The joining together of the palms is said to provide connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and represents unification. Slowly draw you hands together at the heart centre as if to gather all of your resources into your heart. If you are seated, remember to lengthen your spine out of your pelvis and drop the chin slightly in order to bring the spine into alignment. The gesture may also be performed with thumb tips resting against the “third eye” (between the brows), or at the “crown chakra” (above the head).
It is considered a natural remedy for stress and anxiety and is useful for entering into a meditative state. Contemplate your own metaphors when practicing this mudra, such as the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, logic and intuition, and strength and tenderness. It's a fraction of it's much larger neighbor Vancouver in size though offers up a culture of yoga, outdoor-living, dining and community on a world-class scale. This coming weekend (Jan 30th to Feb 1st) here in Victoria is the Victoria Yoga Conference, now in its 3rd year, is going to be hosting yogis from all over BC - and beyond.

We're in the marketplace - booth number 2 - along with some of our favorite brands and organizations.
Once a week over the next 30 weeks we will be featuring a new mudra to add to your tool kit for well-being.
Once you master this one, be sure to refresh your mudra skills with tutorials for Lotus, Gyan, Prayer, Buddham, Varun and Shuni mudras.
Bring palms together with the fingers and thumbs straight and the thumbs pointing towards the sky. Once a day over the next 5 days we'll be featuring 1 of our top selling products, perfect for that special someone on your list.
It can also be opened to a full, crown-covering 8" for a full bandana - popular with everyone from motorcyclists to kundalini yogis to chemotherapy patients.
Designed with a single twist which functions to both hold the headband in place and give a variety of styling options, it's made from the finest and softest organic cotton that acts as a wonderful hug for the head.
In both 2013 and 2014 we launched headbands in Pantone's Color of the Year and both look as fresh today as they did when they were first launched. To distill the prevailing mood into a single hue, the pci team, led by executive director Leatrice Eiseman, combs the world looking for future design and color influences, watching out for that one color seen as ascending and building in importance through all creative sectors. Influences may also stem from technology, lifestyles + playstyles, new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention. For example, if someone you are meeting is running late, using the Shuni Mudra will help you feel more patience with providing the person running late with more understanding. It also helps me see the opportunities that can only present themselves when you're still and patient. Every product in our store is included, even the brand new headband colors (scroll down), and by ordering today you`re guaranteed to have your products in time for Christmas. KOOSHOO headbands, hair ties (the only organic hair ties in the world) and 12-outfit-in-1 Journey Shawls all make for the perfect stocking stuffers for the yogi, traveler, eco-conscious shopper, amazing human being on your list. Not sure where to start? Though we work with a phenomenal, world-wide team of contractors, the only full-time team members are me, Jesse, and my wife Rachel.We bring this up because of late we haven't been in touch much - either here by newsletter or on social media. When the two fingers are placed together it is meant to symbolize and encourage openness and fluid communication. It also helps to balance the water content in your body by activating fluid circulation through the body, keeping it moisturized. Poor communication results in breakdowns of relationship while good communication helps relationships thrive.
Be sure to also check out the previous 3 mudra tutorials: Prayer Mudra, Gyan Mudra and Lotus Mudra.
Anytime I come to my mat to practice or meditate, I find myself drawn to the Mudra as a way to ground and balance myself. We're essentially running off positive endorphins and love for a new soul at this stage - because sleep certainly isn't really happening - so our time with KOOSHOO has been somewhat limited. Be sure to also check out last week's mudra, the world's 2nd most commonly known mudra: Gyan Mudra.
Anjali itself means “offering.” The beauty of this gesture, which positions us right at the core of our being, is timeless and universal. It is used as a posture of composure, of returning to one’s heart, whether you are greeting someone or saying goodbye, initiating or completing an action. It neutralizes the positive (right, or male) and negative (left, or female) sides of the body.
Tangerine, 2013’s Pantone Color of the Year, continues to be one of our top selling headbands. Then turn the pinky, ring and middle fingers inwards so that the back of the fingers are touching. Before deciding on a color for production we always start with having it sampled on a small swatch of fabric.
In short it's a color that transcends all elements of design - from fashion to interiors to paints. When the two fingers are placed together it is meant to symbolize and encourage patience, discernment, focus and discipline.
This leads to healing for many skin conditions and to a natural glow and luster to your face. Using it creates the perfect balance of thought, resting the senses, and aiding in tranquility.
We keep up because we are kept up by our community - the amazing feedback we get on our products, the words of encouragement we receive along the way. It brings us into the power of our heart center (love and compassion) where sacred transformation can occur. 5 weeks ago today our team expanded with the arrival of our incredible baby girl (our first child!), Dayva Grace Florence Schiller.As we've been learning all about Dayva (and ourselves in the process) we've also very quietly launched an array of gorgeous new headband colors. You might like to use a thin cushion or a blanket to rest your palms upon if you need to raise them to sit at a position that allows your spine to remain erect. A wonderful alternative is also the brand new Limestone Grey ENSO headband (launching week of November 20, 2014).

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