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Be kind to your body, bring out the best in yourself, and prepare for Wanderlust 108 with this 28-day run, yoga, meditate challenge. Wanderlust 108 is a “mindful triathlon” that brings three events together in city parks across the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand: a 5k run, an outdoor yoga experience, and a guided meditation. If you’re completing the challenge and want some support from other MyFitnessPal members, join our group forum to talk about your experiences, ask your questions, or show a fellow MFPer some love! With 100 million members and growing, MyFitnessPal provides powerful tools that make it easier for anyone to live a healthier life by tracking their meals and physical activity. Running is an easy way to be active, as all it really takes is a pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go.
Today, we're featuring Kim's Cravings' recipe for creamy tuna avocado egg salad rolled into a whole-grain wrap. It is all about the course: the beginnings, all the middle parts, and the moments just before the end.
Alas, I felt nothing at the very end but in the span of those 31 days, I loved the challenge to no end, most of all because of my body’s varying response from day to day. Yoga is about coming face-to-face with exactly who you are when you set such a challenge for yourself and when no one is watching and no one is judging. Disappointed in that at times during my home practice, I felt distracted, I watched the clock, I waited for the end of the session. Even after all these years of yoga, the first straight 10 days were a rude awakening for my body. My cousins and I, we discovered a new muscle rule which Vickie, my teacher, promptly validated. By now the soreness had almost completely subsided, my body started to really open and the daily ritual of doing yoga became more of a habit.
Incorporate at least 50% to 75% home practice into the challenge; get to know yourself in this solitude.
Break up the practice into two 30-minute or longer sessions during the day if crazy schedules persist. What are you doing to push your body, your mind, your stamina, your self-discipline, and most of all, your edge? I definitely prefer doing yoga (and meditation) in the same place every day, but with my constant travels, that’s nearly impossible.
My dad has been doing yoga every single morning for as long as I can remember, so I naturally picked up a lot of it from him as I was growing up. So many of my experiences lately have been pushing me to develop the habit and I already know how awesome it is for our overall health and daily mindset! Last year I accomplished a personal challenge of exercising every day for a minimum of an hour.
This year I have a more simple, but equally difficult goal, I want to touch my toes without bending my legs. Isn’t amazing after you start doing yoga or any other kind of sport, it becomes second nature? To answer your questions, I am trying to gain more exercise by playing basketball more often to help me push my body and my mind. For me, I am passionate about basketball as well and I realized I have spent too much time inside my house and lost something that I enjoy doing. Usually for the westerners, and not only, the a€?hat a€“ yogaa€™ become so obsessed with vegetarian food and other complicated relative matters, that they totally miss the main meaning of their way.
Michael, thank you for sharing your thoughts – although I am not following everything here clearly from your writing.
Micheal, thank you for your kind reply and for taking the post in the spirit in which it was meant. The boundaries I am breaking is my discipline as a writer… I am doing whatever it takes to make my next book a bestseller.
Rob, if it helps, I think you are insanely unreasonable and I am happy to vouch for it to your editor or whoever else to pave the way for you! What a truly wonderful example of doing this…and then reflecting on what it all has meant. Hi Kim, thank you – can you believe I miss it sorely now that I have been traveling and not done yoga in a few days?
Bless you Farnoosh…am new to your site and feel very contented and full reading your yoga and meditation blogs.
Dear Ntathu, I didn’t get a chance to say THANK YOU so much for your lovely presence here and so glad we share the passion fo yoga :)!
I googled trying to find information on the effects of constant, mindful yoga every day for longer periods of time — I wonder if you have anymore information about it?
Usually for the westerners, and not only, the A?a‚¬E?hat A?a‚¬a€? yogaA?a‚¬a„? become so obsessed with vegetarian food and other complicated relative matters, that they totally miss the main meaning of their way.
We are so excited to be working with BasilHealth, a new consumer digital health technology company. I worked with an app developer, but I designed and filmed all the workouts, did all the editing, voiceover, everything except coding the app! What inspired you to create this app?Being a new mom can be so hectic, and between nursing and diaper changing we often don't even have time to take a shower, let alone find an hour to work out!
I think we are all our own best teachers, so I would say ME :) Yoga has been a big part of my life for a long time, and I couldn't say that any one teacher I've had is a favorite. Martial arts are very challenging for me mentally because I deal with a lot of fear and anxiety just getting to class.
And we second that last answer!  Although we would invite Biggie and Tupac if we could too.
We're so so grateful to our wonderful Buddhi Yoga family for voting for us in this year's readers poll in the La Jolla Light. Beginner Flow is just the thing for brand new yogis or those who want to get back into the groove with the basics. Ashtanga Improv Practice the Ashtanga series but leave some wiggle room for variations on the practice.
Intro to Ashtanga Practice the first series of the Ashtanga series while learning the more subtle aspects of yoga.
Align & Flow is a Vinyasa style class integrating mindful movement, steady attention to the breath, and a deep exploration of alignment. Place the crown of the head on the earth up against the hands (keeping the imaginary egg between the palms).
Straighten your legs and walk as close as you can toward the elbows without losing the lift in the shoulders and the space in the neck.
Take 5-10 deep breaths and come down with one or both legs slowly, gently placing the feet on the earth.
It's easier to pop a pill, smoke a joint or enjoy a few drinks with friends when the going gets tough. If we all knew how soothing the direct experience of meditation was, we would never turn to anything else.
Next time you’re feeling the tension of your grievance, carve out at least twenty minutes for a quick meditation or yoga session. We want to take time each month to feature one of our wonderful teachers from the studio, and this month it's all about this lady: Nina Petruzzo!
Favorite Food: Avocados, since moving to California I don't think I've gone a day without eating an avocado whole or sliced over something.
When was the last time you laughed at yourself: You would think I would be graceful with years of dance training under my belt and from doing yoga, but I am totally clumsy typically tripping over something at least once a day.
Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana, the sweet simplicity of this pose is the greatest act of self-care. Least favorite: Inversions, at the moment creating balance, stability, integration, and trust in these postures has been challenging, but continue to bring me to my mat everyday to do the work and ultimately detach from the result. Last Fall we opened our yoga studio in La Jolla, California and ever since then our classes have been overflowing into the boutique!
Prepare:To make the dressing, toast the cumin seeds in a dry skillet until fragrant and lightly browned, a minute or two.
In a bowl or jar, whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, honey, ground cumin, salt, and cayenne pepper. She works with clients to improve their health through scientific-based nutrition and health coaching. Thanks to our friend Tahirih Linz from Salmonberry Consulting we are bringing you another delicious salad. This last pose called Hummigbird pose requires a lot of hip and ribcage flexibility because it requires that you twist enough to get the foot to "step on" the tricep.
Try a few sun salutes first thing in the morning, during your work break or right before bed for an amazing, full-body realignment. I practiced on and off for a couple of years in college and felt like I needed it whenever I was slacking.
We're always looking for fresh ways to make our salads and when we got this recipe from our friend Tahirih Linz we knew we found a winner.
Cook quinoa in 2 cups of water in a rice cooker or on the stove-top until all water is absorbed.
Draw the navel strongly to the spine with every exhale and keep your abdominal muscles engaged to lighten up on the upper body.
When transitioning to the one-legged variation, shifting your weight into one arm as you float the opposite knee to the center.
Doing yoga is a perfect complement to any runner's training regime; it balances out strength and flexibility, creates greater muscular balance and endurance, increases mind-body awareness, and releases stress. Benefits: All the low lunge benefits plus benefits from twists which include stretching out the ribs and spine, and giving your internal organs a gentle massage.
From a seated position bring the soles of your feet together and open your knees to the sides. Whether you are new to one (or all three!) of these activities, Wanderlust Festival and MyFitnessPal have partnered to design this program as a way for you to build a consistent, balanced routine. If you’re brand new to running, plan to walk more than you run, and very gradually increase the length of your run intervals as you’re able.
The most important thing is that you consistently complete the minimums—even if that means walking during a run period or resting in Child’s Pose during a yoga session. By the end of this challenge, we guarantee you will be ready to participate as a mindful triathlete at a Wanderlust 108 near you!
Between now and May 1, enter to win tickets to Wanderlust 108 events and a grand prize trip to the Wanderlust Festival of your choice (travel stipend + two festival tickets).
MyFitnessPal is part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community, Under Armour Connected Fitness™. We’re on a mission to make your journey to a healthier life easier, more fun, and delicious. Over 65 million users worldwide use our free nutrition and activity tracking tools to build healthy habits, make healthy choices and support each other’s journeys. For the entire month of May, I committed to a minimum of an hour of daily yoga practice and a few minutes of daily meditation.
When two of my darling cousins, one on each coast, decided to come along for the ride, my excitement tripled and a lonesome challenge turned into a deliriously happy one.
In it, he climbs Kilimanjaro, the remarkably stubborn man that he was, and when he reaches the magnificent summit, expecting a world of elation and emotions to hit him hard, he feels nothing instead. So delight in those moments a thousand times more than you already do, no matter what your journey or your challenge.
The physical challenge of daily yoga for a month illuminated one lesson for me more than all others: You get to know yourself intimately well through these explorations. At times, I was doing the practice simply because I had said I would and therefore I missed an astounding opportunity for self-reflection and growth. If you go more than 48 to 72 hours between stretches, your muscles lose the memory of that stretch.
They say things are hardest at the beginning and it rings absolutely true for me during this challenge. You may lose some spontaneity but alternating carefully among different yoga styles creates excellent balance. It is the the only phrase I clearly remember from 31 days of listening to podcasts, teachers, and guided meditations.
My body pulled through just fine with this practice but my mind, not surprisingly, has incredible room to improve on letting go, believing more, and allowing the real transformations to unfold. Your reminder about how muscles must be stretched again within 48 hours really gave me the kick-in-the-butt that I need to commit to doing yoga regularly and not leaving it up to chance.
Even amongst all the chaos, there are so many peaceful places in India that seem to take meditation to a whole new level!
Now if you are doing yoga for the first time, please be sure to tell the teacher and make sure to NEVER do anything that puts pain anywhere in your body. Both for the accomplishment of the challenge and the way you shared the journey with me (us).
She is a Baron Baptiste (power yoga) certified and I see that you are big into yoga as well. I am so happy I was able to impart some things your way and I am very intrigued to hear you meditate with your eyes open.
I’ve definitely learned a lot about the topic not only from what you have written about on your post, but also what we have talked about in our interview. You can find a yoga studio just about anywhere in the world these days (with some exceptions of course). Usually the next step is a well organized machinery for earning money out of the newly designed a€?Yogaa€™. Vegetarian food gives one the feeling for cleanness and spirituality, both on psychic and purely chemical level.

Sure some people have crazy ambitions and that’s not limited to the Western society and many have commercialized yoga for monetary purposes and many others may succumb to alcohol, drugs and a different kind of existence. That voice was mostly from inside my head but surely it was validated by the strange looks and nods from others….No matter, it sometimes helps to rarely listen to others and do things my way! I also notice that sometimes I get anxious before my next class, as if I need it to calm down! The challenge is there to set you up and get you going … not to end and let you back into your own ways :)! They've been imagining and developing the next generation of consumer health and personalized medicine since 2011.
Facilitates a deep kinesthetic awareness through longer hold times, gentle movement, and a more passive approach to maintaining the state of each position. Kids learn poses, breathing and relaxation techniques while using their imagination in a fun and non-competitive environment. Just get on the mat and do your thing, even if it’s just five minutes here and there throughout the day. Workout anywhere, anytime, with or without baby, All you need is five minutes and your own body.
In this La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow we focused on flowing back and forth between Bound Half Moon to Bird of Paradise pose and back.
For this drill specifically, make sure your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings are all warmed up and ready to go. I love them all like family and am truly grateful for the patience they have shown me as I work through my life.
Investing is another passion of mine that I have put a significant amount of energy into over the course of my life.
One is called "Your Owner's Manual" and is a really simple summary book of "A Course in Miracles" that Carolina turned me on to.
Every year the La Jolla Light gathers votes from its readers to find who the best of the best are in the area. Thank you again for voting us best La Jolla yoga studio for 2015, this has been one of the most rewarding things we've ever done and support like this really keeps us going. Using the bolster for passive variations of backbends and spinal twists to relax the body and quiet the mind. It's much more difficult to sit with our feelings of discomfort, let alone take the initiative to explore some new options to create a healthier response pattern.
Every time I'm with her she continues to spark my curiosity, interest, and passion for yoga time and time again.
Mostly because I think it would be hilarious and fun and because they live on the east coast and I miss them! If you manage to lift the legs and hips straight up, play with bending your knees and bringing your toes towards your head. This simple act of slowing down will help you chew your food more effectively and you might even notice that you enjoy your meal more because you can actually taste it! Amy currently works with women to improve all aspects of their health, including: thyroid imbalances, high cholesterol, weight loss, impaired digestion, low immune system, anti-aging.
Set aside and marinate for 20 minutes, or up to an hour.When you are ready to serve the salad, put the quinoa in a large bowl.
For the first pose, start out in an upright Pigeon position so you can find a good angle for the shin.
But still, life (and my lack of ability to prioritize) kept getting in my way of a consistent practice. But everything I’ve struggled with in the past has somehow worked out in the end (so far so good, knock on wood). We learned about anatomy, philosophy, and more, and I kept being reminded that the physical aspect isn't the important part of yoga. They're delicious and a great way to get your veggies in, but there are only so many times you can have the same salad before you're sick of it and want to trade it for a plate of french fries, you know?
Some days are rest days and contain special challenges, and every seventh day combines all three!
Above all, listen to your body, and be cautious: If something doesn’t feel right, stop running, walk or take a break. Like most great ideas born of small stuff, this one started from a casual question; I shared my 10 Day Yoga Challenge from last year, wondering who may want to join me for a second round and seriously expecting no one to respond in kind.
The 10 days soon came to an end but I saw no good reason to stop just yet, turning a 10-day challenge into a 31 day opportunity. I remember this because after I finished my last practice and meditation yesterday, I felt absolutely nothing. It is not about building extra muscles (which I did), losing weight (a little), toning (oh yes), testing your physical strengths (naturally) and increasing your stamina (definitely). All illusions of my having a rather fit and flexible body were thrown out the window and a new reality had set in with the discovery of these new tight hips!
When you do it again, it’s a new stretch and you are building those motions again into your body. In these last few days, even as I had to accommodate for 4 days of yoga from a hotel room on a sliding mat on the carpet, I had some of my best practices.
This little phrase sums up my takeaway from this yoga challenge, what I loved and what I want to improve about my approach to practice and to life. Although the location really shouldn’t matter if we have focused enough of our energy inward! Sensation and awareness is good and breathing through all of it is very important but don’t injure yourself and make sure the teacher knows you are new. I guess I came to Prolific Living, without knowing why, because of your appreciation of days and journey…and your beautiful ability to personalize things in a way that is so helpful. I am still thinking….This is for July 1st to July 31st time-frame if not sooner so I shall keep you guys posted!
I am also going to look into things like yoga, taichi, and meditation to help my well-being and give me more mental clarity during the day. The agile body offers some other niceties, only to have the body start agonizing for food. I used to do about 1x or 2x a week with some fun sessions thrown in but it all depends on what your expectations are and what you want to get out of your yoga experience. I do my yoga nearly 5-6 times a week unless something major is happening and never is it a good enough excuse in hindsight ;)! Personally, I feel as long as you learn to be gentle and attentive to the needs of your body then daily practice is excellent. Taking time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you’ve been practicing.
I would love to see her on the yoga mat, outside of her "beast mode"What is the best piece of advice that you could share with new moms who are struggling to find time to workout or do yoga? The app is easy to use and the workouts are a perfect blend of yoga and calistenics that focus on rebuilding core strength, burning fat and toning up after baby. Name a pose that was really difficult for you that you were finally able to master after time and dedication. On the flip side, all of my flexibility is primarily from practicing Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid. When we choose the quick-fix, we are digging ourselves into a hole and investing in faulty patchwork that will inevitably unravel and leave us feeling worse than we felt before.
After about six months of a consistent meditation practice, people report experiencing spontaneous happiness unassociated to any other person, place or thing.
Start arching back more and more by lifting your chest forward and sinking into your hips (bellow, right). Construction is now complete and we got to have our first big class in the new space this week. Regardless of whether you choose a plant-based diet or not, there are several yoga philosophies that can guide you to healthier food choices. Slowing down will also help to avoid over-eating and to identify any possible food sensitivities.
One of the most amazing things about yoga is that if you are dedicated enough you will be able to do things you never thought you could do and that starts to translate to other areas of our lives. Start this challenge whenever you’re able to commit to 28 days of run-yoga-meditation, or register for a Wanderlust 108 event or festival, and simply count back 28 days from the event date to begin the challenge. For the first ten days, we three kept each other honest, sharing the day’s practice and whatever related struggle in intimate details, but most of all, deepening our relationship with each phase of this shared challenge. If you constantly repeat a stretch in less than 48 hour periods, your muscles will use the first muscle memory, and each new time, go deeper and deeper into the pose and stretch further and further. Some of the same poses I had done all month long had a new meaning and my body had a new response for an old pose.
I’d *love* to go to an Ashram there and experience yoga and meditation in that sanctuary. If you go to Mysore, you have to tell me every little detail and I think one great photo would be if a friend could take one of YOU mediating in India somewhere in one of those locations! What you say about muscle memory and how you did yoga at home was valuable to me and will help get my fingers to my toes.
And yes I am very excited that you will be taking up yoga – and Tai Chi is interesting. My first and general impression when watching inexperienced drivers on the wheel is that while driving they always talk. I have to agree that the agile body certainly does better and yoga helps us achieve more of that. They named the company after the Basil leaf; one of the most powerful and globally recognized plants for its medicinal properties and natural healing benefits. I was fortunate to have been taking private lessons with Carolina through my recovery, and she really helped me to improve my strength a great deal.How does yoga compliment your martial arts and vice versa? Tae Kwon Do makes use of lots of kicks, so flexibility training was a big part of the practice. Krystle has a very interesting life story and is now making some really cool art work as well. It has been so wonderful to be a part of the amazing community of people that we have all built. With over thirty students present we still had plenty of room to stretch out and practice all of our favorite poses.
You can stir this paste into almost anything - greek yogurt or hummus - to add tons of flavor.
For the next ten days, two of us kept pushing forward with momentum and perseverance, drawing on each other’s energy from coast to coast. The end of anything is just an arbitrary marker, a place where we arrive only to realize how much more we should have delighted in the journey, whatever it may have been, challenging or easy, painful or blissful, long or short, alone or hand in hand with a friend.
By this analogy, if you buy this concept as we did especially since our practice was reflecting it as such, you need to do a good hour of yoga at least 3 times a week to make progress forward. Ita€™s much better than alcohol and other unhealthy drinks, low a€“graded music, drugs, meaningless existence, lower than the average even in the known western yoga.This is an understandable limit, not to be disputed.
I will aspire to write for them someday too, once I get all my writing skills in good shape!
I am so happy the thoughts here resonated with you and who knows, perhaps you will feel elation and excitement at the end of the journey too but for now, you are in the midst of all the great stuff, so enjoy the journey Lance and do take care of your KNEES :)!
ItA?a‚¬a„?s much better than alcohol and other unhealthy drinks, low A?a‚¬a€?graded music, drugs, meaningless existence, lower than the average even in the known western yoga.This is an understandable limit, not to be disputed. Perhaps I was too busy, tired or distracted to really notice, because I received the email right after my wedding (April 16) and just a fews days before the Mount Summit Challenge (April 24) and was quickly reading it before my toddler son, who was simultaneously running, eating and singing all throughout house, noticed that I had eagerly opened the Mac Book to check my email and find out my number.
As a trainer, I get to set goals for my clients and assess them on regular basis, and that’s what makes it so exciting - seeing people improve, feel better physically and mentally and being there with them every step of the way. On top of that there's Bird of Paradise, Svarga Dvijasana, also strengthening your quads and hips. Pause for a few moments, resting on your belly with your head to one side before moving on to the next pose. You can also straighten your arms back alongside the torso with your palms down as in the bottom left pic. See how close your can get your head towards your toes but don't worry about whether it actually happens. When you're ready, fold forward as is show in the second picture and take at least eight breaths there.
Once your palms are firmly rooted, stack your knee just above one elbow and wrap the foot around the oppositve tricep. Squat down again and try to plant your palms down on the side that you're twisting towards (you can use blocks here again). By day 4, it was an event to climb the stairs, something of which I have plenty in my home!
Any less would still bring you benefits but dramatically slow down the otherwise amazing opening of the body.
I considered myself an unsatisfied intermediate practitioner of yoga before this challenge, and now I see myself as a happy and encouraged beginner with vast possibilities for growth. Everything you expect for benefits from yoga and the like is true and I am very excited for you, Hulbert. No matter how you twist it, any words one uses to talk about nothing are apt to miss the point! When he noticed, I closed the laptop and returned my attention to him, with little time to reflect upon what had just occurred. If I only could do one, I would probably pick teaching prenatal yoga - I love seeing the bellies grow over 9 months, witnessing new friendships being made in class, getting to know my students and their pregnancy joys, aches and pains. And that’s why I created Mommy Workouts, a collection of five minute workout videos that mom can do when baby naps. It's really important to lock the foot in place by flexing the foot especially at the pinky toe side.

If your foot can stay on the tricep without slipping off, begin lifting the bottom foot off the floor as you lean into your hands and bend your elbows like a Chaturanga.
So put on some music, get really zen, and hyper-focus on separating tiny leaves from their stems.
By day 6, I contemplated calling the whole thing off especially since I was the only one in the group fussing about extreme soreness.
However it has nothing to do with the great centering on a€?The Patha€™ , where it all started. I have used other workout apps, but they mostly required an hour and were too complicated to use. Bend your elbows like you're doing a Chaturanga (low pushup), send your chest foward as far as you can, engage your core by drawing your belly in towards the spine and shift the weight into your fingertips. By day 8, soreness had become a part of my daily life and it had actually started to grow on me. Shoot your chest foward and extend the bottom leg to the side by engaging the quadricep and either flexing the foot or pointing the foot and spreading the toes open.
I must admit when it disappeared after Day 11 or 12, I missed the darn thing and wondered whether I was still pushing myself hard enough or whether my muscles had finally learned to adapt to this daily rigor. I was so exuberant, so grateful, so focused on one thing, so energized and eager, so deeply within in the moment, that I did not realize that my marathon bib, 2517, was my Summit bib, 152, in reverse, with my favorite number, 7, tacked on the end for good measure. If you find stability, very slowly begin to straighten the back leg by engaging the quadricep and flexing the foot strongly.
Having grown up in Prague in the Czech Republic, what do you think is the strangest thing about American culture.
This is a tough pose and you have to keep praciting over and over until one day it just happens! My chest tightened, my throat welled up, tears filled my eyes, and I stopped, dead in my tracks. Shaking my head in disbelief, I felt that same deeply moving, semi-overwhelming feeling of awe and wonder that I have felt each time my dad's spirit washed over me in this way. I inscribed the dream, amongst a list of many, in my journal as I lay daydreaming, belly down upon my bed, gazing out my second-story bedroom window into the streets of my hometown of Ohiopyle. We enjoyed a potluck dinner at the Ohiopyle firehall, from which we had a view of my childhood home.
We ended the festivities by dancing all night to our friends' band at the local riverside pub. It was my first official marathon and Eric's first half, and our first race together as husband and wife. We predicted dramatically different pace times, which led to being placed in different corrals.
This meant that on race day I was grouped in a separate section that began running 10-20 minutes prior to Eric's group.
A smile was planted upon my face nearly the entire race, except for the steep downhill section at mile 24 (I do not like running down long hills and even tried to tackle this one by running backwards). The gratitude I felt for being healthy and strong enough to run 26.2 miles kept my spirits high. The sugar from consuming two two-ounce honey bottles and two two-ounce beet juice bottles plus many orange slices that I graciously accepted from generous spectators added to my bliss. Further, I slowed to a speed-walk pace at all 15 hydration stations to drink one to two cups of water, determined to simply feel good. I was referring to my primary goal - to go into the marathon the same way I would a long day hike. I wanted to feel relaxed, to lose track of time, to keep an easy, steady, even pace the entire race, to not fret about passing people or, even more, about racing against my watch. Letting go of the habit of quickly glancing at my Garmin as it beeped with each mile was difficult. But I knew that with the intensity, both physically and emotionally, of the Summit race just one week prior, that I would welcome a carefree, go-with-the-flow approach to the marathon.
Yet, I knew that setting such lofty goals for my first ever marathon, especially one taking place seven days after a winning event and two weeks after my wedding, would mentally burn me out.
It wasn't until the night before the race, when my dad's lucky number lay before me, that I felt a sense of ease in not having a goal, unlike the sense of urgency to win that I felt at the Summit. My time put me at 69th place out of 311 in my age group, 349th place out of 1,449 total marathon women, and 1,367th out of 3,666 total marathon runners (men and women). In hindsight, I would have called a cab, because with every step I became angrier, colder, thirstier, hungrier and ANGRIER! Thank you, Eric, for being my strong, firm, supportive man, my husband, and for being open to my wild ideas. And thank you, friends and family who always give me courage, love and a reason to live fully. You will increase your flexibility and strength by moving slowly through sequences and holding postures for several breaths. This power hour consist of invigorating Vinyasa flow, power sequencing and a strong emphasis on the breath.
Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, PA (2nd floor of building, above health insurance store)This class, ranging from moderately to vigorously paced, flows through a variety of poses emphasizing strength, balance, flexibility and concentration with a focus on linking breath with movement.
Class includes a power yoga based sequence incorporating dynamic warm-ups leading into poses designed to build strength, flexibility and balance specific to runner’s needs.
The practice will end with a relaxing, cooling flow accompanied by longer-held poses aimed at releasing connective tissue and common tight areas in the body due to running. The class will also include guided meditation and breath work (pranayama) designed to enhance running performance. It will begin with a dynamic sequence (designed to be performed pre-run as a warm-up) and move seamlessly into sun salutations that link strength-building exercises and yoga poses together to target muscles specific to running. The yoga practice portion of the workshop will end with a relaxing, cooling flow accompanied by longer-held poses aimed at releasing connective tissue and common tight areas in the body due to running. The second half of the workshop will incorporate myo-fascial release exercises using foam rollers and therapy tools. The workshop will end with guided meditation and breath work (pranayama) designed to enhance running performance. However, soon after my dad told me about it that October day in 2012, I set my sights on it.
Busy with motherhood, the Mount Summit Challenge did not pique my interest again until my son was about a year old. I finished second overall female with a time of 30:31 and seventh overall out of men and women.
Little did I know, this would not be the only time he would show up during those key pre-race moments. The third race I ran last year was the Wisconsin North Face Endurance Challenge 10K trail race.
As Eric (then my fiance, now my husband!) and I pulled into the event parking area, Jewel's "My Father's Daughter," began playing on the radio.
When it did, I emerged from the vehicle more than ready to be my father's daughter, a runner through and through. For the third time last year, I won second overall female and set a personal record of 20:12 in the Town Bank Turkey Trot 5K in Burlington, WI, on Thanksgiving Day. While winning second overall was rewarding the first two times, and even the third time, it began to irk me a little. My dad did not appear, but I believe this third second place was him sending me the message that I needed to have as much faith in myself as he always has and to set my goals a little higher. In last year's races, I never said that I wanted first specifically, and, subsequently, I didn't get it.
My goals were to place among the top three overall, and for the North Face Challenge, among top five.
I would have bet one million dollars on the win, because, for one, I knew how hard I trained.
That morning at home, before I knew what my bib would be, I thought of ways to carry my dad with me during the race.
First, I considered inscribing the number 52 on my bicep with a Sharpie, but that seemed a bit too juvenile and not exactly my style. As I approached the check-in table, that surreal feeling of calm enveloping me all morning slowly began to slip away.
A young man adorned in red, white and blue running shorts confidently strode up to me and held out his hand for a handshake.
I gripped it, and with a big smile, he said, "Good luck." He walked away with head held high. It was the same energy I experienced when I woke up that morning, and I immediately tuned back into it. When I approached him after finishing, we congratulated each other on our wins, and I asked him how we knew one another. He could feel my desire, perhaps even see it in my eyes, and was not surprised at my results. I ran my first mile faster than experts might suggest, but it put me in the lead of females and kept me there the entire race.
Many times I wanted to fade back, but Jerrod, whom I credit for keeping my spirits high, was right beside me, encouraging me to stay with it. Longer held, yin-style and restorative poses are interspersed throughout to allow for relaxation and release of connective tissue while other poses are held longer with the intention of strengthening muscle and attuning concentration. Thursday, April 7 & 21Nemacolin Woodlands Holistic Healing CenterA fun, playful and creatively sequenced vinyasa-style yoga class, choreographed to music relating to theme, intention and focus of the class. Thursday, March 3, 10 & 17Nemacolin Woodlands Holistic Healing CenterA fun, playful and creatively sequenced vinyasa-style yoga class, choreographed to music relating to theme, intention and focus of the class. In my 20s, I fell into a relationship with yoga, and, over time, it grew to become a close second, perhaps evenly tied with running. But it does lessen the intensity and frequency of injuries and provide lovely physical therapy options. Maybe, if applied with the proper mindset (though I believe speed is mostly an inherited trait). Do you have any other questions about how your yoga and running can become a perfect union?
Then come to my two-hour Yoga for Runners Workshop (all levels of runners and yogis are welcome!) in March!
I love racing (check out my Race History, aka my running street cred, what makes me qualified to teach this workshop!). 25Nemacolin Woodlands Holistic Healing Center, Farmington, PAA fun, playful and creatively sequenced vinyasa-style yoga class, choreographed to music relating to theme, intention and focus of the class.
Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, PA (2nd floor of building, above health insurance store and across the street from Double Dragon)This class, ranging from moderately to vigorously paced, flows through a variety of poses emphasizing strength, balance, flexibility and concentration with a focus on linking breath with movement.
Lots of these pieces of knowledge and wisdom were reiterated in true Bryan Kest fashion - unfiltered, candid, fun, real - at his workshop, which made me feel as if I were at a motivational speaking seminar, a comedy show, a power yoga class (we practiced for an hour and a half) and a meditation retreat.
We practiced meditation every day, sometimes several times, and learned new forms of meditation from walking to writing to seated to visualization to mantra. For instance, some texts say meditation should happen on an empty stomach, in a quiet room, in an upright seated position, before dawn, at dusk, with eyes closed, etc.
Yes, I do sit quietly, alone, in cross-legged positions for meditation, too, but I don't limit it to that! So, I invite you to try meditating anywhere, anytime, and maybe even in supreme sage-like conditions - I think you'll like what you find there! This meant that we were to get on our yoga mats, hone into the deep intuition and innate creativity that lies within ourselves and move from those places, without the use use of DVD's, podcasts or online videos. This was such an important part of training that we were required to commit to five at-home practices spanning 30 to 120 minutes.
With that said, we can use practices such as these to inspire our own practices, which should change as life changes, through illness and injury, birth and post-birth, young and old and the cycles of the seasons and moons. In these ways, we can go deep within ourselves to find our own true, authentic self, a journey in and of itself and one that, if done so lovingly and with good intention, can inspire others to find that same divine creative force within themselves.3. The way I see it is this: if the masses attend yoga classes for the superficial purposes of gaining strength, losing weight, toning muscle and sweating out toxins, so be it. If we spend years coming to yoga classes and setting mindless intentions and suddenly one day, ten years into it, after setting an intention that struck a chord in your heart at the beginning of class because a teacher suggested you do so, and later that day or week something in your life shifts in regards to that intention, isn't it all worth it? And wouldn't that set into motion the potential of really believing in the power of intentions - that if we do dedicate our physical practice to a specific cause, incredible changes can manifest? Isn't the vanity worth succumbing to if perhaps at the end of the tunnel we may one day see the light?
At the beginning of yoga teacher training, while seated in a circle, all 13 of us revealed to one another our biggest and most nagging injuries and ailments. The one I confessed was lack of sleep, sleeplessness and insomnia, something that had plagued me since the death of my dad in 2013 and the almost simultaneous birth of my son, who was born four weeks after my dad's death. During the three weeks of training, I focused my attention and trained my mind through intention, meditation and intuitive asana practice, to combat this issue.
By the second week, I no longer needed to take my Organic India Ayurvedic restful sleep capsules, I no longer woke at 3 a.m. It was this gesture and the powerful intentions set and pre-bedtime meditations during teacher training that manifested such change.
And it's these beautiful things, these manifestations, explorations, and journeys, that I hope to guide other's toward as I share yoga with others on and off the mat.

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