After the everyday stress of school, work and trying to fit 25 hours into a 24-hour day, you might want a way to alleviate stress through relaxation and meditation. You may have driven or walked by The Baha’i House of Worship, but have you ever stopped in for some quiet meditation and contemplation? Do you want to embark on guided meditation, but aren’t sure which type of meditation is right for you and can fit your individual needs? Located in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood, Meditate Yoga & Meditation Center offers several meditation classes for student of all levels.
If you’re looking for a way to combine low-impact exercise with meditation, then consider participating in a tai chi class at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago.
For those trying to seek time to meditate before the day gets started, consider incorporating the freestyle meditation hour offered at Zen Life & Meditation Center. Megan Horst-Hatch is a runner, reader, baker, gardener, knitter, and other words that end in “-er.” She is also the president of Megan Writes, LLC.
Contests & PromotionsBuffalo Wild Wings Big TV Giveaway May 16, 2016Buffalo Wild Wings is giving away a 48-inch Samsung television every day through June 14. All classes below are held at our Center in Oak Park, which is located at 13 Harrison St., Oak Park, IL 60304. Learn practical methods to make all your relationships more meaningful, beneficial, and kind. Discover how to drop harmful minds of anger and irritation and take the tension out of your day. Explore a karmic understanding of life and learn to become the architect of your own destiny. To bring about well-being for ourselves and others we must first create peace within our own hearts. Teacher Training Program (TTP) is a perfect opportunity to deeply study the texts of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and take your practice to new heights. Siddha Yoga meditation is dedicated to the upliftment of humanity and the end of human suffering through the knowledge and experience of the inner self. Rooted in the wisdom of India's ancient sages, scholars and philosophers, Siddha yoga meditation welcomes people of all faiths and cultures, teaching that divinity lies within each human being.

The Siddha Yoga path is one of inner transformation, rooted in the timeless teachings of the spiritual masters, and enlivened by the grace of a living Siddha master, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. CBS 2 has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local.
While you can meditate in the privacy of your own home or by yourself in a public venue, perhaps you need a place of solitude, where you aren’t bombarded with distractions.
Then consider having a look at the classes offered by Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, which offers an assortment of meditation practices that include Samatha Meditation, Shambhala Meditation and tai chi. Guided meditation and guided visualization classes are offered, and drop-in meditation classes are also on the schedule.
Tai chi features a series of movements and poses, and, according to Tai Chi Center, has health benefits that can include muscle toning and alleviation of stress and anxiety. Visit a Buffalo Wild Wings location in Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana to discover the text-code to win! Anyone can learn basic meditation and experience the benefits that come from having a peaceful mind. These Sunday morning classes emphasize integrating essential, positive states of mind such as patience, universal love, and compassion into our daily life.
We are currently studying The New Guide to Dakini Land, a unique guide to transforming each moment of our life into the path of becoming a Tantric enlightened being in the modern world. We are a member of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union and a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Opened in 1953, the temple looms above the homes on Sheridan Road, making it both an eye-catching landmark and a quiet refuge for inner contemplation. Courses are available during the week and on weekends in the evenings, making the classes the perfect after-work activity.
The Tai Chi Center offers classes for all skill levels, including a four-week class for beginners.
More structured meditation is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and includes meditation periods with five minutes of walking meditation. 2016 Tito’s Vodka Online Golf Outing 19th Hole Party Giveaway May 10, 2016Enter to win entry into the 2016 Tito's Vodka 19th Hole Party!

Buddhists respect all people and are happy to help anyone regardless of whether they subscribe to another faith, or to none. With a sense of inner peace and well-being we can learn to cope with life's challenges and create new opportunities for growth. They offer true wisdom advice to bring happiness both to ourselves and to others. Come and enjoy meditations, teachings, and short beautiful Prayers for World Peace dedicated to establishing the methods for cultivating peace not only in our own hearts but also in our world! Classes include guided meditations, commentary to the text, and paired and group discussion.As this is a study program,  each student is encouraged to join only if the can attend on a regular basis. If that’s the case, then participating in a guided meditation course may be an option to pursue. In addition, the center offers yoga classes, including yoga just for runners and prenatal yoga.
Other classes offered include seminars, advanced courses for those with experience and private classes. You don’t need to purchase any special clothing to participate, and Zen Life encourages participants to wear comfortable clothing; for more information, consult the center’s website. Tito’s Vodka Lake Geneva Cruise Getaway May 2, 2016Enter for your chance to win a boat cruise on Lake Geneva and an overnight stay at The Abbey Resort from Tito's Vodka! The Score is partners with CBS 2 TV and WBBM 780, and they give you the best Chicago has to offer.
Consider checking out the following five meditation centers in the Chicago area to find one that fits your needs. Chaturanga offers more than meditation classes, with courses on yoga, Pilates, Zumba and belly dancing among its class selection. Located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, the center is located near several CTA bus stops and the Irving Park stop on the Brown Line.
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