Marydale always stresses that the true purpose of yoga is to prepare the body to sit in meditation. These classes are set up as warm, respectful and fun places of exploration for self discovery and meditation. The first half of the class involves learning a spiritual tool that when applied consistently each day can bring about a positive change in your life. I will be holding a group Consciousness Meditation class on Saturday September 6 at 9:30 am.
In this meditation class we will talk about the fundamental metaphysical and spiritual processes that are important for our spiritual development.

If you will be attending please confirm by reply email so that I may reserve a seat for you. Exploring the various meditation techniques following our asana practice has shown us how much easier it is to enter a meditative state after doing yoga.
You'll learn a simple but highly effective and systematic meditation technique that takes you within yourself and brings you back out. If you are keen to learn about meditation and to make a change in your life that you can sustain, you'll enjoy these classes. Thus far, we’ve explored sitting in lotus, walking meditation, using the crystal bowl to open the third eye, and staring at a candle flame.

Students have reported deeper and more profound meditations in the class than they’ve ever had before. We hope you’ll join us in one or both of these classes to strengthen your body, de-stress, and connect with your inner guidance.
The steps for the meditation including the goal is clearly outlined allowing everyone to easily follow even if you are a beginner.

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