If someone is not used to staying in postures with relaxation for any length of time, then it can seem a little daunting. Peterborough places high importance on public education and its schools are rated in the top half within the state. Peterborough's close proximity to centers of higher education contributes to an ongoing educational lifestyle for adults as well as children. The Contoocook Valley Regional School District (ConVal) serves 3,100 students from Peterborough and eight surrounding towns. PES fosters curiosity and academic excellence, offering developmentally appropriate hands-on activities and problem solving, and encouraging critical and creative thinking.
ConVal is committed to academic excellence, offering an instructional program that challenges students with high, attainable standards and expectations. The Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC), offering career, vocational, and technical education, is located on the ConVal High School campus.
Grades 1- 8:  The Waldorf curriculum is designed around the concept that every individual, as he or she grows, passes through stages parallel to the stages of human history.
A private, four-year, coeducational, university with a curriculum that is a blend of traditional liberal arts, pre-professional study, and teacher preparation programs.
New Hampshire's foremost public liberal arts college, celebrates its centennial in 2009 as a dynamic institution offering nearly 40 majors in the liberal arts and sciences, professional programs, and selected graduate degrees. A pioneer in innovative adult learning, Antioch offers practitioner-oriented Masters and Doctoral programs for the working professional. Now if your not serious about having to be somewhere, to do a job then forget this line of travel.

I explained the idea behind yogAsana to the group and we worked for 2 hours through the more passive aspects of the practice that lead to a beautiful stillness as a preliminary to a short meditation on the breath. This weekend is an opportunity to habituate the body and mind in a particular direction for a sustained period of time.
There are also many day care centers, home-based day care, and preschools located in the Peterborough area.
The school offers introductory courses in Spanish and French, an honors algebra course, bands, choruses, and an extended learning program that includes robotics, radio broadcasting, and journalism. Boarding and Day Waldorf High School. High Mowing is the oldest Waldorf High School in North America and the only one to offer a boarding program.
Waldorf Teacher Training Program offers a Waldorf Certificate for class teaching or an MEd in Waldorf Elementary Specialization.
Program includes rigorous academics, music, art, yoga, meditation, communication, dance, theater, competitive sports, and daily jobs to enrich both mind and heart. An alternative Christian school, offering flexible schedules and individual instruction with an enrollment of 35 - 50 students.
Degree programs include Masters in education, environmental education, Waldorf education, environmental studies, applied psychology and management; and Doctoral programs in clinical psychology and environmental studies. We need to habituate the mind to the task at hand, and this can only come about with repeated application.
If you can find the time, then it’s this kind of input that can propel us from our everyday level of understanding to that of insight, to that of another way at looking at our relative reality and drawing us ever closer to an awareness of how things really are as opposed to the way things appear to be.
There is a strong Waldorf community in the area, with a Waldorf childcare center, a preschool, two elementary schools, a high school, and graduate education in Waldorf teaching.

An integrated day curriculum for 65 students who study in a family-farm setting, with all ages learning together. Graduate and Professional Studies are offered at five campuses, in Concord, Keene, Lebanon, Manchester and Portsmouth, and online.
We feel sensations, hear sounds and intruding thoughts arise and we wish all this would cease, and we wish none of these things were happening, and it would be so nice to just sit in stillness and peace if even just for a little while. Well our ears are open, our sense of touch is still there and our mind is still present so why should these functions automatically cease just because we have decided to sit for a meditation session. If we can turn this around and remain focused on our chosen object of concentration, then there is really nothing to get annoyed or upset about. It’s because we think that we must have these conditions present and when we notice that things are not quite like we would like, we feel agitated and restless during out meditation period. They are not the object of your practice but only become so when we give then that power to take over our concentration. It’s this continual coming back to the stillness that eventually trains the mind to stay at ease even tin the heat of heavy distractions.

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