Hatha Flow Creative movement with an emphasis on alignment, holding posture and breathing techniques. My yoga journey began with Ashtanga yoga  therefore I bring much of this dynamic approach to my classes. Southbourne Kirtan with Haripyari and Devaki Thursday 15th January • 7pm – 9pm At:  29 Chessel Avenue, Southbourne, BH5 1LQ Join us for an evening of Kirtan. I teach from a place of love, and hope to inspire all yogis to have patience and compassion for themselves. I stepped into my first Bikram yoga class during the winter of 2009 in search of a way to find some peace in the chaos of adult life. I felt the need to share what I had found with the community around me, and in 2013 took a leap of faith and completed two back to back trainings at Corepower Yoga in Chicago: Hot Power Fusion and Power (Vinyasa).
Vinyasa Places an emphasis on breath synchronised postures to create a seamless flow of dynamic movement. However, as I have grown with yoga and met with many different styles and teachers, I find myself settled with the dynamic and meditative practise of Hatha Flow….

Dropping our awareness out of our busy minds and into our hearts, we will come together to sing the profoundly healing sounds of Sanskrit Mantra. You come in and are welcomed; which just makes it easier to enjoy your practice and have fun (both of which I am a huge proponent of).
I truly believe that yoga is for anyone and everyone, and structure my classes with that in mind. I immediately realized that my yoga mat allowed me to let go of my anxieties and distractions, so I dove into my practice with my whole heart, and along the way, have discovered what yoga truly provides: self-acceptance. I’ve taught in Chicago for some time to a beautiful community of yogis, and can’t wait to share my passion with the Madison community! I love the feeling of stretching and lengthening my spine while simultaneously grounding myself lower to the earth.
Children's Yoga Postures, breathing practices and meditation are all taught in a fun, creative, and playful way. You’ll find my style is calming and meditative, but I always try to embolden my students to trust themselves, and to take their practice to the next level, one step at a time.

Meditation & Mindfulness Brings the mind into a one pointed focus, increasing concentration, reducing tension,and bringing a level of clarity to life. I believe in the power of hands on assistance, and I welcome feedback, so please stop by after you take my class!
It’s hard for me to worry about everything I have going on off the mat while I’m in a lunge or standing on one leg. I like to think we can use the poses and sequences as metaphor for the strength, balance and flexibility we need off the mat, in our daily lives.

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