See what Serlingpa Meditation Center has on offer to help you escape busy life and more importantly unhappy states of mind. Every year the New Kadampa Tradition organizes a world wide program of special courses on Buddhism and meditation that explain how to apply Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) to modern living. Relationships are a work in progress, so just imagine if all your relationships were free from conflict and deeply satisfying. In this drop-in class series, we will learn how to distinguish between what love is – and what it isn’t.
Each class is beginner friendly; feel free to drop-in to any class in the series or try to attend each one!

Cultivating Healthy Relationships series begins May 10th  in Boston,  New Bedford, and Portland, ME.
MEDITATION CLASSES at Serlingpa Meditation Center are modern presentations of Buddhism dedicated to helping others find peace of mind by offering meditation classes and practical advice from the Kadampa Buddhist tradition.
You do not need to be a Buddhist to enjoy and understand Buddha’s teachings – anyone can benefit from increased inner peace.
Join us to learn to meditate, connect with a new community or enliven your current meditation practice. We will see how letting go of the mind of attachment can transform our bad relationships into good ones and how it can make our good relationships even better!

Without a fundamental shift in our views, we will continue to be stuck in our well-worn relationship patterns.

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