Welcome to Soul Concept a healing portal for those of you who feel ready to step into your power, embody your divine self and seek the truth of your life.
The intent for this website is to create a sacred space to share with you all the possible ways you can self-master in your life allowing you to reconnect with your soul self and live your dreams. I run my practise and all my training courses from Widnes in Cheshire - England, I also have one-to-one healings and some frequency healing meditation classes available worldwide with distant attendance. The foundation of my work is spiritual which allows a higher and quicker transformational experience for you, and being guided energetically can mean that life changes can be more powerfully achieved at a much deeper level. The blend of grounded change interventions with my spiritual processes offers an accessible approach and gives the opportunity for; releasing outmoded beliefs, emotions, behaviours and aspects of your self-image which no longer serve your growth - A truly holistic experience! My passion is to support and nurture others by creating a sacred space to allow you to manifest more of your gifts, talents, your soul’s purpose and the ability to fully express your Divinity.

My website provides up to date information on my forthcoming courses and my private consulting work. Mindfulness is a learned skill that offers profound physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.
These evenings consist of meditation followed by ancient teachings about our spiritual nature, karma, reincarnation, personal and social issues and many other inspiring subjects. As one of our teachers has a compromised immune system we ask that you don't attend if you are sick. The energy brings great transformation, stability, unity, healing, and an integration of the self with the soul.
My intuitive creative style is suited to those on a spiritual path from the complete beginner to the experienced light worker.

My work is highly personalised and varies with each session, which are booked individually and I encourage you to follow up as and when it feels right.
Meditation not only helps a person become free of stress and anxiety, it also enables one to understand their spiritual essence and experience real lasting happiness. It allows a re- connection to spirit that balances the male and the female expression within you.

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