Please read all the 'Guidelines for joining the Retreat' prior to completing your application. Our meditation courses are designed for the purpose of learning and developing one’s meditation practice. These guidelines are based on the practical experience of thousands of meditators from around the world who have utilized the Middle Way Meditation technique.
Participants are required to stay for the entire program in order to learn the Middle Way Meditation Technique in its entirety and to familiarize themselves with meditating in an environment dedicated solely to that purpose - important for any further practice in the Middle Way Meditation Technique.
Participants should be in good physical and mental health to attend our meditation retreat.
Living in a meditation community is an essential experience in learning to live harmoniously and to exercise a positive attitude for the benefit of all.
The thought of the destruction of any life, even as small as a mosquito, can give rise to negative attitude which will adversely affect your meditation experiences. False speech includes the telling of lies, harsh speech, divisive speech, and idle chatter. There is no doubt that intoxicants weaken both physical and mental health, including spurring lapses in consciousness. The Middle Way Meditation Retreat provides each course participant with a moderate, one-person cottage throughout the program. Participants should refrain from interacting with individuals outside the program or the facilities throughout the meditation program. During the precious period of time at the retreat, please stay within the boundaries throughout the meditation program.
It is very difficult to sacrifice and leave the hectic world behind in search of true happiness and Peace of Mind.
Books, magazines or music that will create a distraction to meditators are not allowed at the retreat center.
At the retreat center, we provide a laundry service; but, there is a service charge of 10 Thai Baht per piece.
All the things we have explained herein were planned so as to maximize the benefits and optimize the experience of practicing The Middle Way Meditation.
This is to ensure that you are fully informed and therefore that your application is appropriate.

After reading the guidelines for joining the retreat and completing the application form, then you are ready to go. Application and registration fee must be paid at least 7 days before the program begins to confirm the joining of that program. Regarding cancellations and refunds, it is our general policy to retain half of the payment fee which will cover any bank charges incurred in the transaction. We are happy to do our best to answer all your queries and questions and to be of any further service that we can.
Considering the different categories of registration rates above, please select the rate that applies to you. You may use the Currency Converter provided to give a rough idea of the fee in your own currency, but please bear in mind that the currency rate and conversion fee of each individual's bank cannot be pre-determined. Meditation clothing feels warm, has beautiful colors or spirituel white, is made from organic fabrics and fits comfortable. Meditation creates a good feeling and is very personal, it gives a good feeling when the meditation clothing will give you a extra good feeling. We are now presenting the acclaimed Womens Tops Tee Shirt Lord Shiva Print Yoga Meditation Clothing Blue T-shirts for a slashed price. This relaxed-fit Light weight t-shirt for kids.With plenty of extra room this shirt is ideal for all body types and is double-needle stitched for extra durability.
Hindu God Shiva and T- Shirt features a close up image of Shiva face with parvati and ganesha,Both side Same Printed Tops.
Hindu God Print short Sleeve Round Neck Stretchable Cotton Fabric fits sizes Small and Medium Made in India. The keys to success in the Middle Way Meditation technique are being relaxed, placing your mind at the center of the body, and meditating consistently.
Therefore, these guidelines can be considered as one of the key foundations to your success in learning and practicing The Middle Way Meditation. Although meditation provides much good in many areas of life for everyone, it is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. If you are stimulated in a sexual manner, your mind will be affected from such distraction. For those who do smoke or drink alcohol regularly, we request that you refrain from the use of both during the retreat.

Communication with individuals outside the program or facilities will bring distractions to your mind and can interfere with the progress of your meditation.
Sleeveless shirts, short, tights and leggings, see-through, tight-fitting or revealing clothing should not be worn in the Retreat Center. We are more than happy to serve you on the highest path of all- self-purification, real peace and a genuine happiness in life. If you have to cancel after application and payment has already been made, registration fees either can be half returned or you can postpone to another retreat.
Don't pass it over - purchase the Womens Tops Tee Shirt Lord Shiva Print Yoga Meditation Clothing Blue T-shirts online now! We do not recommend this meditation technique to individuals diagnosed with any serious mental illness. A wandering mind or a mind preoccupied with attachments is impossible to settle down to a station of stillness. Words that encourage or inspire others to find inner peace are the most wonderful words in the world.
To learn meditation together in a group, it is necessary to cultivate and preserve peace, a real sense of well-being and joy. Sexually oriented thoughts can cause unmindful actions that affect the quality of the meditation retreat.
Only in emergency cases and where the Teaching Monk has approved are we permitted outside the retreat are. Communication devices such as computers and mobile phones are recommended to be turned off during the time of the meditation retreat.
The burgundy color, dark red, the color of the earth gives you great strenght of character. The separation of men and women helps participants move towards calmness and self-realization.
Fees are kept to a minimum, and all the proceeds received will be used to maintain the facilities at the Retreat Center and to promote The Middle Way to a wide audience so that more people will benefit from the Dhammakaya meditation and spread peace to their respective families, societies and the world.

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