Once the rice has reached its full growth (approximately 3 months after planting) and the grains begin to ripen, the resort will send the invitation and welcome the client back for rice harvesting event. Be experienced the offering food which is one of the oldest and most common ritual of Buddhism.
Rice sprouting in a€?Panna Fielda€™ is not only for fun and joy but to continue and maintain culture of Thailand as rice is the essence of life. Wat Praram IV Kanchanapisek, the Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa Chiang Mai corporations put together the a€?Jit Pawanaa€™ course for the general public. There has been a growing worldwide interest in Meditation and for those looking to practice Meditation in Chiang Mai there are several Buddhist Meditation Centers suitable for foreigners. One of the essentials for Meditation practice is peace and quiet, and Chiang Mai can offer this even in those Meditation Centers located within the city.
In case the client is unable to make the trip, the resort will send the rice in a nicely wrapped package back to the client.
The giving and receiving of alms creates a spiritual connection between the monastic and lay communities.
It is ideal for people who would like to get mental rest, make merit and practice meditation in a serene, comfortable and natural environment. Slee Banyan would like to invite you all to experience your own private cooking class with their most professional chef.
Thai people have practiced Meditation for many centuries and whilst most of the Meditation Centers in Chiang Mai are located in Buddhist Temples, there is absolutely no requirement for practitioners to be Buddhist. Laypeople have a responsibility to support the monks physically, and the monks have a responsibility to support the community spiritually. A session where an exchange of dharma knowledge that drives good motivation for both Thai and global societies is also on offer. During this session you will learn how to enjoy and experience Thai cooking at its best and master the taste of the Thai cuisine with your private chef. Because accommodation is mostly in Temples, there will be some rules which have to be followed and certain requirements as to suitable clothing.
But no, there is so much more to it than that.Before I began my course, my mind was working over time, it had no off button.
All the Meditation Centers we list below will have at least one person who can communicate in English which is especially important for those people new to Meditation.
Meditation courses and retreats vary in length from 2 days to 26 days and longer and it is essential to reserve your place with the Center of your choice as at certain times of the year the Centers can be full. Some people, in particular those new to Meditation, can find the daily routine rigorous at some of the centers so care should be taken selecting a suitable Meditation course.

Most of the Buddhist Meditation Centers in Thailand, including those in Chiang Mai, teach Vipassana Meditation also known as Insight Meditation.
All the temples that offer Vipassana meditation courses have certain guidelines that you must adhere to.
Thank goodness I’m not a smoker because I think that would be a hard one if you are one. So we went around to a few wats (temples) to check out their retreats and get a feel for the place. We did go to some of the more famous ones that had been recommended by friends, but I didn’t feel these particular ones were for me. I like the small ones and the centre I eventually chose only had 21 students at the time when I was there. In the centres you have your own room with shared bathroom, in either the male or female buildings. When I finally visited Wat Phradhat Doi Suthep, home of the International Buddhism Centre in Chiang Mai I knew this was the place for me.To reach the office at the top the temple, you must climb 306 steps. It is busy up there with tourists but where the monastery is located is away from all the hustle and bustle.
I was surprised how quiet it is down the hill in the jungle, just 5 minutes away from the temple. There is a temple store at most places which usually sells chips (crisps), ice cream, chocolate, soft drink, juice, milk, toiletry accessories, and white clothes if you don’t have any.
I do love my caffeine and I did miss it, but it has also been great having a break from it.About The Vipassana Meditation CourseTeacher and StaffThe teachers and staff are very understanding and know that it is hard for everyone at the beginning of their time. It was very interesting and helpful listening to the Monk (our teacher) talk about his experiences, advice and Buddhist teachings and stories. It really made you walk away and think about what had just been said.Once you understand meditation you can meditate where ever and whenever you like. I will say for me, it wasn’t easy those first 4 days and on day 5 that was the turning point for me and it all came together. I was thinking about leaving on day 4 but I pushed through it and I am so happy I stayed and finished my time off.
I did chat to her at the end a little (when I was finished and she had time out so we both were allowed to talk) and she said for her there was some positive times and negative times meditating for such a long period.
Sometimes she would feel tired, could not concentrate but she said that it’s ok, just have some time-out and take it easy. Insight or Vipassana Meditation Which develops self- understanding through Mindfulness Training.A bit about Vipassana MeditationThe type of mediation I did was Vispassana Meditation.

Reply Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus on February 9, 2015 at 14:49 I hope you do one day, Wesley.
Reply Rahima bannerman on September 16, 2014 at 10:42 Thank you for a very informative account.
Reply Lesh Jazza NOMADasaurus on September 19, 2014 at 07:24 Hi Rahima, glad to hear you are booked in for the 7 day course. Seeing as you’ve already done meditation before it will be interesting to see how you find the second time. They don’t have a safety deposit facility as far as we are aware, but the place is very safe. I’m sure if you ask one of the monks before you begin they can lock anything you want up in their office. Although honestly I would just keep it with you in your room and put a padlock on your bag if you are worried. Reply Natalie on April 12, 2015 at 08:15 Hi LeshThank you so much for your posts and comments, which was very helpful. If you have already done a few 10 day courses, I think a 20-30 day course would be amazing! Easiest way to get there is to take a taxi from Chiang Mai, although you can also get a songthaew up the hill ?? Reply colin on March 17, 2016 at 15:05 Hi Lesh, Thank you so much for your post! I’ve been researching a few meditation retreats and came across two upon which I cannot decide. As I have never been to neither one of them I wondered what you took into consideration when deciding to choose your course at Wat Doi Suthep?
Best wishes Hami H Reply Cristina M on April 20, 2016 at 16:20 I know someone doing Wat Ram Poeng but she has done 10 day vipassana meditation retreats before and is a yoga teacher. The one in Wat Ram Poeng is minimum of 21 days while the one at Doi Suthep is a minimum of 3 nights.
On their website they said to find some at the flower market so I will check there but I would just like to be sure that I can buy some at Doi Suthep if need be.I am also booked for 4 days (minimum).
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