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Many years ago, when I was quite young and still in grade school, I used to spend a lot of time gazing out the tall classroom windows. Although it often got me into trouble with my teachers, daydreaming was one of my favourite things to do.
Over the years, amidst raising children, working on a career, and just general living day to day, I seemed to lose my ability to daydream.  My mind was always such a flurry of worries and thoughts that it seemed quieting it down long enough to let it go blank in the middle of the day was one of the skills that fell under the ‘use it or lose it’ category. When Clayton and Shanine began to take Meditation Teacher Training, I did some research into meditation and was intrigued to learn that the regular practice of meditation actually alters the brain in a very positive way. With so many healthful benefits, I decided that once Chrysalis Yoga Studio opened, I would begin to take meditation classes regularly. Clayton teaches a meditation class at Chrysalis Yoga Studio in Burlington every Wednesday at 5:15. It was after my second class, feeling refreshed and stress-free, that it occurred to me I hadn’t daydreamed in many years and meditation seemed to feel strangely familiar to my state of mind. After my 4th meditation class with Clayton, I felt particularly clear-headed and rested.  The myriad of thoughts and worries that often raced around my brain were non-existent and I felt a sense of freedom and lightness. If you’re wondering about meditation classes in Burlington, drop by to Chrysalis Yoga Studio on Walker’s Line and Palladium (just north of Dundas) at 5:15pm on Wednesday’s for a meditation class with Clayton Smith. My mind is like an untrained puppy, it darts here and there, never rested Jo, I think meditation would be beneficial, could get rid of a lot of stress.
Jo-   Meditation is something that my acupuncture sister raves about, but I have never really tried. It is so easy to not have time for meditation but that time spent daydreaming or in my case walking to the beach at Pelican Bay and then just spending time staring at the Gulf of Mexico is magic. So often in grade school, I would look out the window and daydream and then go home and teach myself what I should have been learning in class.
It's really amazing how our bodies and minds connect and we can actually steer things in the ways we want just by simple postures and breathing, clearing the mind, etc. Tushita aims to provide a friendly and conducive environment for people of all nationalities to contact, learn and put into practice the teachings of the Buddha. The body of the course is composed of philosophy classes supported by meditation sessions, all within a silent retreat environment. Body and mind are not used to these very different circumstances and may react with discomfort, restlessness, boredom, doubt, criticism, fatigue or sudden, unfounded concerns.
We have to adjust to the schedule: all participants must attend all sessions of the course, come to sessions on time and not leave Tushita property for the duration of the course.
In order to successfully participate in the course, you must be really free from all outside commitments for the entire period of the course.
We’d like to stress that meditation involves observing the mind with greater focus than in everyday life, and our Introduction to Buddhism courses present psychological ideas which people may find challenging. Due to water shortages in this area we ask course participants not to do their own laundry.
A photocopy of your passport and current Indian visa for check-in (non-Indian citizens only). Extra money (usually 1000 rupees is enough) to have with you for library deposit for book loans (600 rupees per book), and for some purchases (toiletries, biscuits etc.) which can be made during the course at our small shop in the office.
It’s not required, but you might find it helpful to take a look at our Introduction to Buddhism course materials, recommended reading list or multi-language Dharma glossaries. Be alert and mindful: avoid intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes (we encourage you to stop smoking while here, but if this is impossible, one can smoke at a designated place at the centre boundary). Be considerate of the monks and nuns: dress respectfully (please no shorts above the knee, tank-top shirts or tight and revealing clothing). Basic Course DisciplineIn order to keep the atmosphere conducive to inner reflection and spiritual pursuit and to minimise distractions during the course, students on our residential courses and retreats are asked to abide by our basic code of discipline listed below. You are expected to observe silence (no talking at all) from the evening of the first day until the end of the course. Do not put Dharma materials – prayer books, texts, Dharma books or notebooks with Dharma in them – on the floor, or sit or step over them. To register for an Introduction to Buddhism course, please read ALL of the above and below information about the course. Please don’t email just to ask about availability on the course; there will be enough space (unless indicated on our homepage that this course is full and has a waiting list) and you’ll save both yourself and Tushita volunteers time and effort by just completing the form.
For our student’s convenience and to make the Dharma teachings as accessible as possible we keep this registration process very simple and don’t ask for deposits etc.

Therefore please only register if you are at least very confident that you want to, and WILL BE ABLE TO join us at 1pm on the first day of the course.
If after registering you realize you cannot attend this course please let us know asap about your cancellation, so we can give your spot to somebody else. Register OnlineYou can register by filling out our online form.Please make sure you have read the information on this page first. About TushitaTushita is a centre for the study and practice of Buddhism from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Tushita aims to provide a friendly and conducive environment for people of all nationalities and backgrounds to learn about and put into practice the teachings of the Buddha. Welcome to Mindfulness Teaching – Warwickshire, your online mindfulness meditation and corporate mindfulness resource in Warwickshire.
Learning Mindfulness can help you to take better care of yourself, it can give you a deeper sense of peace, it can teach you to draw on your own inner resources and on your own natural capacity for ease and peace of mind. We teach mindfulness meditation individually, in courses and corporate mindfulness in the office based in Warwickshire.
It can also help us to find calm and stability in our relationships with ourselves and with others in the midst of our busy, stressful lives.
These are conducted in the morning and evening for people who would like to enter the deeply meditative Theta brainwave state among like-minded individuals. For just $10 a session, you can experience a deeply relaxing and blissful workshop and network with people who have been touched by ThetaHealing®.
To find out more about our courses, please contact us at Riko's Harmony Room on the Gold Coast. Meditation is a relaxing practice that helps you to let go of stress and refocus your mind.  There are many different forms of meditation and they all can have a slightly different effect and result, depending on the type of practice you follow.
The main goal when meditating is to quieten or still the mind.  This is because the mind can generate stressful or anxious feelings and meditation can help to reduce a lot of nervous energy and anxiety.
Throughout this powerful course, you will find exercises and guidance on how to practice various forms of meditation.  It is important to try all of the exercises so that you can answer all of the course questions.
This course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public.
This course also is certified by the IANLPC (International Association of NLP & Coaching) and the IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists), both of which are internationally recognised organisations. All course delegates are welcome to attend our regular, ongoing learning and inspirational events. All of the online course materials are emailed over to you as e-documents, if you would prefer a hard copy of the course materials to be posted out to you please select this when checking out.
The Australian Diamond Way Buddhist centres meet every week for group meditations, courses and special events.
Centres around Australia host visiting teachers, organise meditation retreats and get together to meditate as a group. 375$ (save $50 on the above prices if you bring your own tent, mattress and bedding, otherwise it is included).
In every centre around Australia, friends and newcomers alike get together at least once a week to do the Three Lights Meditation on the 16th Karmapa.
With my teacher’s voice somewhere in the distant background and my brain in daydream mode, time seemed to fly by.
I seemed to have lost the ability and quietly thought to myself that perhaps learning to meditate would bring that ability back to me. That afternoon, as I sat taking a moment’s rest from the work I had been doing, I turned my gaze and looked at the top branches of a distant tree.
I'm glad you're able to find the time to get out at the end of the day and do something that calms and regenerates you. We have gained an international reputation for our Introduction to Buddhism courses, which are equally appropriate for beginners and those with some background knowledge. During our courses, experienced teachers explain Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation from a modern perspective, giving instruction in order to help you apply this ancient wisdom to increase peace, happiness, and compassion in your daily life.
10-day courses end with two days of intensive meditation to give you the chance to familiarize yourself with and gain insight into the topics that were covered in the teachings.
The days in between begin with a wake-up gong at 6am and the last session of the day ends around 9pm, with teaching and meditation sessions throughout the day.
It’s a space in which to shut out the distractions of everyday life and come face-to-face with yourself. Preparing yourself by anticipating these reactions, and committing to stick to the discipline of retreat even if they arise can be transformatory. Silence is kept throughout the course, however during teaching sessions questions are welcomed and there will be a one hour discussion group on most days.

Therefore, please be gentle in your behaviour and sensitive to fellow course participants and staff. Many of the ideas presented may be new and different from one’s own beliefs, and we should be prepared to analyse and contemplate not only the teachings, but also our own beliefs. All phone calls, e-mails, letters, tickets, flight confirmations, money changing etc must be arranged and organised before the course begins. If you take part in the course while feeling unwell you will not be able to participate fully and are more likely to prolong your sickness by over-exerting yourself.
We cannot cater for special dietary needs (such as vegan diet, lactose or wheat allergies). We have an inexpensive and good quality laundry service available, for more information about our Laundry Service, please click here. Due to monastic and local customs, the body should be completely covered from the shoulders to below the knees, including the upper arms. This also includes no holding hands, hugging, massages and other physical displays of affection. No singing or playing music and in general, maintain a quiet demeanor while on the property. Telling friends and family that you will be out of contact for the duration of the course and sticking by that decision significantly reduces distraction from investigation into the workings of your own mind! Because a Gompa is the location of study, meditation and devotional practices, Buddhists consider them to be holy places. However, please only register and attend this course if you intend to participate fully in a serious and committed manner. We're located in Northern India, in the forested hills above the town of McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala - the seat in exile of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. With this in mind we offer regular drop-in events and courses on introductory Buddhist philosophy and meditation, as well as intermediate level courses and group retreats for more experienced students. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.
Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits, all of which can be found here. We also hold regular inspirational events in Manchester and London for all students studying any of our courses. For more information on what to expect when visiting our centres, see the Diamond Way Centre FAQ.
I knew that research had shown daydreaming, which enables the  brain to enter the Alpha Wave zone,  to be very good for enhancing creativity and problem solving skills.  Researching a bit further, I learned that light meditation also causes the brain to show Alpha Wave activity. I like dreaming too and there just doesn't seem to be enough time when you're so busy doing everything else. Taking time to slow down and notice the beauty that surrounds us is so important and sure does work to keep us grounded, you`re so right (and very wise).
There are breaks for 3 meals, possible stretching session and a one hour “discussion group”.
There is no way to do this during the course, so be sure to tell your family and friends that you won’t be in touch until after check-out on the last day of your course (after 1pm).
In addition, we run large courses with shared facilities and have to act responsibly for the welfare of our students; therefore if you have been feeling unwell and have not yet received medical advice, we will ask you not to join the course.
However, if done properly it can be a challenging, but fulfilling and highly enjoyable experience. We understand that following all these rules, and especially keeping the silence, can be difficult, but it is an essential part of the course experience and the staff are here to help and support you in keeping to the rules, in order to aid and maintain the retreat environment. The course comes with a course assessment in the form of quizzes, written questions and short essays, once you have completed your course assessment please email or post it back to us for marking, you will then receive your feedback and certificates. The IANLPC is a global support network for NLP Professionals and coaches, including the fields of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Business Coaching, Leadership, Nutritional, CBT, Personal Development and Holistic Therapy.
The events are a great way to watch live demonstrations of different techniques, learn new skills, have a practice with other students and to meet your tutors. Once you've signed up for any of our courses you will receive details of our different monthly events via email.
If you cannot attend our events you can watch a live streaming of the event on our tv channel.
His meditation classes and his talent for teaching meditation were beginning to take effect on my brain waves and, as a new sense of calm overtook me, I began to imagine the possibilities that meditation holds for enhancing all areas of a person’s life.

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