In the system of analysis being offered on this site, the universe created is binary - composed of opposites. A Mudra is a Hindu term for a hand gesture bearing some significance to one form of expression or another. If executed as a progression, the fifth position creates an interruption in the continuity of those gestures that involve interlaced fingers. These Mudras are also designed to express the equidistant nature of any number line, and how two numbers in a number line are equal to one sphere of existence within the theoretical model of existence these gestures are designed to describe.
NOTE: Wherever fingers interlace, or hands cradle another, feel free to create the gesture with whichever hand wants to be dominant.
Position 1, The Point - Fingers, palms and thumbs are as unified as possible, smooshed together as one, expressing the oneness of a 1.
Position 2, The Arrow - Fingers together, palms apart, making the shape of an arrowhead, symbolizing the action of the Ray from the Geometric Progression, and the idea of motion.
Position 4, The Wall - Fingers stacked like bricks in a wall, symbolizing the strength and protection of the Force of a mass of existence, or a strong personality.
Position 7, The Portal - A hole that beckons, symbolizing the idea of spiritual transport, by chariot or any other means.
Position 8, The Star - Fingers splayed like rays of light, symbolizing the luminous euphoria of the climactic discharge - the signature of nature we all repeat every day. Position 9, The Sphere - Actually, more of a hemisphere, but you get the idea, symbolizing the all encompassing nature of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. These descriptions are extremely brief, because of how intimately these positions relate to every other model put forth on this site, and because of how full and complete explanations of what each gesture symbolizes can be gathered from these other sources. By Deane AlbanThe phenomena of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment can induce the same mental state associated with traditional meditation practice, but quickly.
We think thoughts to the tune of 50,000 per day and up to 70% of those areA believed to be negative. Negative thoughts cause chronicA stress whichA in many real ways changes the form and structure of your brain. Regular meditation can reduce stress, stimulate new brain cell formation, and slow down the rate of brain cell aging. But anyone who has tried traditional meditation can tell you that quieting your mind this way is not easy.
For thoseA who struggle with focus and concentration, meditation can be frustrating and can become an additional source of stress. In the past 50 years, technologies have been developed that can induce the same brainwave state as meditation by simply listening to certain sounds.
One of the most popular forms of sound technology used for this purpose is known as binaural beats.
Using binaural beats technology is claimed to bring about the same state as meditation, but quickly. To fully understand binaural beats, you need to know a few basics about brain waves and a concept called brainwave entrainment. You normally go in and out of differentA brainwave states depending on what you are experiencing. But it’s possible to manipulate your brain waves by meditating or by using binaural beats or other kinds of sound technology. Binaural beats cause your brain to synchronize, or entrain, itself with the beat frequency.
This has the effect of inducing aA desired brainwave pattern, letting you experience the benefits of that brainwave stateA at will. Delta waves are the lowest frequency brain wave andA occur during deep, dreamless, restorative sleep. Theta waves are associated with the drowsy state you experience as you areA falling asleep or during light sleep. Your brain enters theA alpha brainwaveA state almost immediately whenever you close your eyes.
Alpha wavesA are associated with relaxed wakefulness andA can occur during light meditation.
As long as you are physically active and mentally alert,A you probably spend most of your waking day in aA beta state.
Gamma brain waves (not to be confused with gamma rays) are the highest frequency brain waves. They are the most recently discovered since they could not be measured until the development of digitalA electroencephalography. When in the gamma brainwave state, it is thought that the senses are sharpened, and feelings of happiness and peace predominate. Heightened focus, super concentration, and massive productivity are all said to be yours when you’re in the gamma state. The phenomenon of entrainment was discovered by a Dutch scientist over four hundred years ago.

When you listen to sounds of a certain frequency, your brain waves will synchronize with that frequency.
You entrain every time you hear a musical beat that has you bobbing your head or tapping your foot. By listening to MP3s or CDs that produce brainwave entrainment, you can induce a desired brainwave pattern quickly and reliably. Binaural beats is one of the most popular methodsA to utilize the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment. Others you may have heard of are isochronic tones, monaural beats, andA audiovisual entrainment. When two tones that are slightly dissimilar in frequency are processed by the brain, it registers a beat at the difference of the frequencies. Since each ear has to perceiveA a different frequency for binaural beats to be created, binaural beats are best experienced when the two tones are heard through stereo headphones. Our understanding ofA most things related to the brain, be it brain training or how to treat brain disorders, is in its infancy. The study of how to manipulate brain waves for the enhancement of brain health and mental well-being is no different.
Unfortunately, muchA of the information available on brainwave entrainment and binaural beats is publishedA by companies selling products based on these technologies. One study, A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment,A is often cited as the gold standard on the effectiveness of brainwave sound technology.
If you’ve never listened to a binaural beats sound file before, click on the arrow below to play a sample. Ideally, you shouldA listen with headphones to getA the full effect, but this will give you a general idea of what binaural beats sound like.
That’s why most binaural beats meditation MP3s or CDs are overlaid with music or environmental sounds. Other programs are availableA to help alleviate specific problemsA or achieve specific goals.
There are binaural beats audio programsA designed to induce sleep, reduce anxiety, and increase weight loss, concentration, or study skills.
One of the most unusual uses ofA binaural beats technology is to encourage lucid dreaming, a state of consciousness in which dreamers are aware that they areA dreaming, to achieve various cognitive and emotional benefits. Binaural beats could be a problem ifA you have epilepsy or an irregular heartbeat, especially if you wearA a pacemaker. Since brain waves and heart rhythms are electrical patterns, it is theoretically possible that they can be negatively disrupted by binaural beats.
Meditation isA one of the best things you can do for your health, mental well-being, and even your longevity. The use of binaural beats sound technology is an easy shortcut to achieve a meditative state of consciousness.
While the science surrounding this technology is still in its infancy and there is still much to be learned about it, it is widely considered safe and often very effective. There is some scientific research and a lot of anecdotal evidence that using binaural beats meditation programs can provide the same benefits as traditional meditation. I personally useA a variety of traditional andA binaural beats meditations in my daily meditation practice. Movies like Limitless and Lucy have fueled an interest in the power of so-called smart drugs. We've looked closely at the market and found a supplement that combines some of the most effective, safe and natural brain enhancers we know. These enhancers work with your brain's own neurotransmitters to really improve your thinking, focus, and mood. Kundalini Yoga is a very old system that comprises of large selection of meditation techniques. Even though the yoga form is physical, its major benefit is obtained through inner experience.
Kundalini energy is an energy that is latent in all human beings beneath the organic and inorganic matter. This is deliberate, to symbolize the gap of neutrality played by the number 5 in any number line.
So it is suggested that we alternate back and forth between equidistant gestures when meditating on the two numbers that represent a single sphere of existence.
But, it should be noted, that the significance given to them by those other cultures is not necessarily applicable to this particular system of analysis.
The chart above is only a guide, start the lacing of fingers with the left hand or right hand, whichever way is more comfortable. Like the Empress of a traditional tarot deck, or the Beauty and Artist of the Numerical tarot deck.
Like the Emperor of a traditional tarot deck, or the Hero and Valiant of the Numerical tarot deck.

A low spot that collects water, and becomes a river, dividing the two sides of our number line. Like the Chariot of a traditional tarot deck, or the Saint and Virtuist of the Numerical tarot deck.
Like the Strength card of a traditional tarot deck, or the Lumina and Vivian of the Numerical tarot deck. Like the Hermit of a traditional tarot deck, or the God and Sage of the Numerical tarot deck. Tina Huang, was an employee of Transparent Corporation, a company that sells sound technology software, when she publishedA theA study. Smart drugs are substances that claim to make you smarter, highly focused, and more productive. The yoga form is a brilliant and wonderful combination of poses, breathing exercises and incantations. The yoga technique under this form engages the mind, senses and body so that the union of body and mind is established. The yoga form is very tough and elaborate, consisting of asanas, expressive movements and incantations, pranayamas and meditation.
The practice of Kundalini is to awaken this dormant energy and send them through the six centres of spiritual energy called the chakras.  One can attain liberation through the practice of Kundalini yoga, which is said to give both joy and emancipation. Kneel down on the floor and keep your knees as wide apart as possible, without straining your hips and knees. You must now flex your feet strong enough to let the inner edges of your feet to touch the ground. Even the way to the unity of The Absentia is through opposites working together, or apart, to produce paradox. The Mudras presented below are designed to remind us of the binary nature of each number along our number line.
However, if one chooses to skip the 5, there is a somewhat graceful continuity and flow from one gesture to the next. These Mudras are designed to make this alternation smooth and thereby communicate this equidistant similarity.
There may be similarities, but these Mudras were created for the purpose of communicating a progression of numbers, as defined by the pages of this site and the book All Things Are Numbers (seen elsewhere on this site). Like the Magician of a traditional tarot deck, or the Jinni and Genius or the Numerical tarot deck. Like the Lovers of a traditional tarot deck, or the Angel and Royal of the Numerical tarot deck.
The poses under Kundalini yoga are specifically targeted at the strengthening the nerves and glands, the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Besides making a person mature, the major focus of Kundalini yoga is psycho-spiritual growth. As numbers are used to represent the stages of a theoretical model of existence, those numbers are then divided to represent both the positive vs. As there is no equidistant opposite for the 5, rocking the cradle is recommended when using these gestures individually, to symbolize the alternating middle of cosmic negotiation or alchemistic mixing. Pranayama is an essential part of Kundalini yoga as it helps to change the brain chemistry for good, in order to develop peace and harmony. The spine and the endocrine system are given utmost importance so that the Kundalini may be awakened. The Cosmic Engine and the Geometric Progression (seen elsewhere on this site) shows how the number line of numerology is both equidistantly symmetrical as well as progressive.
When executing as a progression, the locked thumbs are like a drone in music that helps keep the mind focused on the path. I could have invented all kinds of painfully complex gestures that require extensive bending and twisting of fingers into convoluted shapes, but easy flow from one gesture to the next was an important consideration.
Like the Hierophant of a traditional tarot deck, or the Wizard and Medium of the Numerical tarot deck.
All the techniques under this yoga help to rejuvenate the meridian points and chakras throughout the body. To aid in the contemplation of the various concepts put forth within all the number line models offered on this site, I decided to create a set of Mudras. If you are not able to put existing meanings for these gestures out of your mind, then you should probably not attempt to use them.

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