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That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available for the purpose of this channeling for the Rainbow-Phoenix membership.
In the dream experience, he next experienced himself looking down upon that which was the barrier, that which was the veil that separated him from himself. This golden egg can be seen as an analogy for that which is the protection around the individual as they incubate within this egg, within that which is the container of the one having the experience of life. In nature that which is the chick will develop within the egg coming from that which is the yolk into the developed chick itself. This Awareness has spoken of the compression zone of that which is the hourglass tube whereby many are passing through the compression zone. It is a protracted experience to some degree, in that the chick does not simply split the egg in half, open it and emerge.
Many may even hold that it is impossible to break out of that, that there is nothing beyond. Eventually they will reach a point where they have heard the voices dimly but are not at all certain what they are hearing. That at this point of balance that which is the energetic force of consciousness that is seeking to assist the one trying to break free will have greatest effect and the negative beliefs are not drawing it down and the positive beliefs are indeed encouraging further growth and effort. Then there is for many a stage where because they are in that downward slant of the seesaw, that even though they are hearing the voices, even though they are feeling the compression, even though they would choose to dream that there could be something more, being in the negative slant if you will, is causing them to doubt and to question, that they would wish another to break the shell open for them so that they could emerge. This is that which is an attitude so many hear where there is anger and blame for the ones outside of the egg who are not opening the egg up, cracking through the shell and rescuing the individual within. Many are at that crucial point now where they are feeling the tightness of their space, hearing the voices that are enthusiastically calling to them, that are there ready to assist but it is still a point of decision: the decision to break free, break through. That this experience is necessary so that one will finally at their own time reach that stage where they do indeed start to crack open the barrier, the egg, the container that they have been in. That while this Awareness is speaking as if this is easy, it is not necessarily an easy matter, for it does take effort, it does take focus, it does take the responsibility of effort to continue. Those voices that are calling you are your own voices in the multiple expressions of the greater personality that you are. Know that the feelings that you are having of these presences are the ones who stand outside of the egg and are sending you their energy. Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement. Today is October 1, 2013, the Rainbow-Phoenix session with the Interpreter Will Berlinghof and Joan Mills as Energizer and Questioner.
That the Interpreter during the night had a dream or more accurately, had an experience in the dream state that could be seen and viewed as a dream but it was more than a dream. He had a sense in this experience of being with others, all encouraging the one inside that which was the container, to break free.

That inside of the egg that experience seems to be set and unalterable and one inside of the container is not always aware that they are contained within this egg, for it seems as if they are experiencing all of the reality of their lives in a way that does not even acknowledge or recognize that this is a contained experience and one is in an embryonic state that is always in development. It will reach a point where it begins to feel that which is the contained space of the egg around it, having now filled that space and having a need to break through the shell, to expand into the world that lies outside of the egg and the shell container it is within. Many of you have reached that point where you are pushing against the shell, you are hearing the voices of encouragement of your soul family and others that are outside of the shell, outside of the egg, that have been watching earnestly for the first signs of breakthrough.
It takes effort, it takes a willingness to trust the voices that are encouraging from without and it takes faith and belief that there is a world outside of that which previously had been the safe interior of the egg, or the safe interior of the experiences of one's life. This is simply a state of development whereby the individual is still questioning, wondering, doubting that there is a world beyond the shelI. It is a teetering point, a point of balance that is like the seesaw that goes up and down and one is standing on the middle point of the fulcrum of the seesaw, sometimes slightly off the fulcrum point and therefore the seesaw of experience may be downwards, sometimes moving, shifting past the fulcrum causing it to go upwards but eventually a perfect balance must be met at the fulcrum point where the seesaw upon which one is standing is level and balanced. The truth here is that the urge to break through into the greater reality that lies beyond the egg itself, or the shell, or the barrier is that which is the Divine Will of that which is Spirit, that which is the God Essence seeking to expand, seeking to ascend into a greater reality that lies beyond the contained field of experience one has known for so long. It is not the responsibility of Spirit to pull the chick out, for the developmental process is one that happens within the egg, and one outside of the egg, in a manner of speaking, cannot intrude with this process.
That this Awareness would say to those many who are at such a stage, where they are feeling the tightness of the space they are in, to see here, now, that you have reached this monumental point.
Once the egg shell is broken, there is still work to do to create a bigger and bigger hole until the chick can emerge, until you could emerge, but simply breaking through in the first place will allow the grander energies of your own being, of Spirit, of the Divine to assist you further. That those who are feeling the presence of others around them in actuality have already started to break through the shell, which is why you may now be starting to feel the energetic presence of ones who are there seeking to assist you and guide you forward.
Those who have not yet quite reached this point, understand you are still in development and have been given this image to work with, to see yourself moving to that point of breakthrough and that all are indeed moving exactly in this direction for it is their nature to do so, it is your nature to do so. In this dream, in this experience in the dream state, he was aware of voices speaking to him. Thus the chick will naturally begin to push against the egg shell, will begin to peck against the egg shell, until finally a hole is made and the shell is breached. When that shell is breached, even if it is but a small hole, their energies can enter into the space and further assist from within even, that process of breaking through the barrier, breaking out of the egg. Imagine if you will for a moment a chick within the shell that is perfectly comfortable with its reality of experience and has not yet reached that critical point where the compression feels too great that it must break out. It is the Divine Urge to break free, to expand, to ascend that drives the chick finally to the point where it will break through and break out of the containment field that has held it safely for many hours, days, months and years, as the matter may be. You are being motivated and urged by your Divine Spirit at this time, but you do still have free will, you are still doing the teeter-tottering on the broad seesaw of experience and of choice.
That events have brought you to this place, to this stage, and that now to hold that you are willing the breakthrough of this barrier. Therefore, know that you are not alone, you have never been alone, and that part of the illusion of being inside of the egg is that you are alone. These voices were disincarnate and he searched around in the space he was in looking for these voices but could not see anyone, could not relate to a physical body of an entity or being speaking to him.

This golden egg was metallic-looking and not a bright golden color but rather a flat mat-looking egg.
It continues its effort until a big enough hole occurs that it can actually begin its emergence from the egg itself. Many who are having physical ailments, mental situations, emotional upheaval are in that place now where these factors are pushing the entity, are pushing you to break out. That when the shell is breached, when a hole is pecked through the barrier, then the Divine Energies of Spirit, the expansion of one's own being that is outside can begin to assist that which is the chick within, the evolving being within to break out further, to break free of that shell.
You are flexing your body and mind and emotions to a pinpoint of consciousness that will break through the shell, the barrier, the veil that is around you.
The golden egg that contains the individual who is seeking expansion and emergence into the greater reality that lies outside of the egg. Now many are beginning to feel the presence of others in their lives, the actual feeling of someone standing beside them, someone being in the room, a presence in the room. That this is indeed a crucial and critical time and it is where you are in one way or another at this moment and at this time. At first this was confusing to him but he did understand in this dream experience that these voices were voices beyond the veil or beyond the wall of that which surrounded him. It was real to him, this perception of the egg, and he realized that this was the container in which he at the inner level or that level inside of the egg, was having the experience from. It continues to push against the egg shell, peck against the egg shell until finally it emerges from the egg that has contained it so long, that has been the safe shelter for the growth of the chick into that stage of development, to that state of consciousness where it was able to finally leave the egg itself. This is a state of undevelopment of the embryo, or another way of understanding this, this is the state that many are in: contained within the egg of reality that they are experiencing, holding that only this exists, not yet having heard the voices from beyond that are their own voices calling to them, urging them to break free. But first the individual must find that balance and that drive to break through their own shell, for this shell, this golden shell egg, was created for the individual to have their experiences within and that when they had reached the point of expansion and breakthrough, that the Divine Urge within would cause them to break free, break through the shell where they could then be assisted. That it is an important message and an important place for you, for you have reached – those who are hearing these words, who are reading these words – that point of understanding, that point of levelness and balance, that point of focus, to concentrate now your thoughts, your feelings, your efforts in the physical towards breaking through the barrier.
These are those who are there to assist and guide you, even guard you in this critical time. From the inside there was no sensation of the golden egg shell but yet the egg shell represents that which is the barrier that needs to be broken through and in this dream experience, he recognized and understood that he was both inside of the golden egg as well as outside of it, coming from an expanded level of his conscious awareness that was indeed connected to others who have always been outside of the egg, and always have been encouraging him to break through what he has held so long as the barrier or the wall. Know that Spirit lies outside of the barrier, but It is also within the egg, It is with you.

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