Puzzle pre-fab shelter designed by Gregg Fleishman Studios and meadow garden by Richard Hayden.
Find out why people in the US and Europe are going head over heels over Japanese meditation Zen gardens originating from Kyoto.The ancient tradition of Japanese garden design has found new life in the west in modern times. Somehow this symbolic representation of water and islands tends to create a soothing environment for those within the vicinity. In recent years neuroscientists have conducted in depth research regarding the psychological implications of the Kyoto gardens. The meditative quality present in these rock gardens is what has earned them the label of Zen meditation gardens.
Since the concept has gained popularity in the west there are quite a few places where you will be able to experience the garden. Some people have become so infatuated by the concept of Zen gardens that they count them in the list of stress relieving products. Notes: A tropical garden features tropical plants and requires good rainfall or a decent irrigation or sprinkler system for watering. About VeddmaI have been shaped by the Russian upbringing, literature, rock and bardic music, North American culture, English, and to a lesser extent French and German languages, honeymoon in Ireland, photography, piano and acoustic guitar, goth, Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, jigsaw puzzles, computer science education, a myriad of books, authors, musicians, and lately - birth and motherhood.

Arboretum Published May 13, 2010 We were honored to be part of this year’s LA Garden Show at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Gardens.
Famous in the west as the Japanese Zen garden the essence of the style revolves around the use of certain natural elements to create a tranquil environment. The aim is to use these rocks and other elements in such a manner that suggests innate symbolism. The pit is filled with sand or gravel and then the rocks are carefully composed on the surface of the pit. To some people the structure and design of a Zen meditation garden reflects the actual geographical position of Japan with the raked sand being the ocean and the rocks symbolizing the island of Japan.
The principle of suggestive symmetry automatically works the brain to visualize a tree just by connecting the spacing between the rocks.
The westerners tend to feel that the Japanese rock garden has a Zen like atmosphere and ambiance; Zen being a version of Buddhism that focuses on introspection and enlightenment. Not surprisingly it was a priest from 13th century Japan who first came up with the idea of such a garden. You will even be able to find table top versions of the gardens that consist of a tray composed with sand and stones in much the same manner as the real garden.

Many gardeners in colder climates are adopting the tropical garden design, which is possible through careful choice of plants and flowers. Read about the innovative installation “The New California Garden” created by the brilliant landscape designers of  APLD here in Apartment Therapy.
The sand in the pit is artistically raked on a daily basis in order to create the impression of rippling water.
Of course this enlightenment is to be achieved through deep meditation which is what the garden atmosphere is ideal for.
Main features include plants with very large leaves, vegetation that builds in height towards the back of the garden, creating a dense garden.
In some cases sand can be substituted with gravel and in others both sand and gravel can be used together. Large plants and small trees hang over the garden, leaving sunlight to hit the ground directly.

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