Our meditation group is for everyone if you have a meditation practise or this is your first time you are very welcome to join us. In just 20 minutes of silent meditation you will feel the flow of energy change within, this brings a quietness to the mind and body. The experience of being silent and still within has far reaching benefits to it.That is why meditation is the perfect way to unwind, relax and release the pressures of daily life.
Our Community of Meditators are from far and wide and you will enjoy being with like minded people. Liz teaches Vedic Meditation which is an ancient Indian practise dating back to over 5,000 years.

RE-ENERGIZE THE SPIRIT In a world of increasing chaos and noise, there is a growing need for spaces where individuals can go to quiet the mind. Membership has its privileges: you will receive our newsletter, be able to post reviews and classifieds. If anyone interested in practicing meditation, pls contact via mobilephone at anytime to start. Self Description: In my 50s, academic background, long interest in meditation, mainly Buddhist.
Our aim is to bring people together to enjoy a the simple, natural, innocent process of Meditation that brings huge benefits.

Hollywood Meditation Groups offer classes and courses on different meditation topics such as inner peace, clarity of mind, and positive thinking.

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