Our mission is to empower our community through plant-based nutrition and cuisine to reclaim their health and vitality.
Our manual: the Green Scene Diet, a must have guide, the "Why" and "How To" of plant-based nutrition and cuisine. Through the Green Scene events there will be nutritional talks, instruction, cooking demonstrations and Q&A sessions, where you will be educated on the health rewards of a lifestyle that is focused on whole plant based foods. Yes now is the time to cash in your fear, doubt and complacency! This is your front row ticket to dazzling health!! We encourage you to join your new plant lovers, learn new recipes, ask questions, and attend our Green Scene events where you will discover, uncover, unleash and unlock a new pair of food lenses creating the healthiest life possible.
Both singles and couples will find that Another Day in Paradise is all about meeting and making great new friends in our little patch of paradise in Naples and Marco Island.

Naples Green Scene teaches you how to start and maintain a plant-based diet to obtain permanent weight loss and optimal health. You will not require as much beauty sleep and you will have more stamina.The more you feed your body tailor made quality foods the more get up and go you will generate! Graphic food villains and racy superheroes will captivate your attention with new eyes to the food you are eating. The events empower you to go beyond medication and surgery to take your health into your own hands.
Later you may want to take up weight training for a couple of days a week, 30  minute periods.
Social and cultural events will include meeting for lunches or dinners (from finer dinning to hole-in-the-wall dives), dancing to live music, pub crawls, pool parties, art shows and concerts.

Athletic and nature events will include bike rides, inline skating, volleyball, boating, fishing trips, exploring the Everglades and catching beautiful sunsets together.
In this day and age of the Internet, for personal security reasons we highly suggest that you use only your first name and the initial of your last name when creating your Meetup profile.

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