Going for Refuge is the gateway into Buddhadharma, and generating bodhichitta is the gateway into the Mahayana.
Engaging in the practice of Guru Yoga together with making mandala offerings creates a vast collection of merit through which we can receive the powerful blessings of our Spiritual Guide and fulfill our spiritual wishes. Purification practice ensures that our mental environment within which we plant the seeds of meditation is pure, and not like stony ground. A new exhibit at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is all about the foods and branded edible items that hail from Minnesota and show up on plates around the world. Airports are celebrating Mother’s Day with flowers, chocolate roses and complimentary services. A fun snap from the pre-flight festivities celebrating KLM’s Dreamliner service on the San Francisco-Amsterdam route.

Airports around the country are on guard against the Zika virus and working to educate passengers so they are too. Special shrine on risers; view is facing the far wall of meditation room during a special event. This retreat gives us the opportunity to deepen our determination and promise to go for refuge to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, as well as to generate and stabilize the supreme good heart of bodhichitta.
Here’s a run down of the creative ways some airports are trying to help ease tension on the lines. All through May about 90 HMSHosts operated restaurants in the US and Europe will be offering special menus as part of the promotion.
Louis International Airport has enlisted a yellow jellybean-looking character to help kick off a week of customer appreciation events in the terminals.

Past uses have included meetings, weddings, performance, rehearsals, dance, memorial services, bodywork, seminars, and theater.
We will create the foundation for gaining realizations of the Dharmas of renunciation, universal compassion, and wisdom realizing emptiness within our mind, and in this way begin to discover our limitless potential. We will naturally become happier, and begin to experience pure states of mind such as love, bodhichitta, and wisdom.

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