Experience different forms of meditation, realizing the power of sound, how to use sounds and its effects on you.
Music 4 Lifers are empowered to be responsible for their health with easy, accessible, inexpensive programs and products. Ready for a rhythmic jam session where the rhythm of our hearts drive our passion to express ourselves? Music 4 LifeA® is a REMO Recreation Music Center with all drums and rhythm instruments provided by Remo, Inc.!
We also offer the Music Medicine Cove equipped with vibro-acoustic technology (aka music bed) at our office with immediate results usually experienced in as little as 10 minutes!

Your resiliency relies on you connecting the Life of your Senses with the Life of your Spirit. Music 4 LifeA┬« facilitators each user-friendly life skills through Drum Circles, Music Medicine, Healthy Choices  and Music Therapy, merging Life of the Senses and the Life of the Spirit! If you are interested in presenting a drumming event, contact Music 4 Life at 702-889-2881 for more information! Judith focuses on music-based stress management to improve mental heallth and life conditions, treating 100 clients weekly in three addiction treatment facilities and through drug court.
Taught in workshops settings and webinars, music medicine programs are offered in four weekly modules, one 5-hour boot camp, or online in a webinar.

Anything can happen as we tap into our primal need to share and support one another through group cooperation in a constant progression!

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