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Soul Communication has always happened down through the annals of time in the form of nursery rhymes and fairy stories that have accompanied humankind on its journey through history. In this brief introduction to Esoteric Meditation magazine, you will discover its immense value, as it has been designed for those who are interested in the deeper aspects of metaphysics. In the March Issue, 2015, we have a beautiful story by Kristina Jacobs who shares her life story of going from a struggling mum with an autistic child as well as a new baby, to living her dream life with her soul mate.

The life and teachings of Akhenaton made him different in kind from all the other priests, kings and thinkers of the ancient world. Also in this March, 2015 edition of the magazine, we have many articles on the equinoxes; Ostara, spring equinox in the northern hemisphere, and Mabon, autumn equinox in the southern. Researchers in Norway and Australia (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Oslo and University of Sydney) have been conducting research to determine how the brain responds during different types of meditation. For the study, researchers recruited fourteen individuals with extensive experience in a Norwegian style of nondirective meditation called Acem. According to the MRI findings, nondirective meditation resulted in stronger activity in the part of the brain that processes self-related thoughts and feelings, compared to those in a resting state. Apparently, nondirective meditation allows the brain ‘more space’ to process memories and emotions, compared to concentrated meditation, said the researchers.
So don’t be so hard on yourself if you have trouble staying completely focused during meditation.
Do you realize that you are face to face with the only reliable prospect who can get you to where you want to go? Those who wanted the truth kept alive for the future used these stories, myths and legends as the essential lessons of life.

These spells are not the conventional spells used by most people, but have a deep esoteric flavour to them. The world was not ready for the teachings of Akhenaton, the heretic Pharaoh of the fourteenth century B.C.
As the subjects lay in an MRI machine, they were asked to participate in both nondirective meditation and concentrative meditation. When participants took part in concentrative meditation, the activity in this part of the brain was similar to those in a resting state. Since this area of the brain tends to peak in activity when a person is at rest, the researchers found it remarkable that nondirective meditation resulted in even higher activity than regular rest. Nondirective meditation—which permits some mind wandering—results in stronger activation of certain brain areas responsible for processing memories and emotions.

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