So what is it about mediation that does that to so many, this is the same question that many ask everyday. The true answer is the mind like can be great but can also work against us from finding our spiritual self or meditative state.
It is amazing how small one feels when this is done often and it can really help shut up the mind quickly.Reality Check – Have you done one of these lately, imagine how you come across to others, are you like how you want or can you improve yourself, can you be more kinder?

Nothing is achieved overnight, it takes time, meditating as well as quieting the mind is a process in a way like growing a flower or a fruit tree, it takes time, but is so worth it once it flowers or fruits.
Keep doing so and allowing thoughts to enter and go, with each thought just let it drift by and move on. I’ve always had good experiences, and it always seems to open me up in a positive way.

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