Face 2 Face with Brahma KumarisFace 2 Face program highlights different activities done by the Service Wings of Brahma Kumaris. Healing Rajyoga Parmatma ke 7 moulik gunon ki urja kirnon ko deh ke paanch taton evam man-budhi par kendrit kar ehik aour masik rogo ka upchar kar sakte hain. ShivaniAWAKENING WITH BRAHMA KUMARIS An international daily TV show, ‘Awakening With Brahma Kumaris’ is changing people’s lives all over the world.

The purpose of the programme is to give an insight into how and why we think and behave in certain ways. Jaigopal (Singer), Chandigarh Executive Producer – Chand Mishra, Mumbai Co-Operation – Brahma Kumaris, Chandigarh & Brahma Kumaris, Borivali(E) Mumbai. Enjoyment or singing of music involves forgetting other things and becoming one with music.

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