Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music for Massage Yoga, some mindfulness meditation music to relax during my first day of the year 2014 at work, or we can say Sound Therapy. Yes, I know it’s 7th January, and we’ve just got back to work this morning, but the return was really traumatic after these Christmas Holidays. What I found is this famous video called “Relaxation Meditation Music Relaxing Nature Sounds Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music for Massage Yoga”, that many of you, Youtube addicted, will know if you like mindfulness meditation and relaxation music. It has almost 3 millions of views and a lot of comments from the youtube crowd, so it means it’s really effective.

I don’t know, but this is what I need at the present moment… Perhaps I can use the first minutes of this Tibetan Chakra Meditation Music to have a peaceful rest and then go on with my tasks, regenerated and refresh! That’s why I was surfing on our youtube channel Meditation Relax Club, looking for some relaxing sounds of nature that could help me to relax a little bit and make  this separation from more than 2 weeks of pure relaxation more pleasant. Maybe it’s the new age music, which helps our followers to meditate and relax, maybe it’s the good vibe that it communicates, or the moving pictures in the video which are hypnotic and make you fall asleep.
A sort of mindfulness meditation relaxation music which I can use as sound therapy to help me begin my job again for this 2014 … step by step, of course.

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