The Shri Yantra Mantra or Mandala is constructed with an intersection of nine triangles of which five triangles are pointing upward and four downward. The Shri Yantra Mandala is also known as Wheel of Fortune, the symbol of wealth & prosperity. Focus on your breathing, and pay attention to which hand is rising and falling with each of your breaths. Slowly inhale and let your abdomen extend (make sure you are not moving your shoulders or chest when you are taking in deep breaths).
Do this progression of tightening the muscles in each part of your body until you reach your face, ears, and head.
Now, slowly relax your ears, head, face, neck, and proceed to progressively relax all of the muscles straight down your body until you reach your toes.
If you’re suffering from high amounts of stress or are regularly depressed, I highly recommend beginning to meditate on a regular basis. I believe that every single person on the planet deserves to live well, eat well, and thrive!
Natural Jojoba based roll on Perfume with Frankincence, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont, Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli, Benzoin, Oakmoss, Bay Oil, Balsam of Tolu, Lavender.
It is also known as the Yantra of the Cosmos, the Yantra of Creation and the Yantra of the Universal Goddess.
A combination of these nine triangles makes the Shri Yantra Mandala the most dynamic of all yantras.

So much so, that I can visually see a difference in my appearance from the effect that the stress has had on me. I feel kind of silly admitting this, but I used to think there was some extra special spiritual magic involved with meditation. Relaxation and meditation are pretty much going to be interchangeable for the purposes of this discussion. You can do the stereotypical sitting with crossed legs, or you can choose the relaxing position of your choice.
I will sometimes imagine myself in a room entirely of green or blue and that I am breathing in the warmth of those colors. On days when I’m not doing yoga, simply meditating like this allows me to manage stress levels easily. The basic idea here is that you progressively contract and then relax each muscle in your body.
Consistently meditating in the morning or at night leads to regular reduction of stress and ultimately cortisol levels in the body.
As the five upward-pointing and four downward-pointing triangles are intersecting and overlapping one another, they produce a total of forty-three visible triangles. It is known as the Sarva Rakshakar Chakra – a chakra that provides all kinds of protection. It is known as Sarva Artha Sadhak Chakra – a chakra that helps to achieve all kinds of realization.

It is known as Sarva Ashapuraka Chakra, the chakra of fulfilling all hopes, of materializing all kinds of expectations. It is known as Traiuelok Mohan Chakra, the chakra that attracts the three lokas (planes): physical, astral and celestial. I’d see pictures of people sitting cross-legged on mountain tops while holding out their palms and closing their eyes and a bunch of stereotypical thoughts ran through my mind. I usually lay on the floor with my legs up on the seat of the couch so that I also relax my psoas muscle in my back while I’m meditating.
What are some of your favorite types of meditation or tips for reaching a deep state of relaxation?
The tricon is presumed to be the primordial prakriti with three states of consciousness: waking state, dream state and deep sleep state. Eight siddhis (powers) are present in this chakra: Anima (atomicity), Laghima (lightness), Mahima (might), Ishatava (power over others), Vashitva (attraction of others), Prapti (attainment), Prakamya (ability to assume a desired form) and Bhukti (enjoyment of power). I’ve been looking for healthy ways of coping with stress and depression, and been sharing them here with you all. Who knew that years later, that would be one of the more important things I learned about in school (btw, that teacher was one of the best teachers I ever had!).

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