The group meditation class is open to beginners and experts alike, who sign up by submitting their information in the top right hand corner. The Michael Newton model of life between lives exploration is a profound experience where clients can access the knowledge and healing that is available in the space between incarnations. The combination Hypnosis & NLP Certification Seminar is offered twice per year to prepare students for a rewarding and lucrative career. In fact, the first-ever “mindfulness studio” recently opened in New York, purporting to be the “Drybar of meditation.” Could it help me live more in the present and learn to be happy in the moment?
To Rinzler—who, no joke, is the company’s “chief spiritual officer”—the practice has been having a moment because of all the research coming out about the benefits of mindfulness. I sheepishly tiptoed to my own meditation tuft and started inhaling for four, exhaling for four. It felt relaxing, yes, but also kind of like a yoga class without any of the actual exercise benefits. Still, I forced my mind to focus on the task at hand, and before I knew it, the teacher was ringing a large Tibetan bowl, signaling the end to the half-hour class. Rinzler tells me that the group setting is unique but helpful to mindfulness meditation, something I had, up until this class, simply practiced on my own. Rinzler gave me an easy meditation to practice on my own before I start my busy days that can be done before checking your email or even making your first pot of coffee every morning.
Sitting meditation is a practice that, in the mind, calms wandering thoughts and manifests the true nature. Chanting meditation is a method of practice that focuses the mind that is distracted among the myriad things into the one pointed mind by reciting a simple phrase or Sutra. Walking Meditation, as a form of meditation in action, is essentially about the awareness of movement as we note the component parts of the steps. When a person is in deep, dreamless sleep, where is the numinous awareness that makes one sentient? Are all things in the universe subject to arising and ceasing or free from arising and ceasing?
The karmic retributions of cause and effect among all things in the present life occur by knowing one another.

We feel privileged to provide a space of exploration and learning to those who connect with the seminars and services that are offered. This guided meditation allows for an exchange of best practices and energy in a friendly and sacred environment. People who sign up will receive a voucher code via e-mail and the necessary information to attend the meditation group. Eli Bliliuos, a Life Between Lives regression specialist, facilitates these life altering regression sessions that provide insight into a client’s true life purpose. This experience tends to shed light on a soul’s history, goals, tendencies, and purpose.
This training is facilitated by Eli Bliliuos, a Master Hypnosis Trainer who has been certified by the IACHT, the NGH, and the IACT. The class I chose to take, all about mindful breathing, had about 15 gray pillows on the sparkling birch floors. Our instructor, a woman who could easily get a job as an NPR reporter with her cool, calming voice, directed us to concentrate on feeling our breath—first focusing on where it enters through your nose, then to your throat, your diaphragm, your belly.
Or maybe my brain was just so used to jumping from thing to thing during the day that I couldn’t just let myself be in the moment. I felt more relaxed and a little more chill—kind of like what drinking a glass of Cabernet might do, sans the calories (or the attendant hangover the next morning). It is also a method that, in the body, causes the fire energy to descend and the water energy to ascend. But how do the retributions of later lives occur, when they have forgotten their past lives and no longer recognize one another? How, then, do individual spirits become divided again and the standard for distinguishing past and future lives come into existence? We strive to provide a sacred space of learning and enlightenment by inviting the spiritual leaders of our time to share their knowledge and insight. Upon successful completion of the course, students will be certified by the International Alliance of Certified Hypnotists & Therapists.
Ironically, there were extensive subway delays when I left for the studio from the office, so by the time I got there, everyone else was already 10 minutes of breathing into Nirvana, while I was a stressed-out, frazzled mess. As delusive thoughts are calmed, the water energy will ascend; as the water energy ascends, the delusive thoughts will be calmed.

As we walk, we become mindful of our walking movement and try to keep our awareness of the experience of walking as the basis of developing greater awareness. The various healers that call our center home are dedicated to the spiritual growth and well-being of our society.
Communication with spirit guides, members of the soul group, and people who have passed on, are common in these video recorded sessions. Past Life Regressions are strongly encouraged prior to a Life Between Lives Regression as it is considered a stepping stone to the LBL.
We invite you to inquire about our services and programs and to share in our dedication to make our world a better place. Eli Bliliuos facilitates Past Life Regressions and Life Between Lives regressions in New York City, Queens, and Miami.
It was surprisingly nice to be doing nothing, and I’ll definitely come back for more classes, which range from instruction on sleep to kindness (which, as a New Yorker, I probably need). The purpose is to be in the present moment and, aware of our breathing and our walking, to enjoy each step. Therefore we have to shake off all worries and anxieties, not thinking of the future, not thinking of the past, just enjoying the present moment.
How much less should we let the wicks of our heads burn continually day and night with useless delusive thoughts! Koan means a spiritual question in Zen tradition and it is used as means of gaining spiritual awakening. Therefore, sitting meditation is a practice that aims to remove all these delusive thoughts, to manifest our original nature, to bring down all the fire energy, and to raise the pure water energy.
Koan generally contains aspects that are inaccessible through rational understanding, yet accessible to intuition.

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