One of the first empowerments sort after on the shamanic path is the obtaining of a power animal, or totem animal.
You can easily attune with your animal spirit by keeping a picture of it handy, meditating with it and asking it for help.
Owning a mustika or Bezoar stone from your power animal is a fantastic way of increasing your power and attunement with the animal spirit.
When you purchase a bezoar stone, we can perform a totem animal empowerment for you, to further increase your communication with the spirit. Please put in a support request for our email address in order to send your JPG Picture file.
The mandala puzzle is traditionally used as a meditation tool for establishing sacred space and trance induction.
By letting your fingers manipulate the puzzle you can create up to 35 different shapes whilst allowing your mind to relax.

The elemental spirit of the stone would have blended with the animal spirit over many years, and can transfer the power to you. Their universal designs and casual aesthetic are strongly influenced by the Californian lifestyle of Manhatten Beach, where the company is based.
With a focus on laid back essentials and athletic styles in contemporary prints and materials, Skechers shoes meet every need of the modern man, woman and child. Once you are in touch with your own unique animal, you begin to use its senses and its powers.
A ritual attunement will be done to blend the spirit with your energy field, so that when you receive it, you will immediately be attuned to it and can work with it with ease and power.
Skechers prides itself on innovation: from everyday comfort, to performance based design, Skechers look good and feel great.
It is the animal in us that reacts before we can think in an emergency, that senses trouble or deception, that is responsible for incredible feats of strength in times of danger, and draws us towards what will benefit us.

From the USA to Asia, Brazil to the UK, Skechers shoes are currently sold in more than 100 different countries worldwide, and it’s this international presence that reflects Skechers’ pioneering spirit and its open approach to creativity and design. When it is lacking, we get misled into giving our power away to others, to putting other needs before our own, losing our self worth, and falling into patterns of martyrhood or apathy which further disempower us. As a brand that is constantly innovating and developing new technology, such as the recent Shape Ups range that lets you tone up while you walk, we can’t wait to see where Skechers will take us next.
The obtaining of a power animal restores our motivation, self-worth, survival instincts, quick reflexes, strength, protection and intuition.

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