I was born in Switzerland and moved to Latin America in 2010, where I worked on numerous projects focused on humanizing the business world and creating spaces for all sectors of society to engage in meaningful and transformative dialogue. After I received my Peace and Conflict Resolution Master's Degree from American University in Washington, DC.
Silence brings your direct connection with ultimate reality, which you always have, into your conscious awareness. But perhaps, as you contemplate this quest or whether to book this adventure, you think less about the accomplishment of silence and less about the goals you wish to reach.
It’s not about the day dream on how blissful life would be if you did realize your God-ness on this trip.  It’s about opening yourself, in the moment, to The Divine. I will also tell you that once you begin planning for this quest, your retreat has already begun.
When you feel the flow of everything effortlessly falling into place to get you to India, this is God preparing to greet you. When the challenges, obstacles, and doubts arise, this is God showing you what you need to address in your inner and outer life in order to be able to be open enough to remember your connection and relationship.
Each moment of flow and each moment stress is a gentle nudge from God saying, “It’s started. I’ve claimed a piece of it with my name on a scrap piece of paper and some tape offered to me by a kind stranger. There are a lot of logistical things that need to happen to attend a teaching (getting yourself to Dharamsala, registering at the security office, reading up on the etiquette, learning what can and can’t go through security), but none of that matters once you arrive. There is a shift in the crowd as His Holiness begins to make his way through the hall and into the main temple. And as he laughs his joy spreads through the crowd like a ripple in a pond for his laughter is so infectious.
After that reminder, we just sit on our bench each day, silently watching everyone file downstairs for lunch. Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to you for opening my eyes to this spiritual path and the lovely Tibetan people & culture.
Every time I thought I had just had the most unique experience of my life, another new experience was already topping the previous one! I was a little wary coming into such a different and foreign country, but it didn’t take long for me to have complete faith that all of my concerns and worries were baseless because we had such great leaders in you, Lama, Tenzin and Lobsang. Have no fear on this spiritual journey for if you let yourself be open India will embrace you!
If you have been thinking about going on one of Lisa’s Tibetan Path tours but had some concerns, perhaps hearing about the experience from others will ease your mind.
The first is another Tibetan Path in India tour that includes attending three days of teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
The second is a rare opportunity to explore the ancient traditions of Tibetan shamans and oracles.
One of the greatest challenges of going on a spiritual journey in a strange land is facing the unknown.

New and different always is unsettling; however, with greater risks there are greater rewards. The trip was the most profound trip I have ever taken and I would not trade it for any other trip.
Lisa Tully is the tour leader for the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhist meditation tours that Body Mind Spirit Journeys offers. I continued my studies in 2012 in Ontological coaching in Chile and Transpersonal and Integral Coaching in Ecuador.
I spent the last 11 years teaching Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Coaching at the most prestigious university in Ecuador, Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Silence is how you make contact with your real self, your divine nature, your God-ness, if you will. The Universe immediately begins to bring to your life all that you need for this experience.
To remember to wake up each morning with a vow on my lips and a prayer in my heart to feel my God-ness and live my truth.
The first morning I arrive with my radio for the translation and my bowl and mug for the butter tea and lunch of rice and dal. Many do their prostrations and recite the common mantra of “Om Mani Padme Hum” while doing kora around the inner temple.
Even though the text is a basic one, some parts feel like advanced Buddhist philosophy to me. Tour host Lisa Tully may be a bit red in the face from all the glowing praise she received.
This trip has blown me away in every way and I truly was the happiest I have ever been in my life!
Your unencumbered love and compassion Lisa shone through in the thoughtfulness and thoroughness you put into every small detail!
This was a life changing life altering experience that I feel everyone needs to experience in their lifetime.
I felt like every small detail had been thought through and at no point was I concerned about my well being or the details of the tour. It also features a Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat as well as attending teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It also includes a 10-day Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat at the world renowned Tushita center in McLeod Ganj, a suburb of Dharamsala in the Himalayan foothills. And when that journey includes a ten-day silent meditation retreat, even the most fearless pilgrim may need some reassurances of what the experience will be like. However, by the end of the trip and even after having left, I have the sense that I could easy have remained there and would even consider living there.
Currently, I am a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation and dedicate a great deal of my time to life and organizational coaching.
Part of which is that, the real power of silence lies in reconnecting with The Divine most fully.

You arrive to a state of centeredness that you seem to share with the thousands of other people in the room. At one point he talks about how previous Dalai Lama’s were known to have prophetic visions but that he himself had never had any. We will make sure you have a wonderful, safe and profound time in India with the Dalai Lama and his community.
She even showed us where to get a wonderful pedicure for super cheap, which was welcomed after a long journey.
The meditation program is an introductory course, suitable for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners. Tour host Lisa Tully promises an authentic experience, eating and praying in the homes of local people, both monastic and lay, Tibetan and Ladakhi, yogi and shaman. For anyone who has been thinking about going on the Tibetan Path in India Tour and Retreat May 30 – June 17, 2013, it may be useful to hear from someone who has already had the experience.
That said, even from the start at the airport pick up gate, an English speaking person was provided, as I only speak English; which was very helpful. I have grown and am a different person for having made the trip and for jumping in with both feet ready. Simultaneously, I founded three organizations focused on personal and organizational development. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. The streets are narrow, and buzzing with people which we are told is only when the Dalai Lama is in town! There is also a cultural exchange program, enabling you to visit the homes and meet family members and make friends in the Tibetan refugee community. Lisa says that the people of Ladakh encompass the mystical in everything they do in their daily lives. So to know a dedicated person like her got all of this from our tour, tells us we are hitting the mark with the kind of people we want to hit it with. During this time, I directed and facilitated different programs and workshops emphasizing individual growth and group synergy.
She provided the necessary information to stay safe and healthy and guided us all through the maneuvers to new locations; which gave me freedom without worries.
There will also be an option to visit the Taj Mahal as well as experiencing sufi music in Delhi.

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