Here's how Bud Stuckey, our test garden coordinator, brought to life this Balinese fantasy in a 10- by 10-foot corner of Sunset's test garden.First, Stuckey built a small rectangular deck from ipe wood (optional), securing it to a redwood frame. He edged the bed with a ruff of lime green 'Angelina' sedum.Between the deck and the planting is a creek bed of black La Paz stone (Stuckey mixed two bags of ?-in.
The stones cover a soaker hose that winds through the planting area to water the plants and periodically douse the space with a jungly mist.Sit on the deck and pull the netting around you, and you'll feel almost like you're floating in a cloud above a jungle of exotic flowers.

Drape and tie mosquito netting (available at REI and sporting-goods stores) loosely onto the poles.4. For your own private paradise, you can simply build the bamboo structure over a level patch of lawn or gravel.

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