We will invite various teachers from around the world to join us to host workshops covering any of the above. On our land we also have a natural cold water spring source of high grade Mineral water which we add oxygen to which creates what some would call a medicinal water. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective January 1, 2014) and Privacy Policy (effective January 1, 2014).
During our upcoming 11-day Meditation and Wellness Retreat in the islands of Indonesia during our spiritual adventure in September of this year we’ve included for all participants 3-days of physical wellness. With the perfect balance of ancient and contemporary healing traditions, MesaStila brings you the finest therapies from Asia and the Near East.
The Indonesian Archipelago has a long history of contact between Chinese and Arab traders, who introduced plants, herbs and spices; bringing insights from Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese and Greek medicine and Arab healing practices. Cultural traditions were adopted as the traders traversed the region and one such ritual is the Hammam.
We are proud to add MesaStila as part of our 11-day Meditation and Wellness Retreat in the islands of Indonesia during our spiritual adventure in September of this year. The essence of the retreat is defined through the calming and powerful environment in which MesaStila sits – encircled by eight magnificent volcanoes and set within fifty-five acres of gardens, plantation and tropical jungle.
Over the next few days we’ll share a little more about MesaStila and what we have planned there on our 3 nights 4 day stay during our meditation and wellness retreat in Indonesia. In a world where pollution, noise, crowds, unhealthy diets and stress are the norm, MesaStila offers an escape and a true sanctuary.
MesaStila was created as a labor-of-love by its many owners and incorporates a collection of antiques and fantastic buildings: a colonial- era railway station, the former residence of a Javanese Prince and the plantation owner’s house from the early 1900’s. The wellness programs are influenced by the tradition of Javanese medicine, through traditional healers called Tabib, who deal with a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual complaints. The property still contains a functioning coffee plantation and charming non-commercial coffee production process,though the true magnificence of MesaStila is in its amazing Hammam Spa – offering treatments from Tunia, to a relaxing Plantation Massage and a Cooling Jade Facial. Join our 11-day exploration of some of Indonesia’s most enchanting islands on our meditation and wellness spiritual adventure. Made up of over 15,000 islands, Indonesia is a living museum of languages, cultures, art, dance and spiritualism; and a bewitching landscape of iridescent rice paddy fields, charming villages, mountains and volcanoes, jungles, spell binding beaches and crowned with one of the most spectacular ancient temples in southeast Asia, Borobudur.

As we journey from island to island, I’ll conduct daily classes on self-discovery, as you get to know who you are from the inside out. So bring along your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and your spirit for an ineffable journey of exploration and self-discovery. Click this link for more information about this meditation and wellness retreat in Indonesia.
In our upcoming wellness and meditation retreat to the islands of Indonesia in September this year we’ll be visiting the magnificent Borobudur temple in Central Java. For the adventurers, the pre-dawn excursion to Borobudur temple to witness the sunrise is a surreal and unparalleled experience in south east Asia. The temple has survived a massive earthquake in 2006, terrorists bombs and ash flows from Mount Merapi.
Please visit this link for more details of our Meditation and Wellness retreat in Indonesia.
We’d like to announce our next spiritual adventure planned for September of this year to the islands of Indonesia.
During our journey we’ll be visiting the magnificent Borobudur temple, a masterpiece Buddhist sanctuary. Stay tuned and we’ll be bringing you more information on this wellness and meditation retreat in the coming days. When you are able to disconnect from the outside world and delve into your deepest inside, a new window can open into a more spiritual universe that often helps resolving emotional and personal conflicts. Nowadays, you feel very often inside a rhythm of life that does not allow you to stop and take a moment to dedicate to interior reflection.
If you do not dedicate any time to tranquility and inner peace, it can happen that you forget the reality of the present moment. Meditation cannot only be done for spiritual purposes, but also to help maintaining physical and mental health. Essential Retreat Organizer proposes you programs where this meditation and spiritual deepening is done by professionals who will guide you according to your knowledge and goals. Your California Privacy Rights The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast.

With a combination of gourmet healthy meals and daily massages plus Turkish Hammam baths you’ll feel that your body is being well cared for. The traditional Indonesian Jamu sellers are a result of these enormous influences and today these people are best described as “walking-talking pharmacies”. With its origins in Turkey, MesaStila is proud to house South East Asia’s only authentic Hammam, where steam bathing combines functionality with decadent cleansing rituals.
The property offers complete tranquility, natural beauty, cooling mountain-air and lush vegetation – with amazing views the eight surrounding volcanoes. A local Jamu Master formulates special healing tonics for particular guest needs, while a fresh daily dose of regular Jamu is offered during breakfast. The most exquisite Hammam scrubs and warming massages have been created to meld in with the two enormous Hammams. This journey is all about discovering you while exploring this diverse and mesmerizing archipelago. The relaxed nature of this journey coupled with the unsurpassed beauty around us lends to a perfect inner and outer spiritual adventure. As rays of light pierce the misty sky, rolling hills of tropical jungles, plains of paddy fields and swaying palms are revealed and so is Borobudur, Buddhism’s grandest citadel. More details to come but the current plan is for us to travel, explore and retreat on the islands of Bali, Lombok, the Gili Islands and Java. Some meditation techniques help to improve concentration, memory and the immune system, as well as to relieve stress and tension. We have select programs conducted in beautiful environments and accommodations where you can get the most out of this experience. In addition to this I’ll be conducting classes each day to help take care of the inside of you.
These are some of the finest if not the best Hindu temple architecture in South East Asia for sure.

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