This Fall ’14 we are starting to conduct a weekly Primordial Voice meditation event every Thursday in Manhattan, NY.
Glimpses of PRIMORDIAL VOICE retreat, June 20 – 22, 2014 at Xenia Resort (Hunter, Catskills Mountains, upstate New York). Primordial Voice is a primordial power that resides in the heart of every single human being, however, by the age of three it is suppressed and becomes dormant.
Be ready to come out of this weekend with a deep sense of liberation and a powerful opening to your new amazing life! Participation fees:  $120 per person, $170 per couple, $70 per person if you bring more than 5 people. Regnum Christi helps people to live their faith deeply and to get involved in works of service that assist people with the hope of bringing them closer to Our Lord. In the past few years, however, parents looking for yoga-based family vacations—or for places to send the kids solo—face a widening array of options, a testament to the yoga world’s belated acknowledgment that some serious aficionados have a life with children outside their practice. For children ages 8 to 12, Camp Yogaville allows kids to learn about yoga while having fun.
Sivananda founder Swami Vishnu-devananda pioneered a children’s yoga camp in his Canada ashram back in 1972. When Columbus, Ohio-based hatha yoga instructor Marcia Miller first vacationed in this tropical island paradise, her first thought was to bring back her family and yoga friends the following year. Children of all ages (and adults) who don’t want to hit the water can relax at the kid-friendly beachside lodge, which features 20 hand-built cottages. Marsha and Don Wenig bring their famous YogaKids program to Maya Tulum, Mexico, for a week in January. Another excursion takes families to the Costa Rican rain forest, where activities range from hatha yoga and meditation to rafting, hiking to waterfalls, and visiting an animal conservatory.

Sage Rountree teaches a simple but surprisingly complex move that builds core strength and balance at the same time while helping to teach you to stay in alignment during transitions. With all the stress surrounding the holidays, it’s important to remember what they're all about—especially when you're on your yoga mat. Fall is typically the time when you trade your splashy summer wardrobe for a more subdued palette. When it is awakened, it creates a high vibrational energy field which permeates your entire being. Timothy Conquest club in Chantilly, VA participated in a week-long backpacking trip to the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY.
Jeremy celebrated Mass for the group on two different mountain peaks and also on a large rock in the middle of a mountain stream. Between hatha classes, we’d relax and rest in Massachusetts, quietly bask in a glorious upstate New York autumn silence, or savor a snowy Christmas celebration, ashram-style, in Virginia.
During the week-long camp, kids will hike, swim, tell stories around the campfire, and enjoy many other stress-free camp activities. Since then, hundreds of 7- to 12-year-olds have spent the month of July combining traditional summer camp fun (arts and crafts, games, swimming, singing, and storytelling) with hatha yoga, meditation, karma yoga, and environmental and multicultural programs. The week includes one and a half hours of hatha yoga each morning and afternoon, bookending optional snorkeling or diving runs to one of the world’s largest and most breathtaking coral reefs. Parents do two adult hatha yoga classes daily, and join children for a fun class of their own.
On top of Primordial Voice Practice, you will enjoy Pranayam (a yogic breathing exercise) and a revolutionary Dynamic Meditation taught by Swami Saurav in the morning, walks in the gorgeous nature, a trip to a Buddhist monastery, a class with a specialist in Sujok Therapy (a simple, effective self healing technique taught by Alex Kleiman, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine), a spacious sauna and delicious local fresh meals. Feel free to arrive earlier on Friday and take advantage of the gorgeous nature or sauna! Please make your own lunch arrangements.

After four and a half days of camping and hiking, the Conquest members spent a couple of nights at the Ledgerock Motel thanks to the generosity of the owner, Jean Baker. Living in rustic cabins, kids feel at home with nature while learning about yogic ideals like a vegetarian diet and non-violence.
At the 350-acre Sivananda ashram located one hour north of Montreal, kids sleep in cabins with counselors. The final two days were filled with both fun and service; doing some painting at a local Catholic church, visiting an assisted living home, and playing mini golf. Not only was it tougher to travel with little ones, but most retreat centers would not have welcomed them. The theme of the camp was growing in the virtues of manhood, becoming the warrior, adventurer, and hero that each man is called to be. The final night, each boy received a leather bracelet with the words “warrior, adventurer, hero”, as a reminder of their experience. Whether by conquering high mountain peaks or enduring rugged hikes carrying up to 40 pounds of supplies, the camp challenged the boys to grow into young men, a challenge that they all accepted.
All of the boys returned home excited to help at the Conquest club, and several of them even volunteered as team leaders for the parish’s Conquest day camp the following week.

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