See what Serlingpa Meditation Center has on offer to help you escape busy life and more importantly unhappy states of mind. Every year the New Kadampa Tradition organizes a world wide program of special courses on Buddhism and meditation that explain how to apply Buddha’s teachings (Dharma) to modern living. Relationships are a work in progress, so just imagine if all your relationships were free from conflict and deeply satisfying. In this drop-in class series, we will learn how to distinguish between what love is – and what it isn’t. Each class is beginner friendly; feel free to drop-in to any class in the series or try to attend each one! Cultivating Healthy Relationships series begins May 10th  in Boston,  New Bedford, and Portland, ME. MEDITATION CLASSES at Serlingpa Meditation Center are modern presentations of Buddhism dedicated to helping others find peace of mind by offering meditation classes and practical advice from the Kadampa Buddhist tradition.
Welcome to our Mindfulness meditation retreats in Provence – an opportunity to relax, recharge and renew. Mindfulness trains us to look at life and at ourselves in a whole new way, with curiosity and compassion – and without judgement.
Mindfulness meditation, regularly practised, has had proven positive results for stress reduction, pain control, improved concentration and focus, emotional regulation, well-being, improved mental health and much more. Each morning we offer a variety of meditation techniques that help to calm an agitated mind and to observe ourselves and our own reactions with a non-judgemental openness and curiosity. Beyond Horizons retreats offers formal mindfulness practice each morning and informal mindfulness practice every afternoon.

Yossum - yoga - retreats - meditation - self help - spiritual - holidaysWe are here to support you in getting Real. Yossum - Yoga, Meditation, Self-Understanding Retreats and Life Coaching, Spiritual Growth. You do not need to be a Buddhist to enjoy and understand Buddha’s teachings – anyone can benefit from increased inner peace.
Join us to learn to meditate, connect with a new community or enliven your current meditation practice. We will see how letting go of the mind of attachment can transform our bad relationships into good ones and how it can make our good relationships even better!
Take a voyage of self-discovery in the spectacular surroundings of this sun-blessed corner of southern France. Great artists have flocked here for centuries to immortalise on canvas the exceptional natural beauty of the region. We learn to step back and recognise the automatic and emotionally reactive behaviours that we fall into when under stress, and replace these with more measured, “mindful” responses. Whether you are already a practised meditator or a complete beginner, you will be travelling the same path and will experience the power of present-moment awareness and the stillness that lies at the heart of your inner self. Whether it is resting in meditative stillness, walking in nature, indulging in one of our holistic therapies or exploring the local villages and countryside, we encourage you to experience “everyday mindful awareness” in whatever you are doing. Although this seems simple enough, this way of “being” over the course of our week-long retreat can be a transformational experience.
Without a fundamental shift in our views, we will continue to be stuck in our well-worn relationship patterns.

There are colourful markets every day, villages perched precariously on hilltops, and history that dates from Roman times. Accepting ourselves in the moment, putting judgement and self-criticism to one side, we begin to appreciate that everything in the present moment is as it should be.
We encourage you to focus on your body, your breathing, re-connecting with your senses and reminding yourself as often as you can to return to the present moment.
By Carmen Ornelas.Silence - Learn the Power of Silence within the Yossum Concept of Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth. Retreats in Italy, Holland, Spain, India.Yoga - Learn the Power of Yoga in the Yossum Concept. Here in Provence the hills are laden with olive trees and vineyards and, at certain times of the year, the fields are fragrant with lavender or ablaze with sunflowers. Self-Understanding - Learn about the Power of Self-Understanding within the Yossum Concept.
Simple and practical: Yoga, Silence and Meditation with Self-Understanding and Spiritual Growth.

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