It's situated on the shores of Upper Lough Erne, 400 metres across the water from Inish Rath Island. Embark on a restorative journey and become initiated in the world of martial arts including Tai Qi, Shaolin, Kungfu or Silat.
Concentrative: This comprises focusing on a single object, sound, image, one’s breathing, even a flame to help stabilise the mind and evoke calm.
Open awareness: The objective here is to open the mind to become aware of one’s surroundings without a specific focus.
Guided: Here, the practitioner follows guidance from a teacher who elicits certain images, affirmations, states, or imagined desired experiences. Mindfulness: This is a combination of concentration and open awareness found in many contemplative traditions, and often identified with the Theravadan Buddhist practice of vipassana or “insight meditation”. Asian Martial Arts Martial arts were influenced by Eastern philosophical and religious thought, particularly Buddhism and Daoism (Taoism). Tai Qi: Tai Qi has proven benefits including stress reduction, improved agility and balance, and is an effective sleep enhancer. Shaolin Qi Gong: Drawn from yoga and ancient Hindu martial arts, the heart of Shaolin Qi Gong’s wellness lies in Zen Buddhism. Silat: Originating in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Silat is a traditional martial art that encompasses natural and traditional healing. Our expert is a scholar of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has been educating and treating patients in China since 2005.
The Chinese clock dictates that you should rise with the morning sun, so this is the best time to be part of the throng in Beijing’s parks.
Health Retreats Home to some of the world’s earliest civilisations, Asia holds a treasure trove of ancient healing traditions. The serene and tranquil environment found at Secret Retreats’ properties, combined with the expertise of LHR in creating wellness and fitness programs, enables guests to regain their ideal balance and rhythm in some of Asia’s most exotic destinations.
These fitness program activities include morning boot camps, beach exercises, outdoor yoga classes, treks, educational health seminars, health-oriented cooking classes, as well as optional rejuvenating spa packages, and exquisite sunset dining experiences. Filled with privacy and charm, Secret Retreats has an exceptional array of romantic escapes, ideal sanctuaries in which to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion. Pampering reaches new sensual heights with exquisite therapy services using local herbs, spices, even produce, compounded with age-old techniques from yesteryear.
From art and handicrafts to dance and music, learn the artisanal skills of the local people.
For discerning travellers who prefer to enjoy the privacy of a boutique hotel, yet still wish to play golf, Asia is a golfer’s paradise. WELCOME to the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of a Thai forest Buddhist monastery in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.
We offer many Dhamma programs and activities for all levels of interest, from serious meditators to students or just curious visitors. Monks and volunteers have created teaching tools to simplify the complicated Buddhist teachings into modern day language. We constantly carry out in depth research of Buddhist history, by visiting many archaeological sites and museums, and by meeting with experts in many universities around the world.
Monks from Sunnataram Forest Monastery have been regularly invited to talk on various topics of Buddhism and teach meditation in many universities, local and Sydney schools, and other countries. The monastery is a favourite place for local school excursions. Sunday is a very suitable time when individuals, couples or the entire family can enjoy the beautiful view and art work around the monastery.
Every Tuesday 6 - 8 PM Buddhist Chanting, Guided Meditation & Dhamma talk by the monks. Buddhism for HSC StudentsAfter experiencing teaching Buddhism in many high schools, we have decided to include a section in our website to help those students studying Buddhism in HSC. The Principal Teachings of BuddhismBuddhist teaching is always beneficial and practical for everyone even in this digital age.
We welcome any non-Thai monk who would like to undertake this program to experience teaching Dhamma and helping Dhamma work in Australian culture for 3 months.
The Karuna Cloister: the Shrine of Compassion started in 2007 with the concrete slab and timber poles in place.
Sadhu - Rejoice with all retreat participants who sincerely practised meditation and studied the Dhamma in this delightful long weekend.

Vesak Special Retreat for only experienced meditators who have been in our previous retreats.
Before you fill in the form to make a reservation, please make sure that you can complete the whole retreat, from the beginning to the end. Sun 22nd - Sat 28th May: Vesak Special Retreat for only experienced meditators who have been in our previous retreats.
Things We NeedWe are grateful for your kind support to the monks, but in the past 25 years the monks have received too many unnecessary things, and they have a ‘big’ problem to store them.
Since 2008, monks of the Sunnataram Forest Monastery, realizing people’s need for peacefulness of mind, focus their mind and dedicate their energy on teaching Dhamma and conducting monthly and special meditation retreats, for both youth and adults. To continue these worthy activities, we need many other necessary items which can be used either for the Dhamma study program or to maintain the monastery. Gardens:  the following plants- Waratahs, Rhododendrons, Pieris Temple Bells, Hellebores, Euphorbia, and bags of potting mix.
Transcendental Meditation is a term coined by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1950s, while the term does relate specifically to a school of meditation we should not discount other schools of meditation which also offer uplifting, enlightening and mind altering states.
Get in contact with us so we can advise you on a good place to start on the journey of enlightenment.
Retreats are an opportunity to take time out from a busy lifestyle to focus on our meditation practice.
During a day retreat we cut back on our normal activities and take time to focus on our spiritual practice.
Each year a number of guided day meditation retreats are organized at Buddha Land Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Keighley.
Unlock the hidden secrets of your mind by engaging in powerful guided meditations on the nature, clarity and function of the mind. Following the ‘Training in Concentration’ day course in June there will be the opportunity to engage in a weekend retreat to develop your concentration.
Meditate in four sessions to connect with a natural sense of inner stillness, clarity and positivity and take this experience into your daily life. From yoga at dawn to meditation MEDITATIONGamelan music in the Island of the gods will reveal the third word.--> meditation practices that aim to refresh and restore your chi (energy) to an indigenous festival, Asia has so much to offer. Discover traditional Chinese medicine with our expert in this field to learn some secret tips to enhance health and well-being. Traditionally, meditation was related to religious beliefs, teachings and practices—the goal being to alter one’s everyday consciousness to reach a state of receptiveness. Although one focuses on an object, like one’s breath, bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings, or sounds, it is less narrow than concentrative meditation, as there is a simultaneous awareness of other phenomena. They are extremely codified systems, which are practiced for a variety of reasons: self-defence, physical health and fitness, and entertainment, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual development.
Tai Qi is also interconnected with a Chinese medicinal theory, which holds that good health is a result of the body’s vital energy, the Qi, circulating freely throughout the body.
One of the four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine and the Mother of Self-Healing, Qi Gong is the art of cultivating your Qi—your life force energy for health, vitality, longevity, healing, mental focus and creativity. Silat draws its movements from the natural environment and the movement of animals including tigers, water buffalos and eagles. A native English speaker with a Chinese heritage, he understands both Asian and non-Asian perspectives, and is able to offer a unique blend of ancient Taoist wisdom and modern science. If you can manage an early rise, we suggest starting an hour earlier at 7am during the summer months. Forming a natural link between Asian culture and Eastern philosophies, which promote physical health and well-being, Secret Retreats and Lifestyle Health Retreats have formed a partnership to create specialised programs that combine health and discovery. Health Retreats range from Yoga, Retreats, Fitness Retreats, Weight Loss Retreats and Weekend Getaways to Multiple Day Retreats—all emphasise that holidays can be fun, exciting and transformational. The cuisine during the programs is health oriented, and reflects local tastes and flavours. From yoga at dawn to meditation practices that aim to refresh and restore your chi (energy) to an indigenous festival, Asia has so much to offer. Join in on a memorable experience at a temple or embrace the land with a guided tour to soak in nature’s wonders. Go to a local market with the chef and learn to prepare indigenous local dishes to make for your loved ones back home.

This is a place where you can learn and apply Buddhist teachings to add inner peace in your daily life. Plants in the monastery gardens are carefully chosen to link with Buddhist history and add more peaceful and pleasant feelings to both meditators and visitors. The knowledge that we have acquired from this research helps us to extract the spiritual values of Buddhist teachings from the veil of cultural practises. We combine the beautiful rural location, archaeological history of Buddhism, ancient artefacts, stone carvings, visual arts, Buddhist chanting, and yummy Thai vegetarian food, with many outdoor activities i.e.
Once we practise Dhamma righteously, we can achieve inner peace without being involved in religious rituals and supernatural stories. Due to the increase in Dhamma teaching activities, the monks decided to pause the construction of both Karuna and Metta cloisters until the need arised.
We will learn to practise Mindfulness, Concentration of the mind and Vipassana meditation to 'liberate' our mind from attachment, and free ourselves from the Samsara; the Cycle of Happiness and Unhappiness. Leaving the retreat earlier, without urgent matters, is considered to be impolite to the monastery and other retreat participants.
We recommend a donation of $50 per night to cover monastery expenses.  The monastery makes no profit from your kind donation. This will allow us to gain a deep understanding of Buddha’s teachings that we have gained though our study and daily practice. Through this we can gain a deep understanding and have a special experience of inner peace. Accommodation is available or you can attend non-residentially for part or all of the retreat. Sitting in a cross-legged position on a cushion with awareness of body is the usual position, but sometimes it may include lying down, standing, even walking. This practice can often be extended to daily actions including eating, walking, driving, even household chores. This is characterised by slow, controlled rhythmic movements that are circular and continuous. When cultivated, Qi Gong enables you to perform great feats of strength, power and healing.
The natural element within these movements brings alignment to the joints, and strengthens the body’s muscles and ligaments.
It is due to 2,000 years of preventative health practices, a set of 8 exercises invented by a Chinese general and lots of congee (Chinese porridge). A qi gong practitioner for over 15 years, there is no one better to teach you 'The 8 Golden Treasures' (stretching exercises) that many Chinese people still practice each morning.
Parents and young children can experience offering vegetarian food to monks, listening to Buddhist blessings, short sitting meditation, Dhamma talk, and can feel free to ask questions to the monks.
Thanks to all volunteers who worked very hard to prepare meals and accommodation for all of us. If you wish to donate more, your generosity is greatly appreciated, and will ensure the retreat programs continue to help many more people.
For example, many kinds of food expire before the monks can eat, too many towels, toothpaste, soaps and monk’s robes are eaten by mice etc.
There is so much positive feedback that will gladden your heart, so please read the feedback and messages from our website. There are over 200 disciplines, but the greatest overall advantage of martial arts is that it improves well-being and health naturally. Led by our Shaolin Qi Gong Master in Shanghai, enjoy an unusual way to experience China’s unique culture with an initiation to this unforgettable wellness practice to nourish your spirit, and put you into a state of relaxation and regeneration. Our expert will help unlock the surprisingly helpful mysteries of ancient Chinese wellness via a tour of the Temple of the Earth, a traditional Beijing breakfast and a 30-minute qi gong ("life energy cultivation") lesson. It facilitates healing through the meditative aspect of these movements: the goal is to move fluidly and continuously without thinking. The voyage will lead you to places that enrapture the body, mind and soul— affecting experiences that will uplift your spirit to provide enduring inner peace.

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