Booking early is advised for this retreat as there is space for a maximum of 12 participants only. This retreat is a time to relax, rejuvenate and have the luxury of having time for a daily deepening of ones yoga practice, as well as, time for enjoying the delights of Bali. Darshana Bali is new and offers beautiful, private and quaint accommodation with an open air Yoga Shala. For the 2015 Yoga Retreat Yoga Arts will be utilizing 2 open air yoga shalas which are located on adjoining properties. Located in the cool tranquil hills of Ubud, the Yoga Arts’ Ubud Christmas New Year Yoga Holiday Retreat is suitable for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. The nearby famous Monkey Forest has a temple in the midst of a jungle filled with swinging and mischievousness monkeys. If you are looking to complete an Accredited Yoga Teacher Training, please click on the following links to view the Yoga Teacher Trainings we have on offer.
A 12-day private group spiritual adventure exploring the cultures, traditions and spirituality of southern and northern India. A speaker at EO's (Entrepreneurs' Organization) Global Leadership Conference taking place in Manama celebrating the organizations 25th anniversary. This series of classes are set up to give you tools that can be easily incorporated into your existing life to help strengthen your relationships. This workshop is an exploration of the journey of awareness through this and many lifetimes. In this hands on class, you'll learn about the various spices used and the simple methods used to create delicious Indian vegetarian dishes. Join us for a lovely evening of evening of kirtan, Sanskrit chanting, guided meditation and questions and answers. Visit this link for more information on this workshop on Spiritual Tools for a Balanced Life in St. Our 10 day journey takes you on an in depth exploration of the rich traditions of South Indian cooking and to some of the most sacred temples in South India as we learn about Hinduism and meditation practices. Join our mystical spiritual adventure as we journey to some of the most sacred locations in southern India, long the catalyst of many profound and ineffable inner experiences for countless spiritual seekers.

Apart from your practical words of wisdom, you speak a language that flows from your presence and the feeling that you are aligned with your purpose, and not affected by modern ADD.
I thank you for spending time in the monastery, for the lessons you have learned from your teacher, and your desire to pass them on to people outside of the monastery. This year, amazing yogis and master meditation teachers from New York and across the country are using the holiday to help spiritual seekers reflect on the past year, set intentions for 2013, and make resolutions stick. Vajra Yoga and Meditation founder Jill Satterfield teaches a five-day series of workshops in the Netherlands on topics that will help you solidify resolutions and create a calm, focused plan for 2013—from moving meditation and energy flow to cultivating compassion and kindness. Relaxing on white-sand beaches, exploring Mayan ruins, and three vegetarian meals a day are included in this week-long adventure. On June 30, 2011 Richard Perez took his Buddhist Refuge Vows with Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche in Santa Monica. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche was born in Eastern Tibet in the early 1920a€™s and is one of the last of the Tibetan generation who fully completed their training in Tibet before the communist invasion. Accommodation is varied with participants being accommodated at either Darshana > or when Darshana is full, alternative accommodation close by. Art galleries, museums, painters, musicians, sculptures,Temple dancers and ceremonies are part of daily life in Ubud. A must visit is the Ubud Markets, in the center of town, which is a colorful experience loaded with typical Balinese craft stalls, silver, silks, sarongs, jewelery, clothes, local produce and an assortment of artifacts and treasures.
To find out more information on any of the events please email that particular workshop's contact person. This workshop shares with you some of the tools and principles that help make a relationship successful. The practices I learned on this trip were concrete, approachable, and immediately applicable.
The tools you offerred were quite literally the tools to set the foundations for healthy enriching relationships. This sprawling Buddhist retreat in the Catskills hosts an annual New Year’s retreat to jump-start inner life resolutions. The retreat includes two daily vinyasa classes led by both smart-and-tough Kula instructors Nikki Vilella and Oceana Baity, and lots of lounging barefoot in bathing suits.

This eight-day surf-and-yoga vacation includes surfing lessons for every level, daily yoga classes, beachfront accommodations and dining, and waterfall jumping.
As are twice-daily yoga classes with celeb instructor Kathryn Budig, whose playful yet difficult style is grounded in Ashtanga. This affordable, two-night retreat with psychotherapist, yogi, and educator Dean Hudson is a solid introduction to developing a daily meditation practice, and to all of the amazing things it can do for your life.
A The film highlights the spiritual commitment and genius which sustained Chavez through 40 years of fighting for Americaa€™s poorest workers a€” her farm workers.This film is structured around never-before-seen footage of Cesara€™s 1988 a€?fast for life,a€? where he refused all food for 36 days as an act of penance for not having stopped growers from spraying pesticides on farm workers. He is currently Abbot of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra in Woodstock, New York where he continues to teach and lead the traditional three year retreats.
Bungalows, at Darshana, are built in traditional Javanese style with intricately carved, 100% recycled timber panels.
Ubud has a thriving community and town center with amazing restaurants, cafes, and day spas all within walking distance from Darshana or a short taxi ride.
The people of Ubud are warm, patient and friendly with many artists residing in and around Ubud. This year, master meditation teachers Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman will co-teach and explore how mindfulness helps us to understand where happiness actually comes from. Not to mention a New Year’s bash around a bonfire on the beach, complete with midnight fireworks. He is known for his vast knowledge as well as realization, but above all for the compassion and love which seem to radiate from him. Rooms at Darshana are fully furnished and have open, private bathrooms giving a sense of being close to nature. Darshana Bali is unique as it is very close to down town Ubud but it is very peaceful with lush, beautiful gardens and surrounds.

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