The Yoga, Surf & Nourish retreat is going to be an unforgettable experience amidst the most amazing settings of the Algarvian west coast of Portugal. All the yoga classes are taught by Shaini Verdon and are aimed at both beginners and intermediate levels.
BOOKING INQUIRYIf you are interested in this retreat or have any questions please send us a message and we will forward it to the retreat organizer. ABOUTFind & book the best yoga retreats, yoga holidays, yoga intensives, detox retreats, yoga teacher trainings and other transformational getaways in destinations like Bali, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Spain, Greece, Italy and all over the world. Everyday there will be 2 yoga classes: one to delve deep into various elements of the asana practice – alignment, back bending, inversions, arm balances, pranayama, meditation, etc. We are just a short walk away from the private beach of Redonda Bay and Aqua Resort where in your free time you can enjoy swimming, paddle boarding and various water sport activities. For the those who want to keep the activities light and stock up on rest, hammock it up and lounge around as much as your heart desires. Double Occupancy – If you are signing up for a DOUBLE it is assumed that you already have a companion who will also be signing up for a DOUBLE to share. Single Occupancy – If you do not have someone to sign up with you must purchase a SINGLE room. Specific rooms as listed in the website cannot be guaranteed beyond shared or private bath.

To sign up there is a $500 non-refundable deposit required to be paid by check or Chase Quick pay.
This meditation is an authentic rendering of Yoga Nidra as taught in the Himalayas by the masters of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra. We start the morning with a more invigorating class, working through alignment principles connecting the intelligence of the brain with the space of the heart. Make the space in your busy life for a well-deserved retreat to unplug from the mundane and plug into the extraordinary journey of self-exploration.
Other adventures like surfing, fishing, hiking, sailing and zip lining can be arranged with a certified guide. If you are interested in coming and want to sign up for a double to share with someone you don’t know with separate beds there may be possibility of being paired up. Room assignments will be made when final registration is complete according to the best arrangement based on sign ups. Due to the nature of the commitment with Bella Vista there are absolutely no refunds available after February 1st, 2016. Come and experience a wonderful, nourishing mixture of superb Iyengar based yoga, great surf by highly qualified teachers & the best healthy, nutritious, yummy food.
In the evening after a splendid day of surf, there will be a restorative session, calming the senses & relaxing the body.

Located in an ecological reserve overlooking the ocean, Bella Vista will be our home for this special time away filled with yoga, delicious food, plenty of time to explore, relax and connect with nature. This chapter introduces you to the different types of yoga and explores the fundamentals of yoga, including relaxation, meditation and poses. The surf will give you a chance to connect with the Ocean & see some of the most beautiful beaches around. Currently she is finishing her last year if Iyengar yoga, through which she creates a safe yoga practice, focusing on alignment, proper hands on adjustments and a warm, heart opening space. You will also learn about the many benefits of yoga and how to incorporate this versatile activity into your lifestyle.
Born in the Netherlands, but currently making her dream come through in Portugal, where she teaches yoga and lives with her partner & 2 dogs amidst a national park. Cooking a smorgasbord of different dishes so that everyone can have a choice of what they enjoy and even people with dietary allergies & intolerances will be in for a treat. During the retreats the groups will be kept small no more than 8-10 surfing yogis, so that everyone get’s the personal attention they need and the ambience can become one of friends.

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