While at Game Night feel free to enjoy any of the games available (provided by Tabletop Commons on the wall to the left of the entrance) to play or bring one of your favorites from your home collection. Veteran owned and operated business wanting to teach you practical outdoor, wilderness and survival skills. We really want our members to come to the tastings, and have a great time talking wine over dinner.
Will you promise that you keep your RSVP status accurate in the rare case you have to cancel?

There is also a video game meetup that happens upstairs the same night so you can transverse through both groups. Are you actually ready to taste wines, rapidly improve your skills in blind-tastings and meet some like-minded people? Please contribute if you can, even $1 helps, I'd like to keep this running as long as possible to help spread the word and grow our community.
We're social people, most of us single and in our 20's and 30's, and like you, we all moved here recently.

And we want to hit the ground running: meeting new people, checking out the coolest places in and around the city, hanging out, you get the idea. Some of what we have planned Mexico trips, hiking, theme parties, game nights, bonfires, downtown nights, beach parties, cookouts, bonfires and more.

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