Come and experience the powerful yet simple TWIN HEARTS MEDITATION followed by a PRANIC HEALINGA® session. It has worked successfully with ailments ranging from asthma, arthritis, cancer, to addictions, stress, depression and phobias. Meditation retreats provide an opportunity to gain deep layers of rest and release accumulated stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized for months to come.
Previous retreat participants report feeling the benefits of a two-week vacation in just three days.
Each participant receives their own individually designed advanced program tailored to enhance their meditation experiences and knowledge. In a residential setting, experienced Vedic meditators will practice "rounds" (multiple repetitions) of specialized yoga and yogic breathing followed by meditation. Known as "Rounding", this is a process that releases years of stress over the course of a few days and yields the most profound meditation experience possible.

Immersion Intro to MeditationSome course participants will be learning Vedic meditation for the first time during the retreat. Lapsed meditators will enjoy the chance to begin their practice again and receive personal checking of their meditation. There are a limited number of places on this Retreat, and they will be allocated on a first come basis.
PRANIC HEALINGA® is an advanced form of energy healing technique developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. Pranic Healing is been used to heal as well as to prevent and maintain the wellbeing of individuals and it have significantly helped thousands of people globally.
By deepening our experience and understanding of ourselves through peaceful abiding meditation, we more fully become who we are already are with our innate stability, strength, and clarity.The course will provide an opportunity to learn and deepen one’s understanding of meditation, with practical suggestions for establishing a sitting practice in the midst of our speedy lives. It works by removing energy blockages in the body (like: stress, anger, anxiety) and giving the body clean energy to help it heal faster.

He asked about the practice and immediately became very interested, a€?I like meditation and I believe in Buddhism. Pranic Healing can be used to promote well being as well as in alleviating and treating physical, emotional and psychological conditions.
Would you like to present your business in front of an abundance of positive ladies who already have a listening of you?
At this time, Shambhala Meditation Center of LA is delighted to offer this course as a one-day program for those who have not been able to participate in weekday programs. He often saw a small group of practitioners doing the exercises here before, but was surprised to see such a large scale group meditation.After talking with Jane, Ionel said that he supported the practitioners' efforts, a€?It is important for the public to be aware of this.

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