All of us including all air-breathing living beings recite this Mantra Soham' unknowingly for a lifetime. This meditation aid was designed and composed using an Beta-Alpha-Theta progressions of Binaural Beats.
This sound sequence is designed as a whole and is the copyright of Jurgen Ziewe (2011) The composition or parts of it must not be used for commercial gain, or used as part of another work - This track is created to be distributed FREELY.Please pass it on to anybody who you feel might benefit from it.
If you experience sleep paralysis and feel uncomfortable with it and dona€™t want to use it for OBEs, simply allow yourself to fall asleep and wake up naturally. In some cases this deep meditation can be also seen asA a form of cleansing process which may bring deep layers of feelings and emotions from the subconscious to the surface which may not always be experienced asA positive. Always bear in mind that the purpose of meditation is to arrive at a€?Stillnessa€?, a state of mind which is carried by an underlying sense of joy and of being intimately connected to the world around us in a creative and positive way whilst residing in the detachment of the observer. It is my belief that the main objective of meditation is to achieve Stillness and be rooted in the reality of the present whilst being intimately connected to the world we live in. As human beings we are destined to live a life of enlightenment and fulfilment, which is not the preserve of mystics and yogis, but is our natural heritage and can be achieved by applying regular meditation practice and common sense. This meditation sound track is as good as it gets.A  It seems the more it is listened to, the deeper the meditation experience. The author spent one week in total seclusion in order to discover what happens when attention is focused on attention.
Now, visualize your Secret Source Force traveling at awesome speeds towards the centre of the firmament. Now, visualize this energy ball shining brightly, pulsating with a blue-like, pure energy, entering your body through your forehead, flowing easily and agreeing with your body. At the same time, this energy ball and all of its impressive light, is shared with all of your mates, family, and every soul on this planet. In association with humanity, exploit this sensation to engage into a new vision, a new awakening, and a new evolution. Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ClassOur Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditations come in eight lessons, with available MP3s and videos. Find a secluded spot, get into a comfortable position and allow yourself to submerge into the sounds. It may take us to a deep place at a root energy level where we may experience a powerful connection with the core of our inner being.
If this happens it is recommended to reduce or lay off the usage of this tape for a while and instead resort to a more natural and shorter meditation practice such as observing your breathing for 15 or 20 minutes instead.

This will allow us to live more fulfilled lives on an undercurrent of joy and a non judgemental appreciation of all of lifea€™s event. The 30 minute deep meditation track is so effective that I'm able to retain higher states of consciousness for a full hour after listening to it, and with no difficulty!a€? M.
You are all connected hand-in-hand, visualizing and meditating; listening to the sound of your lungs filling with the cool breeze and slowly breathing out. You look back and see your physical body, your family and your friends, all connected at the very top of the mountain. As you look at this and see the planets, the stars, and the galactic clusters, all in their entirety, imagine all this shrinking extraordinarily swiftly in front of you till you can see it in the palm of your hands. First, imagine this flow of energy, being connected by waves, to each and every individual on the mountain, and then flowing into each living soul. While you are hooked up to every living soul on the planet, envisage wealth and constructive energy for everyone.
The OM sound is an ancient and powerful mantra which can create this connection (this can be verified by chanting it during an out-of-body experience).
It is also about listening to our inner feelings and heed the advice given to us by our intuition in order to achieve a natural balance in our lives.
Lucid dreams and OBEs can be an offshoot of our practice, enhancing our understanding of our multidimensional nature, but should not be seen as essential or an end in themselves. Especially, it magically helped ease myA migraineA headache to an amazing extent, almost disappear.
The sky glitters with millions of stars like never before; you have entered into a calm universe.
Imagine humanity, in its totality, connected by these waves of light and all in line with this universal energy. At the same time, aid your folks, friends, and others in their evolution, their thinking, and their feeling.
The main carrier throughout is the brainwave entrainment sound, which modulates through beta, alpha and theta waveforms for ten minutes each and finishes on the pure sound.
I hope to continue to use it to balance my brain and experience the creativity and centered-ness that meditation delivers. You accelerate faster and you can now see our complete round planet with the Sun illuminating the background of this magnificent, inter heavenly horizon. This energy that has come hereafter from the whole universe that creates worlds ready to put into action!

Imagine this energy, flowing from your forehead to every person with a light so bright, it touches each soul and every living form on this planet, providing Love, Joy, and Universal Enlightenment. In some cases this may lead to what some people describe as a€?drowsinessa€?, sleep, with increased dream activity. Then, you pass our moon and each planet in our Solar System until the Earth becomes a tiny speck. Around the planet, every being feels you and you're feeling them, and then all this energy returns back to you, manufacturing a cycle of energy waves that is absolutely infinite.
Buddhism as we know it emerged from the Indian context and mantra is a characteristic, even an essential, part of it, too. Imagine going faster and passing the boundaries of that kingdom and entering into new dimensions.
The sound may also induce a trance state which may lead to sleep paralysis, which can be used to induce OBEs or lucid dreams. The 51 matrikas (letters of the Sanskrit alphabet) constitute the Goddess in the form of sound. The two a€?Pinga€? sounds are there to create lucidity within this state rather than waking you up to physical awareness. Keep going until you reach the fringe of the Universe, for so long as your consciousness can imagine it.
You may use this by telling yourself beforehand that you wish to become lucid at this sound.
The term 'mantra' is derived from Sanskrit man, 'mind,' and tra, 'to deliver.' Thus a mantra can be considered to be a linguistic device. A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantation, such as an invocation of a god, a magic spell, or a. It's become clear that the rap is a snippy, simple-minded exaggeration of two more specific facts about Apple's tablet: After.
Team Mantra spent a day on the 'The Red Ribbon Express' talking to the doctors, volunteers and the audience at the camp.

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