Meditation timer - Any of the 12 Alarms will signal while the Timer is in operation, so you can creatively program the Invisible Clock in many ways using the Timer and the 12 Alarms together. We offer a Full 1 year guarantee - use the Invisible Clock for a full year - if you're not satisfied with it at any time during this time period, send it back and we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Product DescriptionProduct DetailsA thoughtful gift for people with a meditation or yoga practice, this versatile clock can be programmed with up to 99 sequential timers. Enso, which means circle in Japanese, symbolizes enlightenment, elegance, and the universe.Traditionally, the enso is painted with a single clockwise brushstroke, beginning and ending at the bottom. The Enso Clock can be used as a simple countdown timer to time your meditation, yoga, or therapy sessions. The Enso Clock allows for Interval Timing in which the user can set sequential timers that run one-after-the-other to compose an overall session. If you’re trying to reduce your sensitivity to pain, Zen meditation may help by actually thickening your brain, new research suggests. The authors of a new study, published in a special issue of the journal Emotion, reached their conclusions after comparing brain thickness in 17 Zen meditators and a control group of 18 people who didn’t meditate and hadn’t practiced yoga or suffered from chronic pain, brain disease or mental illness. The researchers applied heat to the participants’ calves and used MRI scans to study how their brains reacted to the pain.

Spiritual practices such as meditation or yoga are best done in an environment  of beauty and tranquility. This precision timepiece can be programmed to countdown to zero and chime, or to strike its chime repeatedly at any set interval. The advantage with this timer is that each of the alerts will be unique so you will quickly learn how each particular alert means you are at a certain time. The countdown timer features a visual onscreen circle, and the alarm uses soothing chimes of Tibetan singing bowls.
The central display feature of the Enso Clock is the painted circle that surrounds the screen and is gradually brushed onscreen as the timer progresses. Simply press the Timer button, set the amount of time in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds, and press the Green Start button.
At the end of each interval or countown, one of several available soothing chimes is played. He added that meditation could be a way for people to manage pain, reduce age-related brain shrinkage and deal with the effects of stroke. Its long-resonating acoustic chime set in a solid walnut hardwood case adds tranquility and aesthetic pleasure to any environment or activity.

The Digital Zen Clock runs on 2 AA batteries (not included), and it has a lighted digital display (lit full-time when plugged in with the included AC jack). This way, the user can glance at the Enso and see the relative amount of time that has elapsed, eliminating the distraction of focusing on the exact numerical time that remains.
The Enso Clock’s chimes are recorded from Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls as used in traditional meditation sessions. Used as an alarm clock, its gradually-increasing chime progression sequence begins your day with grace and beauty. Using the latest audio technology, the Enso Clock’s reproduction of the singing bowl chimes is of high quality.
As a timing device the Digital Zen Clock’s acoustic chime is unsurpassed for yoga, meditation, bodywork, or any practice.

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