Like many of us, you might be wondering if there’s an ideal time of day to meditate or how much time you should dedicate to meditation each day?
The meditation tips presented here are meant to help you achieve temporary peace through meditation.
The mind is a busy hive of thoughts and we are jumping from ideas to emotions to memories for most of our waking hours. During meditation you will begin to witness how much movement happens in the mind and how little you live in the present moment. Setting up a comfortable atmosphere will help to create the right mood for meditation and you can return to the same space to practice. As soon as you wake up in the morning, before looking at your phone, computer, or talking to anyone would be ideal. If you get anxious that you are thinking too much, then you will become restless and find it harder to relax. You can use an image or bring your attention to one of your chakras or even one of your body parts, like your heart. You can begin to practice for ten minutes a day, building up your practice as you get used to it and find more stillness.

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Well, the guru himself, Deepak Chopra sat down with Oprah to give you the top 8 meditation tips. In this universe of accelerating change, activity, and stress, peace a€“ no matter how temporary - is a rare and welcome treat. Taking ten minutes to meditate in the morning will give you time, awareness, and concentration throughout the day.
With a little practice we can begin to access it and all the worries that we had begin to drift away. Watch the video to find answers to your most burning meditation questions and be sure to let us know if it was helpful, by leaving us a comment on the blog. Taking a step back and witnessing your thoughts instead of identifying with them is the key to meditation.
At the beginning, try one to five minutes at a time so that you develop discipline in bite sizes. Once you are doing it regularly, slowly increase the length of your meditation.Still the mind.

According to Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled series, just sitting quietly every day and letting your ideas roam is a great way to achieve success.
Take a few deep breaths, then practice what I call a€?triangular breathinga€?: inhale for a count of 7, hold your breath for a count of 7, and breathe out for a count of 7.
You can increase or decrease the count, but make sure all three parts are of the same duration.Locate the quiet spot inside. Find within yourself a a€?quiet spota€?: the part of you that always stays calm even when the rest of you is going berserk! Think of happy thoughts such as love, peace, or the beauty of nature.I have practiced meditation for a long time. These peaceful moments have helped me stop headaches, sleep better at night, find solutions to problems, get new ideas, increase my energy level, and so much more.

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