In our increasingly stressful world guided mediation is growing in popularity as people search for new ways to relax, de-stress, enhance their quality of life and accelerate their spiritual development. Bantimurung Waterfall, part of for Bantimurung Bulusaruang National Park, is the number one spot the local Makassar people would recommend you to see when in the area aside to Samalona Island. The main attraction is a huge waterfall, with an impressive high and wide wall for water to gush down on.
Aside to flocking the base of the waterfall, people would be found strolling around and having a picnic on some of the rented mats around the river area. Maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated ‘cause you do see a few butterflies fluttering around, but the number is hardly what would blow the mind of Alfred R. So, to those that would like to visit Bantimurung, please please don’t buy the butterflies and bugs in fame glasses because it promotes more captures.
Can’t remember the cost of guides and flashlight precisely, but I do remember it didn’t cost more than USD 10.
Overall, Bantimurung – Bulusaruang National Park is quite nice but I think the best time to visit the waterfall has to be on the weekdays, when there were less people and more for the nature. There are many ways to connect with your inner self. Meditation, breathing, visualizing, sitting in nature, sitting down with a cup of tea and taking a bath are just some of the many avenues to make that connection. Crystals are useful companions on the journey to connecting with your inner self. They can be held and worked with while engaging in any of the above activities. This entry was posted in Community, Staff Speak and tagged connecting with inner self, consciousness, crystal healing, crystal life, Crystal Life Technology, Crystals, energy tools, gemstones, meditation, stones for meditation, stones to assist meditation on March 19, 2012 by Crystal Life.
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In the world today, with all that goes on and all the problems that can arise at any time, we sometimes have some hard decisions to make. Clairvoyant: psychics receive images, visuals or sometimes even symbols from the spirit guide. Spirit guides can help you with almost any indecision you may have, and help guide you in the right direction. You can always look into free psychic chat and get advice from a psychic medium or psychic reader. The techniques and understandings of Vipassana are taught during a ten day residential retreat. However in order to give you a sense of the kinds of meditation you will perform during the retreat a short guide on the method has been provided below. It takes a student ten days to sharpen their mind and to become competent in the Vipassana technique.
When you attend a Vipassani retreat you are required to abide by what is known as the Code of Discipline. Throughout the ten day retreat the student is required to comply completely with the teacher’s instructions and the techniques that are taught.
Another important rule when attending the Vipassana retreat is that the student stops any other spiritual practices. Step Four: If you find that you are distracted revert to breath centered meditation until you feel centered again.
Step Five: In your own time and at your own pace draw your attention back to your body and your breath.
Vipassana  Meditation is truly a wonderful practice,  in stilling the mind true insights arrive.
When we become silent within, we can enter into an alpha state that takes us into a deep meditative state. If we set an intention, while going into such a meditative state, we can have a ‘line in the water’ to connect with our loved ones who have crossed over.
Praying for a visitation is one way to make contact, and using meditation is another wonderful way. Sometimes you may become deeply immersed in the intense love that you have for this person.
Monique, The Business Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Your Weekly OM,  teachers Spiritual Entrepreneurs how to channel their Spirit Guides and their client’s guides so that they can be clear and confident about decisions, grow their business faster and help their clients get amazing results.
It’s the Merlion statue to Singapore, the Petronas Tower to Kuala Lumpur, the Uluwatu of Bali.
The norm is to just sit under the waterfall and have a splash, or sit on an inner tube and flow down the river. Butterflies are abundant, but in glass frames, which indirectly says that they’re allegedly out there and somebody is able to catch them.

The continuing path winds on the side of the calm river that falls on Bantimurung Waterfall. One should have a flashlight in hand when entering, and is available for rent at the mouth of the gate. When flashlights are off, the cave is pitch dark; classic meditation spot back in the days.
I didn’t venture more around the area, as the amount of people present and the mismanaged site overwhelmed me. Be prepared to get wet for the heck of it and a littler dirty should you walk through the soggy path to the Gua Batu. Mornings are a good time to do this, before the activities of the day take importance.  Wake up a half hour earlier and start with your self-time. There are multiple roads to the same destination. The adventure is trying out the ones that appeal to you and making choices on which ones work the best for you individually.
How often do you wish there was someone who would help guide you through some of those difficult decisions? Many people have no idea that we can receive help from the spirit world, and that there are spirit guides that are able to counsel us to make the right decisions.
It is here, before going into a deep sleep, that your mind lowers it’s bounderies and you enter a state of hypnogonia.
The more you talk with yours,in whatever way you are capable of doing, the easier it will become to get the answers you need which is why you must talk to your spirit guides as often as possible. During this time the student not speak, accept to the teachers and facilitators of the retreat.
At the end of their time at the retreat they will be able to meet any emotional challenges they may experience going forward.
Things like anger, jealously, an inability to be present or any misaligned vibration will begin to correct itself with the process.
The student should follow the techniques exactly as prescribed, neither removing and elements or adding any. That means other forms of prayer, chanting, dance or meditation must stop during this ten day period. At the end of the retreat you may wish to make a donation which is based on your own ability to give. When you are aware that you are thinking a certain train of thought, acknowledge that this is taking place and then let thought go. If you are unsure of how to release a thought or image, take a deep breath in and then let it go.
Meditation is one of my favorite ways to connect with my grandparents and many other loved ones, guides and friends who are no longer with us in the physical.
The next step, when connecting with a loved one through meditation, is to focus on your emotional connection with your loved one.
Don’t work hard to keep the thoughts away, just let them come in and out as they will, without paying too much attention to them. It will come in waves as you meditate and it will be a wonderful experience – one to be remembered for a long time. So, all that's left to do is to talk to Flingeld in [1], which will also mean completing the mission.
These illustrated meditation guides range in topics from how to breathe to how to be a silent witness to your thoughts. I’ve been traveling in and out of Makassar to visit relatives and out of family consensus; I’ve always been choosing food over Bantimurung. Because it’s still very natural, the amount of water running down depends on the season itself.
It’s green, shaded, and at the same time, fun; great for a getaway from the heated Makassar.
It’s kinda like Bigfoot; they say he doesn’t exist but people have casts of his foot prints. The path runs through lush green forest and parts of it were a little submerged with river overflow when I visited the area. A guide is recommended to find the space behind the small short door that leads to the place of meditation. From the looks of it, I can say that if things were managed right, I can imagine the Bantimurung – Bulusaruang National Park being a serene and beautiful place. If you think you don’t have the time to meditate, try going to a very quiet place, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

As you will see below attending a Vipassana retreat is crucial to developing a proper understanding of this meditative method and to be able to use in your life. They will also gain a complete understanding of the theory behind the technique and how to utilize it your life. This is a gradual process of realignment, which is one reason why the process takes a full ten days. It is important that the student trusts the teacher to guide them in a way which in the end will help them. In this altered state of consciousness we connect with a higher frequency, one of complete bliss and sense of spiritual connection. I often share with them some simple things they can do to open the door for an opportunity for their loved ones to come through. Holding something that belonged to them or using automatic writing are also helpful methods. I’m not suggesting you start crying, but just focus on your love for the person who has crossed over. A few clients have told me they smelled a loved one’s cigarette smoke, or heard their voice, or they felt a kiss on the cheek. It’s a gift to give yourself and your loved one, especially if they have messages they wish to share with you.
At the end of the conversation you will be able to either choose to cover up for Flingeld or tell his master the truth. Only after 30 years of persuasion, I decided I might give it a go, also because my metabolism is now different to what it used to be. I visited when there was mild rain in the area, making the waterfall a little nastier than what it would be during ‘summer’ or dry season.
In some way, pollination is decreasing to some extent, which roughly means the seemingly healthy forest surrounding the area might not last too long now. If you really must have one, I’ll catch the cockroach that flies around my house and frame it for you. Once flashlights are on, you’ll see the stalactite on the ceiling carved with vandal carvings. Graffiti, bathroom scribbling, hieroglyphics, all the way to prehistoric paintings, all were done on walls, including that of caves. Waterfalls, butterflies, lush forest and traditional history underneath, it’s all a picture perfect destination, the kind that you would see in tourism ads for people traveling to Makassar. They communicate with us, and may share their support, wisdom and guidance when we need it. If the student does not place complete trust in the teacher they will not find success with the Vipassana retreat. One of my favorites is through dreams, as our loved ones who have crossed over love to visit us in the astral realm.
Don’t feel that you are making anything up, if a loved one is making contact you will know it. I thought more activities would be better than indulging high calories of food, so the national park it is. So, while visiting the waterfall might be the main attraction, people watching would the most occupying activity, with them in every corner of the place. One of the prehistoric paintings was found not too far from this place, but that’s for another story. The mixing of techniques, even with other meditative practices, can delay the student’s progress. If you think of the donation as a fee for your own stay then it is better not to give at all. Utilizing the Tarot, and with the help of her Guides, she is a source of support for many people all over the world. After he passed over, her grandfather kept his promise and came back to say goodbye and gave her the most amazing experience.
Sharing her experience has helped many people after they have lost someone, or anyone experiencing some form of grief.

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