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On an inhale, the breath begins in the nares, travels down into the trachea, and expands through the chest, in all directions. Slowing down your stressful day, appreciating this precious time you have set aside for yourself.
Checking in with your posture, being certain to maintain an upright posture the entire cycle of this practice. Please consult with your healthcare provider before undertaking or modifying any healthcare intervention.

Be sure to check back the next Monday for part 4, and free downloads of all the audio files for use on your mobile device, etc. You could be slightly reclined, but still internalizing the concept of an erect posture, as to not fall asleep. This is normal, as we spend a great deal of our day with significantly shortened breath cycles. Come back to this practice daily, and you will be amazed what a regular practice can do for you. Pick a time of day where you know there will be at least 20 minutes where you will not be interr upted.

I believe every individual has a profound innate ability to make limitless positive changes in their own lives. This recording may contain subtle background sound effects or music to assist in your relaxation.

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